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Simple girl from

  • Simple Girl - Kiley Dean
    "I've seen the way you relate to Other girls and although I'd hate to Be the one to break you the bad news It's a must and I know I have to I've seen you around flossin' your sports car At the lounge buyin'"
  • Simple - Glen Phillips
    "I'm complication Live wire down I'm agitation distorted sound You're celebration Girl on a swing Passion and patience Unbroken ring You're simple, simple You're simple, Simply all I need I'm jagged rock You,"
  • Simple Girl - IAMX
    "The perfect taste that leaves your mouth The vodka tongue that spits it out Violate me, january victim All my life i've wasted for this Violate me, show me your religion All my time i've waited Simple"
  • Simple Woman - Stone Sour
    "Simple woman won't you take me home tonight Simple woman won't you take me home tonight You don't love me any- You don't love me any- No, no, no Simple woman won't you take me home tonight Won't you"
  • Simple Things - Amy Grant
    "Wake up baby look around Birds sing, ooooh that sound Reminds me of a line From Unchained Melody Feel like I'm a little girl Best thing in the whole wide world Is I can see the makings of a memory I remember"
  • Simple Enough - Never Shout Never
    "If I was a sailor I'd sail the seven seas To tell you baby I dont want you to leave You see this world is such a sad place And without your pretty face Im sure its gonna wind up much worse And I"
  • Simple Creed - Tricky
    "Ed Kowalczyk : Born with your back to the girl that Spit you out on the riverbed And with who? me? You better back up fool I bet you took a gun to school too But now nobody's taking no candy You just"
  • Simple - Okay
    "All that I need from you is love You said it's simple, all I need from you is love I pray each time I leave your l-oven on. All that I give to you is love You said it's simple, all I give to you is love I"
  • Simple - China Drum
    "China Drum Miscellaneous Simple It never was that simple, the feelings in my head To try to rearrange the things that I have done and said It never was that easy, trying to contend With the anger surging"
  • Simple - Yellow Second
    "a simple song about anything but what I would normally sing about all smiles and a catchy tune and pretty soon I'll forget I'm here I know these things work out you're weeping, I'm keeping these secrets"
  • Simple - Company Flow
    "I'm wild with a dosage character closely cut from a fabric that's ferocious with a misanthropes motive and a quote that drips from a slit throat livid and sickly corroded, fuck it I'm precocious first"
  • Simple - Collective Soul
    "Tangle up your twisted tongue. It's simple.Mesmerize your everyday. It's simple.Hey hey can't you see?Love is all that you should need.Can't you see?Ease your troubled mind.Let love seek & let love find."
  • Simple Song - Simple Plan
    "Her locker's down the hall I've counted 17 from mine Does he see me? Does he even know that I'm close by? We're in the hallway Always at half past nine Would he ever get to know me? Would he take the"
  • Ain't That Simple - Soulsister
    "Think I'll take a walk And maybe it'll clear my head Lord I'm so confused maybe I'll just stay here in bed 'Cause I like when you invite Your friends around And I like it when we spend The night on the"
  • In A Simple Rhyme - Van Halen
    "Well, back in the past when I was, treated so coldly My love life was a darn disgrace Needed someone to love n' hold me That's one of the reasons that I was outta place So, this is love? Well she finally"
  • Simple Things - All
    "All Miscellaneous Simple Things father left home when you turned 14. took the best, left the rest for the simple things. the simple things come easy when youve been used. tried every drug"
  • Simple things - Armin Van Buuren
    "(Feat Justine Suissa)Wasted days, Im caught up in the fruitless chase Wanting more than anything thats come before And I wish I didnt have to choose When I know there is so much to lose Cruel desires blind"
  • Simple Lessons - Candlebox
    "Simple, simple lessons, simple... Sound to be where, make you want to scream. Always left without, saying hello. I've seen chains the bear less, snap and fall long before you let go. Times run over your"
  • Simple love - Alison Krauss
    "Little yellow house sittin' on a hill That is where he lived That is where he died Every Sunday morning Hear the weeping willows cry Two children born A beautiful wife Four walls and livin's all he needed"
  • Simple Love - Allison Krauss
    "Little yellow house sitting on a hill That is where he lived, that is where he died Every Sunday morning Hear the weeping willows cry Two children born, beautiful wife Four walls and living is all he needed"

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