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Simon Webbe A Little High

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Simon Webbe A Little High

  • Little high - Simon Webbe
    "StrandedI've been watchin while your burning bridges, around youThink you're helpless,Broken by the alibi's and promises that weren't trueBut it's not all badYou know that you can bring it all backReach"
  • A Little High - Simon Webbe
    "Stranded I've been watchin while your buring bridges, around you Think your helpless, Broken by then alibi's and promises that wernt true But its not all bad You no that you can bring it all back"
  • Simon Keeper - Cowboy Junkies
    "Jesus was a carpenter he died nailed to a wooden cross. Irony oh irony upon me it is never lost. Gather 'round now people, I'm here to tell a tale About a man who walks among you, a man you each know"
  • Simon - Suede
    "Open your eyes and live again And I'll open my heart and love again I'll open my mind deep inside yes I know its blue We all believed in Amsterdam Paris and Spain and Vietnam No one believed you when"
  • Simon - Joan Armatrading
    "He's from Ohio Lives with his mother He loves the woman Who loves his brother What can he do now As she walks across the floor Here comes his brother Walking sideways through the door Was the same at"
  • Simon - Pink Martini
    "Time and time again the words are messy and hard to read (you should take your time) i'll give it a rest but i've got plenty of pages left the cold unfeeling pupils are staring back at me because they've"
  • Simon - Phantom Planet
    "Alex: (frustrated) Time and time again, the words are messy and hard to read... PC: You Should take your time. Alex: (reluctant) I'll give it a rest, but I've got plenty of pages left. Their cold unfeeling"
  • High - Little Dragon
    "I guess we’ll never get started Let’s stay … and soul, mate No need to talking about it Sometimes the quiet is so right High over the North Star Sleepless so far Together we’re high Checked in a holiday"
  • High - Stiff Little Fingers
    "She got a 2 year old in nursery And then lately got the sack She gets a phone call from her mother And she takes a little flak Cause she earns all her money now By lying on her back Yet it's just an even"
  • Sunshine (Love Like That) - Simon Webbe
    "It's one of those time, when you know what to stay Should have said it a little more, but life gets in the way And that can be the difference, between a woman and a man When one shows affection, and the"
  • Unjustified - Simon Webbe
    "Good love, left me feeling kinda bad Riled up, after all the fun we had Put off, by your dirty meddlin' Ain't that long since I was your hootchie cootchie man But you're getting off Spreading dirty lies,"
  • Seventeen - Simon Webbe
    "Seventeen, I was living life Chasing dreams and my hopes were high Trying to get around my fear of When and where do I go from here I asked somebody close to me Who could see a lot further than a boy"
  • Simon Says (Street Games) - Royce Da 5'9
    "(Intro: Royce) Hit you until you, hit you until you I'ma hit you until you, hit you until you I'ma hit you until you, hit you until you Hit you until you, hit you until you I'ma hit you until you STOP,"
  • Give A Man Hope - Simon Webbe
    "I was damned from the day i was born No wake up call I was locked into falling apart And said to waste it all I was out of control, cold And i think it showed And its gettin hard to play the part,"
  • Get A Little High - Robbie Williams
    "Wake up in the middle of In the thunder of a scream And you realise that it was yours You don't know what to tell them 'Cause you don't know where you've been And you've been thereso many times before It's"
  • A Little Too High - NoMeansNo
    "Thumb it on the plunger and press it to your inner thigh A spot of blood, a strand of hair beneath the bathroom light I want to kiss it and make it feel better I want to trace in it the twenty fourth"
  • Simon Sez - Chayanne
    "I went to party The people were screaming Oh yeah! The people were dancing Everybody laughing I couldn't believe, I was so surprised Everybody singing right before my eyes Simon Says, let's play it one"
  • Simple Simon - INXS
    "Simon found love, in love he thinks he found himself Only has a heart for her and her alone He walks down crowded streets and doesn't feel alone Oh, never alone Walks in space with his feet firmly on the"
  • Simon Says - Clawfinger
    "You say destiny decided what was ment to be, I say I decide myself what's to become with me... Simon says there's not a chance, we're let or get alone, none of us say anything but we both think he's wrong... You"
  • Simon Sez - Wild Orchid

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