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Sigala lullbay

  • You for Me - Sigala, Rita Ora
    "I should've told you that I wanted you for me You make it really hard to sleep You keep me up Maybe you're my adrenaline, Brought out this side of me Don't even know Controlling my whole anatomy, Fingers"
  • Easy Love - Sigala
    "Come on now! Sit down girl! I think I love ya! And all I want you to do is repeat after me Say A, say B, say C, oh I think she's got it ABC is easy it's like counting up to three Sing a simple melody,"
  • Sweet Lovin' - Sigala
    "Sweet, You're sweet, Sweet, You're sweet, Lovin', baby"
  • Say You Do (ft. Imani, DJ Fresh) - Sigala
    "When you say you love me to me, don't leave me, Now I got that feeling you without me will break my heart Coz the sunlight's in my eyes when you're out of sight You could've seen me shine, I'll tell you"
  • Give Me Your Love (ft. John Newman, Nile Rodgers) - Sigala
    "So give me your love, I need it Give me your heart, I'm bleeding I may be selfish but I’ll take your pain When you get weak I’ll make you strong again When all is lost, I will comfort you So give me your"
  • Ain't Giving Up - Craig David & Sigala
    "When you're so in love, Sometimes you gotta' take a chance to break through, And when the world is not enough, That's what gives you everything or breaks you, Feeling empty, feel used, It's like were running"
  • Came Here For Love - Sigala, Ella Eyre
    "I can see that you’re watching me Come over, talk to me Need you to give me a sign You got that something sweet That don’t come easily It’s what I need tonight I came here for love For someone to hold"
  • Lullaby - Sigala, Paloma Faith
    "Will you lay me down? make our hearts the only sound throw my fears down to the strong will you hold me? will you serenade me with the song you used to play till the night turns into day? Will you hold"
  • Wish You Well - Sigala, Becky Hill
    "it’s sad we’re not together but I wish happiness for you I know we said forever love don’t always make it through sometimes even a good things get lost along the way we opened up the same book but we"
  • Heaven On My Mind - Becky Hill, Sigala
    "Was up in the clouds Was finally free I heard a choir Started to sing The songs that we sang When you were whit me I never though i’d be so high There’s no need for me to hide All i need is right here"
  • Lasting Lover - Sigala, James Arthur
    "I don’t know why I can’t quite Get you on my sight You’re always just behind Each though across my mind Keep crawling back To where we last Left our love on hold I am always out for more So what you waiting"
  • Only One - Sigala / Digital Farm Animals
    "Flashing light Won’t let me go Your ultralight beam staring at my soul You galaxy My shooting star A Supernova aiming straight for my heart No one does it better than, better than, better than Baby you Get"
  • Feels Like Home (ft. Kent Jones) - Sigala, Fuse ODG, Sean Paul
    "it’s fuse it’s worldwide movement sigla sean paul bida bang bang bang let’s go if there’s life in the east that’s where I will go born in rthe streets I know where I’m from if you’re asking for me you"
  • Just Got Paid (ft. French Montana) - Sigala, Ella Eyre, Meghan Trainor
    "i should grow up some day cos I got bills to pay I can’t be waking up et someone’s else’s place I know I drink too much can’t pay my rent this month i should be saving up but I Just Got Paid I’m broke"
  • Runaway - R3HAB x Sigala x JP Cooper
    "I know we've been close since we were kids And you used to swing my way, Knock my door, come out to play You'd tell me everything I'm always listening To the stories that we made while we were sipping"
  • Pin Pin Butalin - Farinei Dla Brigna
    "Quandi 't aussi a la matin, na sigala e dui Crudin, 't lavi ij denti cul Campari, l midandi a l'incuntrari. Sorti d' ca e and al travai, pi la machin-a o 'l tranvai... Pin, pin, butalin cust l' veuid"

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