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Sick Individuals

  • Individuals - One-21
    "These are the waining days of Rock n Roll It's gonna die God rest its soul So say good bye to Rock n Roll Say good bye SO SAY GOOD BYE GOOD BYE TO ROCK N ROLL I need a rock that supports looking for the"
  • Betrayal Within Individuals - Forsaken
    "Thoughts float through my human structure The destruction of belief reflects in grief What has become of the creator of individuals That gave birth to life and commitments Why reward the mistress of my"
  • Sick, Sick, Sick - Queens Of The Stone Age
    "Young, dumb, don't see a problem, Bloodshot, Stare like a hoodlum, Simple as this I'm in love with the risk, I know what I've done, but tell me what did I miss, So, please don't save something, Waste not,"
  • Sick - Evanescence
    "Embrace the silence 'Cause there's nothing That can change the way I feel Taken all that you wanted Now there's nothing That can change the way I feel Hold on, little girl The end is soon to come Sick"
  • Sick - Utah Saints
    "Nighttime turns people into animals Madmen Dope fiends Trippers Pleasure seekers Nighttime turns people into animals Madmen Dope fiends Trippers Pleasure seekers Hustlers Obsessives Subverters Pimpers"
  • Sick - Barren Cross
    "Let me out I'm getting sick of it all Living loaded with my back on the wall Alter my state; make me irate I'm black 'n' blue, hell with you Life for me is so nice and wonderful Since I've been a killer"
  • Sick - Sadus
    "Uncontrolled thoughts They told me to kill I cant help it Im not myself I hate you so hate me This wont sell I cant help it Im not myself Im sick, sick, twisted Im stuck, Im caught, I cant resist This"
  • Sick - Green Day
    "Why can't you just admit that you've had it, you're sick of me you're fed up with it whole, might i add that you're sick of me tell you lies, you've become so desensitized, sick of me lots of threats,"
  • Sick - Sam Sparro
    "Darling your brow is wet you've got a fever darling rest your head i'll make you a believer baby come away from the window i don't want you to see it the things that you might see you won't want to repeat"
  • Sick - Supergrass
    "Sick, well, I've been so sick Well, sick on your bed Yeah, sick in your head Now I'm gone, I'm gone I'm so gone I'm burnt up inside Yeah, all my eggs have been fried And it ain't easy now Who knows,"
  • Sick - Fetal Attraction
    "I'm sick of everything I hear Everybody sacrificing their lives for a glass of beer I won't stand for all of that Because I don't need poisons to make me feel better I will take the straight edge"
  • Sick - Dry Cell
    "Go get some Say what You've always had so much to say Tell everybody else what you think of me I'm beggining to think that I'm here in the brink Of the shit that you bring You always told a lie! But"
  • Sick - Blanks 77
    "I need some new excitement I need some thrills divine gonna get what I want i'm gonna make it mine don't wanna go where you're goin' don't wanna do what you do it's not there so i gotta create it gotta"
  • Sick - Diesel Machine
    "hypocracy your fascination proves beyond a doubt what you need and what you can't live without powerless against your morbid curiosity you're just as sick as those you're watching on TV enamor those who"
  • Sick - Insolence
    "I Get Sick When Your Ass Gets Tha Last Move Escalate From A Good To A Bad Mood Just A Look Not A Word Even Be Spoken I'm Steady Waitin' For Tha Silence To Be Broken And When It Does Better Come"
  • Sick - Sneaker Pimps
    "I'm playing games with your sex, with your 'lectric shocks Learn to let myself loose and be the dummy in your snapshots I'm playing games learn to get on with your backward fans Stick my body in the sun"
  • Sick - The Tiger Lillies
    "You know I love you oh my darling you know I love to tell you it You know I'd die for you my sweetheart I hesitate to stir the shit I know you're kind I know you're generous and on you're shoulder there's"
  • Sick - Lagwagon
    "I've been living for years in question, some obsession Was I less to live with no answers, as a life cried wolf I'm ashamed to mention my anguish, but silence lies empty If I say it again can I kill it,"
  • Sick - Seven Wiser
    "What are these feelings through me? How'd you get these thoughts in my mind? Everything that lies around me Is a joke for me to criticize You've taken everything from me Taken everything that I need And"
  • Sick - Son Of Dork
    "It's more than a habit I'm more than an addict I'm parked here outside of you door Know you never lock it Got you keys in my pocket Lights all out But I know for sure I am ... Ten steps away from you From"

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