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Sido feat. Mark forster

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Sido feat. Mark forster

  • Amy (feat. Mark Ronson) - Kenna
    "I don't know why I let goI want to be your friendFlowers grow through my windowAnd I love you againOh, I love you, ohWhen you laid me downInto your beautiful gardenFlowers in the love of my armsIt's God"
  • Locomotive (feat. Mark Lanegan) - Mad Season
    "No sleep, you’re counting those falling Turn white as a sheet in the face of the rain grown colder The wild flower waltzing, The locomotive crawling But on the wheels where the rust don’t stain Your self-chosen"
  • Sido Ist Da - Sido
    "Yeah Yeah Yeah one two one two Yeah... alle... alle hier kommen klar Yeah Ja guckt mich an Sido am Mikrofon yeah... Warte warte warte warte warte ok warte Stop... (Ok ok nochmal Alter) Ok warte Konzentration"
  • Familiar Act (feat. Mark Lanegan) - Christine Owman
    "Are you disappointed with my answer Am I disappointed with your question Are you disappointed with my action Am I disappointed in you Trying to win using your familiar act beating her harder for each"
  • Oh Angel (feat. Mark Lanegan) - Polskie Znaki
    "Oh, guardian angel, my beloved keeper Oh, guardian angel, my beloved keeper Where would thy lead me when I cross the reaper Where would thy lead me when I cross the reaper Nor do I know, neither can I"
  • Sido und die drogen - Sido
    "Yeah Yeah Yeah, one two one two Yeah... alle... alle hier kommen klar Yeah, Ja guckt mich an Sido am Mikrofon yeah ... warte, warte, warte, warte, warte, ok warte, Stop... (Ok ok nochmal Alter) Ok warte"
  • Lonely (feat. Kain, Kokane, Mark Curry) - P. Diddy
    "This goes out to my nigga B.I.G. Listen to me playboy, check dis out I go, on and on and on and Won't take her to the crib unless she's bonin' PD call her on the phone and Promise I'll leave her moanin' Now"
  • All I Wanted (feat. Mark Hoppus) - Avril Lavigne
    "I was always crushing on the wrong boys I was always yelling when I should've been sitting down Memories are singing, written polaroids Kiss you in the kitchen of our house that burned down I remember"
  • Car Horn (feat. Mark The 45 King) - Common
    "I'm the C-O to the double M O to the N You heard, motherfucker? Well boy I hit ya again Official bald nigga from the City of Winds Stay doing it, doing it, I am doing it (Repeat 2x) What the"
  • Gangsta Shit (feat. Lil' Kim, Mark Curry) - Puff Daddy
    "You're all a bunch of fuckin' assholes You know why? You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be You need people like me You need people like me so you can point your fuckin' fingers And say "That's"
  • Mark - Seven Shed
    "Mark my words: Don't forget where you are Don't forget who's the star Do you think that I'll go far Mark my words: Don't stop if it's wise I can see through your eyes And I've left my mark Lover I wanna"
  • Mark - Shed Seven
    "You're a long time dead So I'll forget that you said If I can't have you Nobody can have you Nobody can have you Nobody can have you I think you stopped learning Cause you think you know everything, and"
  • Mark - Refused
    "Bottled up inside angst ridden The pain strikes scars badly hidden Effect of love easy to see just a normal kid just like you and me feels unclean undeserved Wipe away the tears unheard How much pain can"
  • Mark - XIII.stolet
    "Noc pokoenou m, z obrazu promlouv Zlomen asy dn, a utajench sn Ve vi zcenin, zapomenutch chvil Tv sta dotyk jsou, stala ses legendou Tvj pohled ledov, zn tajemstv vech dn Kdy v noci procit, ke hvzdm promlouv Na"
  • Mark - Marie Rottrov
    "To byl mj, blzniv vonl bez a noc nm splvala s rnem, to byl mj, z nebe by modr snes a brzy se pr mme brt. Na e schly jeho koile bl, ekala ns oba velk chvle. Kor s mou lskou minul n dm a vzal ciz dvku, j"
  • Ackan (feat. Dillon Cooper) - Sido
    "Aus'm MV in die Welt raus, ich geb Geld aus Lederjacke von LV, in hellblau, Charlotte gefällt's, wenn ich ihr Pelz kauf Und aus dem Schlüpper deiner Frau kannst du'n Zelt bauen Ich geb noch immer'n Fick"
  • Ha Sido Bello - Pastora Soler
    "No me pidas disculpas por decirme lo que t sientes, no te guardes los fuegos que te queman por dentro y van mengundote el alma. No te arrepientas, no lo hagas dulce que me amargas ms, deja que"
  • Blast Off (feat. Mark Curry, G. Dep, Loon) - P. Diddy
    "Yeah... Yeah, me and my man's and them We gon' blast off Bad Boy nigga, and we don't stop Come on to the top, blast off Yeah, yo Aiyyo, I take it up top for my peeps Cracks in they Jeeps, don't sleep till"
  • Bad Boy For Life (feat. Black Rob, Mark Curry) - P. Diddy
    "Aiyyo, you ready? Let's do it Mmm, yeah, uhh.. Yeah, uhh.. c'mon I'm the definition of, half man, half drugs Ask the clubs, Bad Boy - that's whassup After bucks, crush cruise after us No gaze, we ain't"
  • The Last Song (feat. Big Azz Ko, Mark Curry, Loon) - P. Diddy
    "1, 2, 1, 2 yeh y'all can hear me make the drumming sound yeh lets ride yeh yeh be clear we here lights out eat here sleep here my house rhyme wasting time wasting feds want me caged in hope they got patience more"

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