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Sigma Changing (feat. Paloma Faith)

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Sigma Changing (feat. Paloma Faith)

  • Changing (ft. Paloma Faith) - Sigma
    "Hell down, heaven down Livin' in the same town Tryina find something new Vocal beats a frame I've been frozen in Tryina find a better view This ain't real, this ain't cool This ain't what I signed up too This"
  • Faith - Richie Kotzen
    "Faith... I dont wanna lose my faith In all of the things that I felt so strong I may be sleeping, but I'm holding on I feel like life has been bleeing (??) me I not the same as I used to be All around"
  • Changing World - Kutless
    "I thought I had it all under control I thought my fate was still in my hands All of my plans were firmly set By the words that I say I forgot how quickly things can change Now my vision can not be the"
  • Ever Changing - Kultiration
    "Over the hills and across Jah valley Looking for this holy cause Roots so deep and faith so grounded Stand strong and know were you are The day has come to wake up children We need to go deep within, To"
  • Paloma - Biesiadne
    "Gdy wieczór zapada i ciemno się robi dokoła Ja biorę gitarę i śpiewam o tobie, Paloma. Paloma, Paloma jak pięknie melodia ta płynie... Paloma, paloma, ja śpiewam o swojej dziewczynie. /2x Gdy cię po raz"
  • Paloma - Ana Bel
    "Se equivocó la paloma, se equivocaba; por ir al norte fue al sur creyó que el trigo era agua, se equivocaba. Creyó que el mar era el cielo que la noche la mañana; se equivocaba, se equivocaba. Que las"
  • Paloma - Andres Calamaro
    "Mi vida fuimos a volar con un solo paracadas uno sólo va aquedar volando a la deriva vivir as no es vivr esperando y esperando porque vivir es jugar y yo quiero seguir jugando le dije a mi corazón sin"
  • Paloma - Angela Maria Forero
    "Dicen que soy paloma que anda perdida en la inmensidad Que vuelo ya tan alto, que no le temo ni al gaviln Que nadie nunca pudo cortar mis alas, mi libertad Pero no saben del dolor que llevo aqu en mi corazón Por"
  • Sigma Enigma - God Dethroned
    "Sigma Enigma I am the leader of the local mob I live by the rules of crime I have never felt any remorse When I oppressed the weak I need you to satisfy my need for greed To reach my goal I became a politician I"
  • Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? - Paloma Faith
    "Prophet took my hand on all saints day He preached the values of deception Changing shadows by a shapeshifter rules Tales are never just for fools The court of concience came before me Presenting me with"
  • Beauty Remains - Paloma Faith
    "Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get it right My eyes are always open though my heart is blind But something's different this time 'cause it's me and you Everything's changing for me When poeple say they've"
  • Changing my life (feat. TYLA DURDEN) - LORD
    "1. I wish that I could fly away high away from the pain I wish that I could fly away someday You know how much I love you I just can`t get enough You know how much I need you You`re all I`m dreaming of REFREN: Tonight,"
  • Paloma Infiel - Paloma San Basilio
    "Te acercas tan despacio que casi me impaciento Me quemas con tus manos, me abrazas con tu aliento Amor de horas ocultas, bendito amor secreto Mi cuerpo te desea, yo tambin. es tarde y en mi casa me espera"
  • Pi i Sigma - Bruno Schulz
    "Gdzieś jest jeszcze miejsce gdzie noc nie wyblakła zapomniane poza czasem obok nas ogień kroczy lecz nie parzy ktoś się śmieje bo w środku zimy wyrósł kwiat Już nie w tym wymiarze ale ciągle dalej zawsze"
  • Pride (Times Are Changing) - Madball
    "Times are changing for the worse Gotta keep a positive outlook Growing up in such violent times Have some faith and you'll get by Thinking back when I was a kid Times have changed so much since then All"
  • Glitterball (feat. Ella Henderson) - SIGMA
    "Standing here in the music hall With my microphone and a glitterball And you walk right in blowing through the doors Like a force of nature, a force of nature I can't look up cause my head's a mess But"
  • Bitwa (feat. Vally, Perła) - SIGMA
    "labele pragną hitów ja potrzebuje siana myślę ze w tej kwestii ciężko będzie się dogadać ruszam dupę z rana chociaż nie chce musze tu zarobić jeśli masz tak samo dobrze wiesz o co mi chodzi słońce wstaje"
  • Keep My Faith - Ziggy Marley
    "Worlds all changing They trying to change us too I might be going crazy What am I to do Keep my faith Walls crumble around me I'm not surprised What could I do When you took my rights Keep my faith Like"
  • Cucurrucucu Paloma - Pedro Infante
    "Cucurrucucu Paloma Dicen que por las noches no mas se la iba en puro llorar dicen que no dormia no mas se la iba en puro tomar juran que el mismo cielo se estremecia al oir su llanto como sufrio por"
  • Paloma Blanca - Demis Roussos
    "When the sun shines on the mountain And the night is on the run It's a new day It's a new way And I fly up to the sun I can feel the morning sunlight I can smell the new-mown hay I can hear God's voice"

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