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Side enough

  • Enough Is Enough - Refused
    "From my side it isn't fair all the stories circling around. All the same, too late now and you did it all just for fun. Can't take a joke or crack a smile when I'm talkin with you? I'm not that stupid"
  • Side By Side - Grant Lee Buffalo
    "A fear of falling a fear that I could From a place high above my stars well I would Be a liar to say I'm not scared anymore With a fear of falling on down to the floor To the floor these have-nots And"
  • Enough Is Not Enough - Joe Jackson
    "Slow down, you know you're leaving me behind You seem to think that you can read my mind You think I'm rich, you think I'm free You wanna change your place with me Be a leader then the blind can lead"
  • Violence (Enough Is Enough) - A Day To Remember
    "I've been feeling like everything is for nothing. In fact I've never felt so God Damn small. Always searching for the bright side to find the strength for when I fall. I'm still believing that life has"
  • Never Enough - Groove Theory
    "Boy, in my mind, I see you holdin' me It's the one, place that you got the time To give me some love, and it feels so fine I don't wanna wake up, from my dreamin' Words, that you say Don't mean, don't"
  • Good Enough - Dodgy
    "I've got an aching in my bones, I've been exposed to what I want to see The fuse is burning somewhere it's drenched in heat, it's where I long to be There's always two sides you don't have to suffer If"
  • That's Enough - Burton Cummings
    "Baby if you want me to love you Here's somethin' that you gotta do You got to love me, you got to kiss me You got to squeeze me, you got to miss me You got to hold, hold me in your arms And that's"
  • Get Enough - Ivy
    "He calms me down when I'd rather be out of my mind He calms me down when I'm not ready to unwind He'll be my clown when I'd rather be black inside He'll be my clown with that evil look in his eyes Oh"
  • Good Enough - Taking Back Sunday
    "I can remember parking lot nights, What did they mean to you, Wrapping my arms around your body, Protecting and holding you, And holding you, Look in the side of my eyes, It was such a big suprise, You've"
  • Get enough - 2 Play
    "Kabhi aar kabhi paar laaga teer nazar Sayan ghayal kiya reh tune mora jigar (x2) Stand by here we go again Jus you let me wait let me know again Aint nobody special girl im jus a friend i bet you cant"
  • Had Enough - John Entwistle
    "I've had enough of bein' nice I've had enough of right and wrong I've had enough of tryin' to love my brother I've had enough of bein' good And doin' everything like I'm told I should If you need a lover,"
  • Had Enough - The Who
    "I've had enough of bein' nice I've had enough of right and wrong I've had enough of tryin' to love my brother I've had enough of bein' good And doin' everything like i'm told I should If you need a lover,"
  • Ever Enough - A Rocket To The Moon
    "No I’m never gonna leave you darling No I’m never gonna go regardless Everything inside of me, is living in your heartbeat Even when all the lights are fading Even then, if your hope was shaking I’m here"
  • Not Enough - Gavin Mikhail
    "I can't believe the things you said to me now I am Not alright, not well, and I cannot yet tell You if I'll survive in spite of all the hurt, lost time 'Cause I'm a million miles away inside... and I can't"
  • Good Enough - Fatal Flowers
    "The moment that you walk away You should hear, hear the things they say 'Cause they're not the same as when they knock on your door at night On the way back from an unsuccesful night in town They remember"
  • Bright Side - Koufax
    "What bothers most lying here awake Is how absurd you've been as of late You sleep through the healthiest of our days With bad Ohio grass headaches You don't think out loud enough Perhaps Denial's caused"
  • Healing Side - SHeDAISY
    "You can say you're on the healin' side You can say you've finally seen the light But I don't see it yet, so how do I forget Don't you whisper borrowed words When you know just how hard it hurts Baby,"
  • Side Talk - Buckshot
    "(feat. 9th Wonder) (Chorus: repeat 2X) Listen, this is side talk You side-step to the side walk Or ride off with the boss See it's y'all loss If I ain't coming around Cuz I ain't fucking around I'm gone (Verse"
  • I've Cried Enough - Lara Fabian
    "I've Cried Enough All of my tears have been frozen After these years in this pain My heart has finally chosen To beat a bit faster again Now I feel the awakening I don't look back anymore I am mysteriously"
  • It Ain't Enough - Corey Hart
    "I could capture all the love the great romantics had Sing you a song that ain't half bad But that ain't enough... that ain't enough for you And I could run across the world, to bring you the sun Look in"

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