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Simay you left me

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Simay you left me

  • You Left Me - Me And My
    "It hurts so bad I'm almost falling apart It's oh so sad the way you broke my heart You took my soul, you took my bleeding heart You left me with the memory of how if feels to love Since I know you I don't"
  • Left - Five Iron Frenzy
    "Johnny's got a grip on a blissful life, He sucks on the smoke from the dope in his pipe. Wrapped around his fingers, a noose is loosing slack, strangling his forearm to fill his veins with smack. P.C.P."
  • Left - Hope Of The States
    "An argument An ambulance The sound of sirens in my head Just like yr singing to me I don't think this is how it goes They tried their best but made you wrong You run away but never know what yr running"
  • You left me - The Maine
    "Oh, you left me with a broken heart And now I see you as I should of from the start Oh, you left me with nothing but a kiss And now I'm leaving you with these lips These lips Everything looked fine from"
  • Left, Right, Left - Drama
    "Chorus: Left left left left left right left Get on up get on up get on up right left Left left left left left right left Get on up get on up get on up FORWARD MARCH!!! Verse 1: Y'all niggas ain't ready for"
  • Then You Left Me - Bee Gees
    "I never ask for any time from you baby. I never ask for any lies. You only hurt the one you love the most baby. You only had to make me cry. 'Cause you left me (you left me) all alone (you left me) You"
  • When You Left Me - Jann Arden
    "When you left me I was inside Of my head for a year All the memories that were broken Deeply buried there Was my heart lost in the chaos Never to be found When you left me I got older I had all but died I"
  • You Could've Left Me - Randy Rogers Band
    "You cant fool me, I can read you like a book I can see that leavin in your eyes, I even know that look You think that I dont know, You think I have no clue I guess letting me down easy, was more than you"
  • You Left Me There - Atomic Kitten
    "You left me there all alone with noone to talk to how more upset could I really get with noone to hang around with ooooooooooooooh You went right off with someonelse you left me like a fool watching"
  • Left Me Stray - Britny Fox
    "D. Davidson You locked me out, just shut me down. Lives on a blade, there's no escape It's cold outside, what did I do. You slipped away and left me stray. But where did your love love love run to,"
  • Left Of Me - EMMI
    "Whats left of me is standing here With you I feel I disappear And so I pack my bags last time No need for words, except bye bye No, I dont wanna talk about it I dont wanna hear about it I dont wanna stay"
  • Mama Left Me - Eugenio Finardi
    "My Mama left me, a long time ago Why she had to leave me I just dont know Oh Pretty baby, why you treatin me so bad Youre the meanest evil woman That I ever had Oh why Mama, why do treat me so If you"
  • She Left Me - McFly
    "She walked in and said she didn't wanna know Anymore Before i could ask why she was gone ut the door I didn't know, what i did wrong But now i just can't move on Since she left me She told me Don't worry You'll"
  • Shoulda Left Me - Kaize Adams
    "Verse 1 You loved me in despite Despite of all my wrong And now its just too much To much for me to hide The feeligs that I have For the joy of my heart A second chance you gave To me a brand new start Chorus Shoulda"
  • She Left Me - Go:Audio
    "I'm, staying in tonight Watching T.V by myself 'Cause yesterday my girlfriend recked my life I don't want to explain There's nothing I can say to you All I got is this one note she left me It says that"
  • Left Of Me - Xspace
    "by Benjamin Ackerman So now here we stand, so much farther than I ever thought we'd get to Did I scare you? So now here I stand with my heart in my hand, Wondering how we got here Hey! all I ever wanted"
  • Left Front Tire - Bring You Down
    "I feel frustration sometimes when the words don't come out right. Footprints in the Sand reveals to me a past scene of my life. Please stand by me through the thick and thin, though the trials of my life. He's"
  • right where you left me - Taylor Swift
    "Friends break up Friends get married Strangers get born Strangers get buried Trends change Rumors fly through news skies but I’m right where you left me Matches burn After the other Pages turn And stick"
  • Girl You Left Me For - Deana Carter
    "I wish I could give you the love you deserve I wish I could be your servant du jour I wish I could tell you the things that I'm not I wanna show you what I've got And I wish you would love me anyway Chorus I"
  • You Left Me A Song - Heather Nova
    "Thanks to Bajo Philip for submitting the lyrics Out of the glitter and the shine Out of the corner of my eye Saw you walking I freeze the frame My luck again We could've been strangers if we tried Move"

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