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Sidney pools 30 Oktober 2021

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Sidney pools 30 Oktober 2021

  • 30 - Adele
    "Końcem września 2021 roku na ulicach miast pojawiły się billboardy z napisem "30", stało się to po tym,, gdy jedne Dj-ów radiowych zapowiedział nowa płytę Adele. Fani Adele od razu skojarzyli hasło z"
  • Sidney - Les VRP
    "Dans mon ciel,l'ombre et lumire se mlent elle,elle,elle elle rvelle en moi mon essentiel elle,elle,elle je n'ai jamais tait facile, toujours dterminer indocile, malgrs mes silences et mon inpudence, elle"
  • Sidney - Puddle Of Mudd
    "Sydney Why'd you have to go and leave everybody behind Help me 'Cause I think I'm taking these emotions, these emotions way to far Baby You know that I'm sorry for everything I've ever done I'm gonna set"
  • Secret Oktober - Duran Duran
    "Wise on a birthday party in a world full of surprising fireworks And sudden silence shhh Lying on a strangers bed the new day breaks like a speeding train or an old friend Ever expected but never knocking Holding"
  • In Oktober - Ramses Shaffy
    "In oktober kwamen wij In een storm elkander tegen Onze liefde bloeide bij Mist en hagel, wind en regen Want het hart maalt om geen enkel seizoen Wat moet een hart, wat moet een hart met lente doen Januari"
  • In Oktober - Liesbeth List
    "In oktober kwamen wij in een storm elkander tegen Onze liefde bloeide bij mist en hagel, wind en regen refren': Want het hart maalt om geen enkel seizoen Wat moet een hart, wat moet een hart met lente"
  • 2021 - Vampire Weekend
    "2021, will you think about me? i could wait a year but i shouldne't wait three i don't wanna be... 2021, will you think about us? copper goes green steel beams go rust it's matter of..."
  • 2021 - Lauv
    "2021 We could have some fun Mayne we could run Or i could be the one Think it’s time to go hard for your loving Baby i love you I don’t want no one esle but you 2021, 2021 We could have some fun Mayne"
  • Swimming Pools - Thao With The Get Down Stay Down
    "CHORUS 1: We are sore the length of our bodies We restore water we cry We are nothing if not your granddaughters We have been nothing but dignified CHORUS 2: We, we brave beestings and all and we don't"
  • Status Pools - Lagwagon
    "Hey chief, how's the status puddle? Is it hard to hold your bad breath? How's the picture-perfect likeness? Nice frame for the way you see yourself. Smile. Look into the blaze of our old school. Denial. Nice"
  • 30 - The 69 Eyes
    "do you know the feeling when you wake up find your way to the bathroom stare at youself from eye to eye feeling relieved the innocence is still there time to turn over baby time to turn loose no limits"
  • 30 - PJ Harvey
    "Over my body the shadows played It wasn't night and it wasn't day Counting something what have I found Thirty diamonds in my hand Thirty miles The world unfolds Thirty miles A pot of gold I often think"
  • 30 - Alex Spore
    "It's alright i forgive you, I couldn't be mad anyways. It's alright there's no problem, You like him, that's A-okay. It's alright, i'll go away now. I can take a hint. It's funny how this world don't"
  • 30 - Oblivion Dust
    "Lights out girl I'm coming in I can't talk but I can sing to you So paralysed and moving I can tell I'm falling behind Come on Are you ready now Hey girl I'm coming in Take back my everything"
  • 3. Oktober '91 - Reinhard Mey
    "Ein ungewohnter Hauch von Feiertag liegt auf der Stadt Kein Stau, kein Lrm, die Schienen der Strassenbahn glnzen matt In der Vormittagssonne. Noch ein Sptsommeridyll! Die Lden sind geschlossen, all die"
  • Pools Of Blue - Barclay James Harvest
    "And with the rain Soft pools of blue White mist like love When you glow so new Must warm to you Just like the snow Falling anew When it's soaked through The snowdrops so few Must warm to you Take my"
  • Pools Of Mercury - Jim Carroll
    "Sirens begin, the red light spins Hungry go the thieves Betty's in the sandbox trying to detox She always wears long sleeves Desdemona in a red kimona can't get off the bench Her bolts are fused, her"
  • Pools Of Tears - Barclay James Harvest
    "The truth is never easy And the game of life is hard It's Devil take the loser When love is hard to find I'm living in a cold world And winter's got my heart I thought it was for ever Right from the start Just"
  • Carabina .30-.30 - Los Lobos
    "(Genero Nunez) Carabina 30-30 Que los rebeldes portaban Y Decian los maderistas Que con ella no mataban Carabina 30-30 Que los rebeldes portaban Y Decian los maderistas Que con ella no mataban Con mi"
  • 30/30 -150 - Stone Sour
    "I am a dominant gene- Live as I dieNever say forever cuz forever's a lieI can see right through it so I can't ignore youThe story changes but the ending will bore youI tried to tell you but you simply"

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