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Sia hell

  • HELL BOY - Kamerzysta
    "Chcesz tu mnie ustawić w szereg ale w sumie mnie to jebie! jesteś tylko hologramem na tej niedorzecznej scenie płynę niczym statek widmo to podziwiaj robię disso robię, robię, robię zrobię twoja niunię"
  • Concrete Hell - 5th Ward Boyz
    "This is for all ma motherfucking niggaz that's in the penitentiary all the ma motherfucking niggaz that's on the row all the ma motherfucking niggaz that trying to get muthafuckin bail, that aint born"
  • Oskar hell - Partia
    "Nigdy bym tutaj nie przyszedłgdyby nie tyciebie jeszcze nie maPrzecież miałaś tutaj byćParę osób wchodziParę osób wychodziZnajome zawroty głowyI wszystkie głosyzmieniają się w jeden głosI wszystkie twarze"
  • Your Hell - Novalis Deux
    "In dieser Community geht es um das lesen und schreiben von Songtexten und um den Austausch der User ber den Inhalt und Sinn eines Textes / Liedes. Um diese Community zu frdern ist es einem Gast nicht"
  • Living Hell - Die Arzte
    "Die Sonne scheint, als htte sie Van Gogh gemalt Und auf dem Asphalt steht die Luft Die Blumen blhn, als wrden sie dafr bezahlt Doch das lsst mich so kalt wie ihr Duft Zu viele Frauen, zu viel Geld, viel"
  • Muddy Feet (feat. Sia) - Miley Cyrus
    "I don't know Who the hell you think you're messin' with Get the fuck out of my house with that shit Get the fuck out of my life with that shit And I don't know Who the hell you think you're messin' with Get"
  • Living Out Loud (ft. Sia) - Brooke Candy
    "25 ounces in bottle of wine 24 hours it’s a day at a time 23 lived a hell of a life 22 such a blur It’s passing me by 21 I caught a glimpse of the light 20 drinks later in the back of a ride 19 momma"
  • Fires In Hell - Half-A-Mill
    "It ain't right, if it ain't rough, gettin paid's a must We made the bucks, even the player's hate us Is it the way we shine Gordiere gear since '89 And shorty wit diamonds from South African mines Now"
  • Straight to Hell - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
    "puk puk puk do piekła bram och , lalalalalalalalala nikczemne serce nie zazna spokoju jeśli nie wiesz czego pragniesz znowu moja krew płonie, gorętsza od słońca ale nie boje się, dla miłości życie oddam tik,"
  • Sis Draper - Guy Clark
    "Kick your shoes off in the corner mama Tuck the babies all up snug Sis Draper's comin' over, we all gonna cut a rug When you see that lantern swingin' yonder Comin' up the Holler Road Them dogs'll"
  • Hell - The Tiger Lillies
    "Climbing up the heavenly stairs You know where you're going when you know where You're going to hell Yes, you're going to hell. You're going down a hundred eighty degrees, You can see when you can see You're"
  • Hell - Cagnet
    "What the hell? Everything is changing, Everyone's an asshole now. Why the hell? Is this life so crappy, I don't understand how. Who the hell? Gives a rat's ass, Apathy is the key. When the hell? Will"
  • Hell - Foo Fighters
    "This state I'm in A place I've never been I'm dying to meet you here Come break this skin I'll let you sink right in And show you everything See you in hell See you in hell We'll gather around the fire And"
  • Hell - Scream Maker
    "For days I’ve been waiting My eyes were following the sun Staring into the future Hoping that some day you’ll be mine Dreaming dreams of purest beauty Did not realize that it all Was not to come Was not"
  • HELL HELL HELL - Void Of Vision
    "Six foot deep in dopamine Where you got what you want but not what you need If the devil don’t get no sympathy Get up off your knees and watch me Bleed Seems like a job for me It’s like all you ever"
  • Hell - Squirrel Nut Zippers
    "In the afterlife You could be headed for the serious strife Now you make the scene all day But tomorrow there'll be Hell to pay In the afterlife You could be headed for the serious strife Now you make"
  • Hell - DoubleDrive
    "Tis the coming of the calm before the storm Is it in the nick of time are we already out of line I think its time we got ready. And did you crucify yourself show resistance or beg for some more I wanna"
  • Hell - Disturbed
    "Rrwoooaaaw! Ahh, Ahhh Burning now I bring you Hell! Ahh, Ahhh Oh, burning now I bring you Hell! Read me tonight, when the warnings said leave a shudder upon you Running from all that you feared in"
  • Hell - Akercocke
    "Melting into the crowd, the basaclica the bells of rome proclaming in the mid-day heat "Hosanna! Holy Father! Benedictus!" the face of a man who never considered an angel... sint mihi dei acherontis"
  • Hell - Pharoahe Monch
    "f/ Canibus *modem dialing and connecting* F-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-follow for now For no formidable fights I've been formed to forget For Pharoahe fucks familiar foes first befo' fondlin female MC's fiercely Focus"

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