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Silverchair Strange Behaviour

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Silverchair Strange Behaviour

  • Strange Behaviour - Silverchair
    "This is tearing me apart If the sun won't shine Forever will never be fine Underneath the hollow ground Lies a night time sky For only a desperate eye When I'm paranoid I see walls behind walls behind"
  • Strange behaviour - Roots Manuva
    "I can't quite remember the month nor date Nothing was gwan and I was jammin round my gate Started fiending for a Jack& but had no cash I had no choice to piggy-bank or trash It was me and my bold self"
  • Strange behaviour - Milla Jovovich
    "She's gonna go over to him Say that it's over with him She knows that their love will never win Say that it's over with him She knows herself better than any man could When she's under his pressure she's"
  • Those Thieving Birds, Part 1 / Strange Behaviour / Those Thieving Birds, Part 2 - Silverchair
    "Those thieving birds Hang strung from an empty nest This swan plagued pond Forsaken and under whelmed Those leaving words Hang strong from an emptiness Hang strong from an emptiness Those thieving birds Hang"
  • Ostrich Behaviour - Randy
    "Somehow i feel my life is coming to a dead end and there is nowhere i can go. The easy life that we used to play,yeah! has slipped into somethig real. Malcontent but to lazy to struggle for a change i"
  • Human Behaviour - The Decemberists
    "If you ever get close to a human And human behaviour Be ready, be ready to get confused There's definitely, definitely, definitely no logic To human behaviour But yet so, yet so irresistible And there's"
  • Disturbing Behaviour - Robert Palmer
    "Disturbing behaviour on the common front; She wants perfect behviour out of everyone She's got a bone to pick with you And you don't know what to do; She says your cheating days are through And you know"
  • Bad Behaviour - Super Furry Animals
    "Bad! Bad! Bad! Bad! Behaviour (X4) Bad behaviour Was my saviour Makin' mischief Used to make my day Subsequently Accidentally I put my fist Through a windowpane! Bad! Bad! Bad! Bad! Behaviour (X4) I"
  • Human Behaviour - Bjork
    "If you ever get close to a human and human behaviour be ready to get confused there's definitely no logic to human behaviour but yet so irresistible there is no map to human behaviour they're terribly"
  • Bad Behaviour - Mabel
    "na na na /4x on my bad behaviour na na na /4x don;t get me faded don;t play my favourite If you don’t wanna see me acting like a fool if you can’t keep up with my bad behavior you can’t contain me every"
  • Designer Behaviour - MD.45
    "L. ThomasD. Walker I don't want your roses It's too late to sweet talk now No use you coming round no more Cause this old flame went out You left me alone and going out of my head But a woman left needing"
  • Hesitant Behaviour - Diabolical Masquerade
    "Killing reads on your face We know the kill, will arise Fear starts behind your gun Suffer, shoot - use your arm (Murmurs) Smoke churned into the room Collapse, the heat of murder Why can you bring -"
  • Human Behaviour - Abdel Wright
    "Why medication so expensive? Tough luck, life threatening diseases Hope I'm not too interrogative Why if your moneyless that means you can't live? I'm talking World Health members Pharmaceutical companies,"
  • Best Behaviour - Louisa Johnson
    "I got eyes I’m human But it’s only a view Cuz I don’t wanna ruins loving you Loving you I got habits to let go It’s wath I gotta do Cuz I don’t wanna mess up loving you Loving you Baby I swear to you"
  • English Garden - Silverchair
    "Here we sit in tombstones in the mud Like it's where we want to be It's impossible to feel sacred in this lie And they sell your fantasy Now that the day is done I can see colors at night and everyone Sands"
  • Strange - Built To Spill
    "this strange plan is random at best this strange how much more can i take this strange changing atmosphere and it gravity too in its severity this strange day is almost over just started to get sick"
  • Strange - Alisha's Attic
    "(Poole/Martin/Poole) Baby, watch the fire, it's making for the bed And I don't wanna see you laying in the flames Being burned and bruised on something they said Well what's the matter Are your dreams"
  • Strange - Wet Wet Wet
    "Start making sense Of everything I've seen before, well, um Somewhere in my life Been paying the price But that ain't enough anymore, well Don't get me wrong now baby Don't get me wrong baby Strange,"
  • Strange - Shamra
    "If you see me in a diner Drawing on a napkin Never try to look over my shoulder Or you'll panic If you think I'm strange You're strange as well And if you think I'm strange You're strange as well If you"
  • Strange - Joan Armatrading
    "Strange How everything feels so strange Since you walked out on me I should be feeling blue I should be feeling sad But strange So strange I'm not crying over you Strange how this place Once too small No"

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