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Siemaneczko wars, awa

  • Awa Whigs Awa - Robert Burns
    "AWA' WHIGS AWA' (Robert Burns) Our thrissles flourish'd fresh and fair, And bonie bloom'd our roses; But Whigs cam like a frost in June, An wither'd a our posies. CHORUS Awa, Whigs, awa! Awa, Whigs, awa! Ye're"
  • Wars - Sanah
    "Jaki ładny dzień Całkiem ładny dzień W sam raz by zabrać manatki swe Całkiem dobry dzień By poczuć pociągowy pęd Tam zasuwam Tam popylam żwawo w biały dzień Mów że za późno Ja już wiem Uciekam hen I płaczę"
  • Wars - Holy Mother
    "Crashing the skies It is raining industrial years Following the rivers of soot Artificial years The water is stone All the animals bone I'm alive The sky opens up Swallows all that is bound inside Wars"
  • Wars - nita
    "Idę do Warsa Gdzie Blondi zasuwa w obcasach Z colą zero i snikersem na zapas Bilansuje dietę, ale w ratach Idę do Warsa Gdzie Panowie piją browara W dyskusji wybuchowi jak granat Gdy tematem polityczna"
  • Wars - Of Monsters and Men
    "Lyric Video"
  • Come Awa Hame Laddy - Celtic Folk
    "Celtic Folk Miscellaneous Come Awa Hame Laddy Come Awa' Hame,Laddie Jean MacNeil Chorus: Come awa' hame,laddie; Come awa' Hame. "
  • Love Wars - The Beautiful South
    "(Cecil and Linda Womak) Love wars, Love wars Love wars, Love wars Absence makes the heart grow fonder but its taking me under since you're not here Its better when its hard to get but this hide and"
  • Love Wars - Rod Stewart
    "Released on cd single have I told you lately, 1993 Cecil womack, linda womack Love wars, love wars Absence makes the heart grow fonder But it's taking me under Since you're not here, oh baby Its better"
  • Heart wars - Jennifer Rush
    "Were just two people fighting like nations Is this the state of all human relations Words are like weapons, take aim and fire Love loses reason in the name of desire Heart wars I surrender Lets let some"
  • Star Wars - Kool Keith
    "Yo, Kool Keith Bronx in the house Y'all know how to ill, I'ma take you to the real Challenge the ill, brother to God You just a ancestor, you know the shit dyker You ride around Manhattan as a gay biker Non-homo,"
  • Innocent Wars - KinKi Kids
    "Fensu wo kugureba umi ga kikoeru Himitsu no futou no kakurega ni tsuku Kimi ni au made wa hanbun shindeta Hokori sae doro no kutsu de fumarete nakushita Hatachi wo sugiteru otona wa shinjinai sa yeah Uso"
  • Religous Wars - Subhumans
    "do you believe in the afterlife? termination with a rusty knife religious wars no reason why what a glorious way to die chorus in the name of god they left you to die religious wars there's no reason"
  • Unholy Wars - Witchery
    "Oh Witching hour! Un masse we fly the air unseen we fill the night We shoot into the gap to a place that soon won't be No saint no single soul will live their eternity In legion we fly In thousands they"
  • Star Wars - Gaia Epicus
    "(words & music by Thomas C. Hansen) A long time ago, in a galaxy far away The evil empire was building a force, destroying all in its way Lord Vader, he's the man in black Helmet of steel helps him to"
  • Mortuary Wars - General Surgery
    "Scourging the morgue with sickly malice Rank antagonism brought to a head Disquiet on the forensic front I sense the gathering of purulent adversary flesh Slashing at blistered & ulcerous limbs Keeping"
  • Star Wars - Jimmy Fallon
    "Colin Quinn: This week the first advanced reviews of the new Star Wars movie came out. Really excited about it is Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Fallon: Thanks, Colin. In two weeks, the big movie comes out and I'm"
  • Gigabyte wars - New Model Army
    "Well, you never grow up, you just get older, carrying all the familiar burdens with you, walking back on the hometown streets on a night devoid of stars.No one ever said it was going to be just, you really"
  • Star Wars - Nas
    "Yeah, yeah, yo, yeah, yeah For niggaz up in they mom's crib listenin To this unadulterated Nas shit wishin it was then Instead a, me on this track on this beach with palm trees Drinks with umbrellas"
  • Information Wars - Jackson Browne
    "Give us twenty minutes and we'll give you the world We bring good things to life The news you need from people you can count on Doing what we do best The heartbeat of America Your true voice You're in"
  • Weekend Wars - MGMT
    "Evil is I, Yes to find a shore, A beast that doesn't quiver anymore, And we could crush some plants to paint my walls, And I won't try to fight in the weekend wars Was I? I was too lazy to play Or paint,"

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