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Simple love fot you

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Simple love fot you

  • Ready fot love - Mai Kuraki
    "I'm always strong when you're beside me I'll be the hero you've been dreaming of and when I touch you I feel happy inside it's such a feeling 'cause I'm ready for love yo no naka ni wa miru beki mono ga afureteru"
  • Searching Fot Love - Pretty Ricky
    "(Talkin'): We can do it Microsoft 'cause' I got dat hard drive You turn me on and Get computer lovin' all nite Girl I met you online Now you on my laptop Call ya boy a Magnet 'cause' I got a bottom"
  • Simple - No-Man
    "with the sun on your lips, you turn around and spit. you spit the moon right out of your mouth for me, you touch the sky and start to shout removing all my doubts (chorus:) I could really love you, I"
  • Simple - k.d. lang
    "(K.D. Lang/David Pitch) Flawless light in a darkening air Alone...and shining there Love will not elude you Love is simple I worship this tenacity And the beautiful struggle we're in Love will not elude"
  • Simple - India.Arie
    "Now that you're right here, Let me whisper in your ear Now that you're listening, Let me tell you how I feel I've been trying to formulate The perfect words the perfect way I can't hold it back no more I"
  • Simple - India Arie
    "Now that you're right here, Let me whisper in your ear Now that you're listening, Let me tell you how I feel I've been trying to formulate The perfect words the perfect way I can't hold it back no more I"
  • Simple - Okay
    "All that I need from you is love You said it's simple, all I need from you is love I pray each time I leave your l-oven on. All that I give to you is love You said it's simple, all I give to you is love I"
  • Simple - Collective Soul
    "Tangle up your twisted tongue. It's simple.Mesmerize your everyday. It's simple.Hey hey can't you see?Love is all that you should need.Can't you see?Ease your troubled mind.Let love seek & let love find."
  • Simple - The Beta Band
    "It's a Tuesday night and I can't be With the people that I love tonight Left me alone and I can't forgive them I guess I'll be on my own I tried to see it their way I tried to be alone I tried to"
  • Simple Song - Simple Plan
    "Her locker's down the hall I've counted 17 from mine Does he see me? Does he even know that I'm close by? We're in the hallway Always at half past nine Would he ever get to know me? Would he take the"
  • A Simple Love - Awaken
    "(G.Snowcat) A simple love without explaination A simple love it's no destitution Every night could be my judgement day Trial by hate A simple game it's all I ask from you A simple maze I'm lost inside"
  • Simple Love Song - Ringo Starr
  • Simple Love Song - Duncan James
    "Does the after to be your reason Is the reason really me And I dont know what I believing But I do believe in you Could you ever day to love me As much as I love you Did you know that Ive been missin Missin"
  • Sing Fot The Moment - Aerosmith
    "These ideas are nightmares to white parents Whose worst fear is a child with dyed hair and who likes earrings Like whatever they say has no bearing Its so scary in a house that allows no swearing To see"
  • A Simple I Love You - Mandy Barnett
    "Give your heart and soul away Never doubting if it's true Is there no price that we won't pay For A Simple I Love You After all the pride is gone Hope has all but fallen through We can still make ourselves"
  • Simple Simon, Simple Heart - Hank Thompson
    "Simple simon simple heart you met a girlie at the fair Miss your timin' simple heart when you thought that she could care Simple simon you're not smart she gave her love to someone new Simple simon simple"
  • Simple Minds, Simple Lives - Spitalfield
    "The marketing kings are at it again They're selling you lies, becoming your friend Until the end Irresistible job, a role-playing game, the target is you And theyre taking aim So step outside We are"
  • Simple Girl - IAMX
    "The perfect taste that leaves your mouth The vodka tongue that spits it out Violate me, january victim All my life i've wasted for this Violate me, show me your religion All my time i've waited Simple"
  • Simple Song - Don Williams
    "It was warm now it's cold. It was young, now it's old. Love was here now it's gone, simple song. Once she did, now she don't, once we tried now we won't. How could love go so wrong? Simple song. Oh it"
  • Simple man, simple dream - Linda Ronstadt
    "What if I fall in love with youJust like normal people doWell maybe I'd kill youOr maybe I'd be trueWhen I go down to get a job sometimeIt seems people can read my mindAnd make money disappearWhile they're"

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