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Simple As Love - Fossey tekst

  • Simple - k.d. lang
    "(K.D. Lang/David Pitch) Flawless light in a darkening air Alone...and shining there Love will not elude you Love is simple I worship this tenacity And the beautiful struggle we're in Love will not elude"
  • Simple - No-Man
    "with the sun on your lips, you turn around and spit. you spit the moon right out of your mouth for me, you touch the sky and start to shout removing all my doubts (chorus:) I could really love you, I"
  • Simple As That - Alabama
    "Out on highway 1, I saw a camper van parked out on the shoulder Thinkin' they had broken down, I pulled over There was a little old lady and her old man kickin' back relaxin' They said "sit down and help"
  • Simple As Dirt - Chris LeDoux
    "Been like a rolling wheel in these fertile fields Since I was five years old Between then and now I bet I've pulled this plow About a million miles or so I have never been nowhere, oh, but I don't care To"
  • Not As Simple As That - Michelle Poe
    "The sun doesnt rise up It never goes down Thats just how it looks as the world spins around Its hard to believe it But sadly Im told Some stars that I see now Have died long ago I guess some things"
  • It's As Simple As That - Lonestar
    "Got us a situation It don't need no explanation It don't take a scientist To figure out just what this is Unlike the changing seasons Love happens without reason Chorus: It's as simple as that Two people"
  • Simple As I Am - Porter Wagoner
    "I know that you could have more than a poor hard workin' man I love you and I need you and I ask you for your hand And my calloused hands will work for you from sunup to sundown If only you'll accept me"
  • Simple As A Sunrise - Na Leo Pilimehana
    "I wake to feel your love surround me the beauty that's there in your smile It lights the whole world around me And I know you are here all the while I see the magic that's within you The way you appear"
  • Simple as it should be - Tristan Prettyman
    "Put your hands to my hands Put your knees to my knees Put your eyes to my eyes Come on baby compliment me Cause I dont think that we Should ever feel the need to worry Ever get ourselves in a hurry You"
  • Simple Love Song - Duncan James
    "Does the after to be your reason Is the reason really me And I dont know what I believing But I do believe in you Could you ever day to love me As much as I love you Did you know that Ive been missin Missin"
  • Simple Things - Matt Wertz
    "Didn't mean to say I love you I guess my touch was good as breath Now I'm swimming through the silence Moments after you said And now it Ain't such a simple thing Ain't such a simple thing Anymore Guess"
  • Simple Obsession - Andru Donalds
    "What about us As I think about tomorrow With you not in my life? What about love As I try to make it every day I live even though I die I don't want to go For it's hard to say goodbye My simple obsession (What"
  • So Simple - Stacie Orrico
    "(It could all be so simple, simple) Don't need high heels For a good feel You can keep the fancy clothes I'll take walkin in the rain Over things material I'll trade Melrose and the big names Give"
  • Simple Things - Tony Vincent
    "Deep in the quiet of my soul- the truth i know tested by sorrow, pain and tears- through bitter years waiting for answers to my prayers- you were there the days and nights you brought me through shaped"
  • Simple Things - Glenn Lewis
    "1ST VERSE Living life Early morning love Summer days and getting paid Friends from around the way Rain done gone away Favourite songs Knowing where you belong No place like home Whatever your vice That"
  • Simple Life - Toto
    "Days feel so long My life seems short as years go by The chance that I took A feeling so strong I had to try All of the pain I left behind Been down the road My heart has been sold The price was steep The"
  • Simple Miracles - Emerson Drive
    "When I got up this morning you were still asleep And the rain tapped on my window as if reminding me To make out a list of every single gift That you give me every day CHORUS: It's the dream that never"
  • Simple Ballet - Sparks
    "(Ron & Russel Mael) In the city, in the country, in the towns throughout the world All will join in, in the big scene, So won't you please take off your shoes? It's a ballet, simple ballet, so let's"
  • Simple Melody - Sonya Kitchell
    "Spinning round Till I tumble down All my worries sink into the ground As I lay here and look up at the Sunday trees There's so many sounds I don't believe silence can be found Some would say it's quiet But"
  • Simple Things - Kenny Chesney
    "No I ain't had nothing to drink I knew thats probably what you'd think If I dropped by this time of night Remember way back when I promised you I'd drop in At one of those meetings down at the Y Well,"

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