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Silhouette - Can't Keep Up

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Silhouette - Can't Keep Up

  • Silhouette - Unfinished Thought
    "If I Could Stop Time I'd Frame Your Glass Pose Tied To Your Shadow I'm Over Exposed Counting Your Breathing With Quiet Control Watching You Drowning I Slowly Let Go I'm Giving You Shade From What You"
  • Silhouette - Little Simz
    "Step into the shadow if you're tryna hide your silhouette When they stab you in the back trust me they ain’t finished yet Had em on they toes got em doing pirouette All this fake love got me feeling"
  • My Silhouette - Second Chance
    "i'm watching your eyes move slowly up and down my silhouette and I wonder if you get it yet this is the last time I crawl away on broken knees and don't you wish it would be ok promise me you'll forget"
  • Silhouette - Depswa
    "Sometimes Mixed emotions they ramble on inside For a false sense of reality So I try to escape From this place that brings me down Cause I feel there's nothing else Left inside me anymore And I"
  • Silhouette - Catie Curtis
    "Watch me at the window from your place on the couch You watch me pretending that I am really looking out You say, "Come here, I can't see you in this light" But I'm much safer beside the moon tonight 'Cause"
  • Silhouette - Deacon Blue
    "down in the streets they're walking and kissing all he sees is the lights in her her eyes she feels his hand and smells his warm breath looking up all she sees is the night sky he saw her standing there"
  • Silhouette - Periphery
    "Love, loss, light circling everybody It gets hazy as the years begin to breathe Step back in the memory, relive a parody of me He gets hazy, move along in disbelief We're not the people we once were And"
  • Silhouette Of A Life - 10 Years
    "Forced myself to sleep last night Woke up to all white Saw all the tears and cries Screamed out but reply Nirvana dreams were never right Crossing to the other side It's too late to take this back Accidental"
  • Keep Up - Alexis Strum
    "Keep up Keep up You take it nice and slow Yeah I like your pace My fascination grows, With every move you make. I wanna get next to you Face to face Show you what I can do Watch me watching you Now"
  • Keep up - The 411
    "Can't you keep upBlue and greenCant you beat theWinning teamMake ya lose ur breathBlue and greenGunna lose ur ah ahOhhWere gunna make you feel like you cantMooveIt very hard to with noGrooveBut I trust"
  • Silhouette Serenade - Vendetta Red
    "The last thing I wanna do right now is read your stupid poetry Why can't you just tell me what you really wanna say? You'd clear your conscience with words so weak and empty But something in your eyes"
  • In Silhouette - The Mission
    "Just because you disagree it doesn't make me wrong And just because you think I'm weak it doesn't make you strong Push me too far or hurt what's mine I will retaliate I won't hesitate I've told you once"
  • Rusted Silhouette - Drake Bell
    "A Rusted silhouette embracing burning filament A Verbal avalanche is serving up your innocence I said where'd you lose your mind A brush with synergy, you cam back all delirious A Texas rance, a little"
  • Small Silhouette - Mudvayne
    "Looking Can't seem to get away No one knows No one except for me Paranoid I can't stop looking over my shoulder Stalking me, chasing me Am I lost inside a dream Life consumed with fear Small"
  • Can't Keep Livin - Young Buck
    "Ay let me get that ski-mask D-Tay Priest, load up the strap mayne Let me go get some money mayne Life ain't 'posed to be like this, robbery and poverty 24 hour shifts to keep this cocaine off of me Y'all"
  • Keep It Up - Monroe Michael
    "Well Judas swore to Jesus "Man, I could never turn you in." Jesus turned the other cheek and said "You're gonna let the Devil win." Corruption's still the word today It's the same old sin Keep It Up. Keep"
  • Silhouette In Red - Bonnie Tyler
    "Oh, I know you're a dreamer There's a child in your eyes You saved up all your memories You're tired of all the lies I hear you cry for someone Please someone heal the pain A hand to hold and guide her Through"
  • Can't Keep The Rain - Lab Black
    "Is there something you'd like to do tonight? I got some bridges to burn I'd like to fly away tonight For whatever it's worth Keep the salt out of my eyes can you Keep the heat in the air? Maybe i'm making"
  • Can't Keep The Rain - Black Lab
    "Is there something you'd like to do tonight? I got some bridges to burn I'd like to fly away tonight For whatever it's worth Keep the salt out of my eyes can you Keep the heat in the air? Maybe i'm making"
  • Can't Keep Me Here - The Incredible String Band
    "I'm going way over the white skyline And I'll sing and be happy And you can't keep me here no how. And I'll sing and be happy and my world is my own And I'll do what I want to And you can't keep me here"

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