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Sia we Lost

  • We Lost - Quidam
    "together we were flying kites so close you were to me together we felt the same I read it in your face one day a kitten walked home with you black and sweet, I knew I'd never be alone again then with the"
  • Lost - Morrissey
    "Jet trails in the sky Leave one word behind A hand bangs into sand a name And we all understand Everybody's Lost But they're pretending they're not Lost Oh, Lost Jet trails in the sky Leave"
  • Paradise Lost - Paradise Lost
    "Claws of death, grips my life Empty my mind and my knowledge is deceased Mindless and dumb, instinct gone. Running in circles Not knowing where my fate lies... Blinding, running through the eternal maze Surrounded"
  • Lost - Frank Ocean
    "Double D Big full breast on my baby Triple weight Couldn't weigh the love I've got for the girl And I just wanna know Why you ain't been goin' to work Boss ain't workin' ya like this He can't take care"
  • Lost - The Badloves
    "i died at the hands of an angel gently betrayed with a kiss and all my dreams com tumbling down what i've found well i was lost without you i was lost without a trace lost never to be found i cried and"
  • Lost - Louise
    "Give me back my smile Cos it's taring me inside Your still so far away What happened can't we change To make it all worthwhile You have every piece of me I'll promise you anything you need We have so much"
  • Lost - Deine Lakaien
    "We did...used to...laugh and we did...used to...breathe and and now all is stuck in tears your eyes they are burning lips remain in taciturnity no more returning What we did had to be done all our faith"
  • Lost - Ours
    "Listen to me Why am I crying? Why am I dying? I am not your ladder You seem to be Writing a song Lighting a bomb But nothing you say matters All of the time I lost All of the time I lost All of the time"
  • Lost - Donkeyboy
    "If we were lovers would it be too much? I wonder what heaven could come at that cost With so many hours from the dead untouched Wishing I could be you Ohh I could be you I'm free but I'm stuck in hard"
  • Lost - Muggy Mr.
    "Sittin' all alone Don't know which way to go I just need some direction Just wanna go home I look to the moon So it can guide my way I better get on my feet Or this is where I'll stay Crystal balls &"
  • Lost - Spiritfall
    "When I look into your eyes And I see the damage I've caused I feel so empty deep inside I feel sorry for you When I try to understand me, I'm lost When I try to see within me, I'm lost It's too"
  • Lost - The Calling
    "I'm alone and feeling lost If I could only have it all Then I'd be alright Cuz I can't see who I really am Through all the doubt that I'm livin' inv I don't know it, yeah Right before I hit the ground Why"
  • Lost - Lapis Lazuli
    "Night is falling, darkness coming will not see another day, the vanishing light Running blindly, never stopping cannot see where this road takes me I'm forever lost Facing ahead, never look back letting"
  • Lost - Aaron Tippin
    "A couple of bucks worth of change in the ashtray A half a tank of Texaco You're sitting with your feet on the dash fiddling with the radio Take a seft at the edge of town, out where the roads ain't paved And"
  • Lost - Skin
    "What was i waiting for? Waiting for the bubble to burst, Over your stagnet poses, I'm cool with what you're devil don't see, Well i'll be fighting for the death of me, We shot through all of our causes. Days"
  • Lost - Faith Hill
    "Is it obvious to you When you walk into a room Your face is all I see And my heart races so fast I never knew a rush to feel like that Every time you're touching me I never did believe in anything I couldn't"
  • Lost - Michael Bublé (Michael Buble)
    "I can't believe it's over I watched the whole thing fall And I never saw the right man was on the wall If I don't land Days were slipping past That the good things never last That you were crying Summer"
  • Lost - Tom Petty
    "Big town, big money Id do anything just to have you honey By my side where you were I wouldn't be so lost and lonely These dreams were my own my bitter passion Now they are nightmares without much direction Money"
  • Lost - Roger Sanchez
    "I saw a picture yesterday, You know the one, we were laughing in the rain Remember how it used to be, Remember when you were still in love with me But you turned away, And I start to cry I'm lost without"
  • Lost - Avenged Sevenfold
    "Centuries pass and still the same War in our blood Some things never change Fighting for land and personal gain Better your life, justify our pain The end is knocking The end is knocking We've all"

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