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Simple Plan - Jet Lag


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Simple Plan - Jet Lag

  • Jet Lag - Zazie
    "Je ne sais pas o je vais, o je suis Jet lag, jet lag. Quand je dcolle et quand j'atterris Jet lag, jet lag Si je gagne une heure Si je perds une heure Mais pour que nos amours en transit N'arrivent pas"
  • Jet Lag - Joss Stone
    "Little angels Whisper softly While my heart melts For you and I'll see Only sunshine Only moonlight For the first time its real And the higher you take me The more that you make me Feel so hazy Tell me"
  • Jet lag - Young Igi
    "wracam z trasy czuję się jakbym miła jet lag dobre czasy wcale nie są pewne kocham marzyć w oczach ludzi nie blednę rysy mej twarzy stają eis konkretne palimy lansy jakby dawały wenę robimy to tak długo aż"
  • Jet Lag - Stephen Bishop
    "I parked my Buick discovered my ticket was lost And I had to fly "Standby" at twice the cost and then the buzzer went off at the Security check and the hands on my body left me with no self-respect And"
  • Jet Lag - Nazareth
    "I'm goin' back to New York City Times Square sure will be shinin' bright I know it sure looks pretty But I don't go down every night. I'm gonna take in Memphis You know the one down in Tennessee And if"
  • Jet Lag - Shampoo
    "I Can't Go Out Can't be Bothered Staying in Got a Kool Bed But it Was Made for Lying in I Can't get Dressed All My Clothes are in My Case Have a Rest Love to but I'm Off my Face I can't Work Out if it's"
  • A Simple Plan - Pedro The Lion
    "the plants and the factories are perfectly run the workers and bosses are living as one people are equal people are good people are working as hard as they should be it's food for my family and clothes"
  • Lage Nom Ai - Jimmy Buffett
    "Nordstrom was a simple man Who had some non-conformist plan To save his ass Every night he danced alone And blotted out the monotone That was his past He packs his bag of mysteries And leaves the lonely"
  • Simple Song - Simple Plan
    "Her locker's down the hall I've counted 17 from mine Does he see me? Does he even know that I'm close by? We're in the hallway Always at half past nine Would he ever get to know me? Would he take the"
  • Just A Simple Plan - Piebald
    "You got a window in the basement. You got a perfect view, but you don't care. Have you ever seen the things that go on outside? You got a door to your apartment So you can step outside and see the"
  • Not Behind The Fighter Jet - Guided By Voices
    "Militant babies came to me And told me, Don't be afraid to try Phenomenal stunt kids in the streets Popping out of the black ghost pie Fearless ones, cracked up Jack and Jill They're down there in the"
  • Jet black - Jawbreaker
    "I'll be quiet to keep you quiet. Don't concern yourself with my slow dying. Through the vents I hear you sigh. I don't get too high these days. Your floor is my ceiling. Lights out, you can't come in."
  • Sekali Lagi - Kru
    "(David FosterCedric DentLinda Thompson) Love has got a perfect plan I've finally come to understand You can never ask too much of love Love forgives your greatest sin With open arms to let you in You can"
  • Jet - Jet
    "Go!!So 1,2,3, take my hand and come with meBecause you look so fineAnd i really wanna make you mine.I say you look so fineThat i really wanna make you mine.Oh, 4,5,6 cmon and get your kicksNow you dont"
  • The Plan - Twoface
    "I am a joke Why don't you laugh I'm the drama in my own chaotic roleplay I am the fool That sings on the roof Without a song to sing Though it sounds all dramatic All I long for is just a simple song With"
  • The Plan - Slaves On Dope
    "I try to assure you That I'm not disillusioned And it's not where you are But that doesn't change the Way that I feel about the plan I know you're talking to I can't be the hand that Pushes them"
  • The Plan - Dominici
    "'''I.''' I went with great reluctance To meet with the strange man He promised to reveal to me A visionary plan Where all the worlds injustice And unfair cruelty Would all at once be wiped away What martyrs"
  • Plan A - The Dandy Warhols
    "All of us All of us sing about it All of us Sing about it All of us All of us sing about it All of us Sing about it All of us All of us sing about it All of us Sing about it All of us All of us sing"
  • Game Plan (ft. Ero JWP) - Nizioł
    "Uzależnieni od szumu ćwierkają złowrogo Zapasu cham i brudu, choć nie maja go podobno Niezależnie od tłumu, cenie sobie miejski folklor Kiedy mam zły humor, to lepiej do mnie nie podchodź Na zapas się"
  • Jet Set Ready - Hot Water Music
    "so i ask myself are we too far gone because ever since we put our hands on the mill we've been cutting strong blind to life and the consequences of taking life we're not jet set ready we're sinking"

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