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Simplefields - An Innocent Wizard

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Simplefields - An Innocent Wizard

  • Wizard - Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy
    "I'm sitting in front of the blank picture, looking Old and tired, tired and old, without wings of magics I'm alone like pain in me a thousand years is so long a time, I'm an old wizard indeed Bloody tears"
  • An Innocent Man - Billy Joel
    "Some people stay far away from the door If there's a chance of it opening up They hear a voice in the hall outside And hope that it just passes by Some people live with the fear of a touch And the anger"
  • Wizard Man - Procol Harum
    "Wizard man's got a magic tooth Carry it low but keep it loose Don't wait for Christmas when the four winds blow When they carry you out you're gonna have to go Wizard man's got a pocketful of lead"
  • Pinball Wizard - Rod Stewart
    "Ever since I was a young boy, I played the silver ball; From Soho down to Brighton I must have played 'em all. But I ain't seen nothin' like him In any amusement hall That deaf, dumb an' blind kid Sure"
  • Pinball Wizard - Pete Townshend
    "Ever since I was a young boy, I've played the silver ball. From Soho down to Brighton I must've played them all. But I never seen anything like him In any amusement hall... That deaf, dumb and blind kid Sure"
  • The Wizard - Cryptic Carnage
    "At the court of the duke There lives an old magican Who tries to heal his master In every way he can He looks into his masters heart Foreseeing his love with a woman A dream is haunting him every year Of"
  • 'innocent (With An Explanation) - Luba
    "I with my hand in the air you with your suspicions swear guilt by association there is no justification no reason at all when you point the finger I take the fall I have walked the road with no deviation (always"
  • Not Such An Innocent Girl - Beckham Victoria
    "Beckham Victoria Victoria Beckham Not Such An Innocent Girl Ooh-ooh baby Hey, oh-whoa, baby I'm not such an innocent girl First impressions can be wrong So let me clear what's going on Baby I'm not who"
  • Not Such An Innocent Girl - Victoria Adams
    "Originally performed, but not recorded, by willa ford Ooh-ooh baby Hey, oh-whoa, baby I'm not such an innocent girl First impressions can be wrong So let me clear what's going on Baby I'm not who you"
  • Not such an innocent girl - Victoria Beckham
    "First impressions can be wrongSo let me clear what's goin' onBaby I'm not who you think I amI need to feel some lips on mineSo I'm pullin' you across the lineYou think I'm the fragile oneOne slip the damage"
  • Prayer For An Innocent Man - Vertical Horizon
    "Oh won't you listen O Lord to my plea for justice Can't you hear my cry for help Try to heed my honest prayer And judge me in my favor 'Cause you know my heart You have come to me at night But it's so"
  • Innocent World - Iggy Pop
    "I used to live in an innocent world I had a car and a pretty blond girlfriend We was too young to know what we were doing And anyway I was just fooling around Innocent innocent innocent world Innocent"
  • Innocent Love - Sandra
    "this information is for everyone i've never had my chance for much too long i'm sick of byin' lots of jewelry no matter if it's Rome or Tennessee cause i wanna get in touch with the man i miss so much an'"
  • Innocent Bystander - Korn
    "I know it's not like me to you Hold back but this time I knew rape You must be silent to increase the volume In your head Blood run red I'm a spectator, the motivator Shut up, shut up and do it to yourself I'm"
  • Innocent Man - Sherrie Austin
    "Standing in line at the grocery Staring back at the trash magazines Martians say earth girls are lonely Well that's no news to me In the parking lot I saw two cowboys Fighting for a handicapped space So"
  • Innocent Man - Buddy Guy
    "I am, I'm innocent man I am, I'm innocent man You know about it You surely don't know But I think that Probably you'll sure understand I didn't get a chance to defend myself I hope it makes it better"
  • Innocent Child - Axel Rudi Pell
    "Hangin'out on the street with a face full of tears and I couldn't understand why He puts me down in a hole I didn't know where to go and that's tearin' at my soul Endless pains goin' far too long Broken"
  • Innocent Seven - Her Nightmare
    "Stalked and taken from the world, forced into a place of filth. You raped, you murdered and walked away. No justice to be placed on you, No fucking revenge. Taking your life isn't worth shit, you think"
  • Innocent Smile - Ash
    "Tripping round the town When the sun comes down Flying with your friends With the stars alive Tripping round the town When the sun comes down Flying with your friends With the stars alive Running on a"
  • The Innocent - Sick Of It All
    "No more, no more The cries of the ones you Serve go unheard, ignored With patronizing smiles you move on, and on An agenda all your own While the pain and scorn Are yours and yours alone to stop It's"

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