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  • SICKO MODE - Travis Scott
    "Sun down, freezing cold that’s how we already know, winter’s here my dawg would probably do it for a louis belt that’s just all we know, he don’t know nothing else I tried to show them /2x gone on you"
  • The One That Got Away - Sicko
    "He grew up just down the street Thought he was the biggest geek And he played with his computer games Guess you could've been the Mrs. If you could stand the way he kisses But you'd rather call him names And"
  • Washington My Home - Sicko
    "Washington my home wherever I may roam you are my land my native land Washington my home your verdant forests green caressed by silvery streams with nests of pines and brandied wines Washington my home there's"
  • What Happened - Sicko
    "the other day I put on a record that I was into when I was 21 thought of the bands we used to listen to wondered where they all had gone Dinosaur Jr what happened to you? the Lemonheads turned into a"
  • Window Of Opportunity - Sicko
    "Ask me nicely to get lost Wondered what you meant by that But once the T's had all been crossed I realized you've got no tact Much to my dismay There was nothing to assay I think I'd have a shot at it"
  • Yakuri Abe - Sicko
    "Yakuri Abe plays guitar in a pop punk band Yakuri Abe waves goodbye from Tokyo and Yakuri Abe says no Sanrio Piru Lando Yakuri Abe says it's too far and she doesn't want to go she's a punker she's Hana"
  • You Are A Space Alien - Sicko
    "Looking at you from across the table discussion is ready, willing, and able but something's on your mind or maybe it's not... I'm wondering what's going on do conversations make sense where you come"
  • Bad Year - Sicko
    "I don't need this anymore the curse of '94 strikes again killing hopes and things and people stop, stop you're killing me and I tried so desperately to escape it suck days ahead I think I'll stay in bed Life's"
  • Beam Me Up, Denny - Sicko
    "Beam me up Denny, I've got to get away, things are getting weirder and stranger every day, there's problems with this planet that no one's gonna fix, and I'm thinking that we could be making it if we"
  • Broken String - Sicko
    "If I could find a way to change today the way I sing and how I play I couldn't change a goddamn thing If I can't change a broken string frustration gets the best of me vehemence will not let me be relaxed"
  • Closer To Fine - Sicko
    "I'm trying to tell you something about my life Maybe give me insight between black and white The best thing you've ever done for me Is to help me take my life less seriously, it's only life after all Well"
  • Count Me Out - Sicko
    "I understand my friends have all got something to do tonight but couldn't someone give me a call to see if I'm gonna be alright sitting in front of my T.V. set filling my heart with regret I never did"
  • Country - Sicko
    "A mirror image of a silver sky, nests of pines and brandy wines, build this country to the sky Do you remember now, the oblivion of youthful minds, caught up in the fashions of their time... Roll away, I"
  • Cover Up - Sicko
    "If I blow my head off talking to you I know a tape recorder's got nothing to do with a lack of interest in living life when a hundred pound depression straps down tight does anybody hear me does anybody"
  • Farm Song - Sicko
    "Hey I heard you got back today everybody's got something to say how did it go and where have you gone Oo come on come on Well it's not that great and it's not that fun it's just a bunch of bored kids acting"
  • Johnny Be Not So Good - Sicko
    "Meghan says I've got a brand new toy something to watch and something you'll enjoy a woman you've never seen and a man that you know grainy video tapes of an old time rock and roller And when he dies"
  • Kenny - Sicko
    "Kenny you almost made it, I'd say you were halfway there Kenny your hands are frozen, and this is so unfair What would you do, given a chance to meet God? Where did you go, why did you die, I was a doctor,"
  • Last Word - Sicko
    "Misinterpret, that's not what I meant at all set yourself up for a fall, and you'll fall trip on the last curtain call It doesn't matter if I know of what I speak the arguer's strong if the argument's"
  • Little Star - Sicko
    "You shine brightly in my sky with me while the nights go by catch a comet by the tail if he hollers go to jail I had a spider monkey and his name was Bob he had a nice smile and I liked him a lot but"
  • Me And Carl - Sicko
    "Yesterday, I tried to complicate my life, I said, I thought that you'd make a pretty wife, and then dreams, of an intergalactic guy, pointed, my thoughts to the sky And now, Carl Sagan's on my mind, Oh"

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