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Simply Red Your Eyes Mousse T Accoustic

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Simply Red Your Eyes Mousse T Accoustic

  • Your Eyes (Mousse T Accoustic) - Simply Red
    "Who's to know where time will lead us now? I can't believe this is happening now I'm not scared, I'm just wondering how I wanna see your eyes I wanna look into your eyes again I wanna look into the windows"
  • Simply - De La Soul
    "Fear through time, is left behind, when we simply, havin A wonderful time, a beautiful time, leave the troubles you find at home Take some time, and ease your mind, when we simply, havin A wonderful time,"
  • Ameliorate Accoustic - Fiore
    "In all the time that you have taught, I've learned how to not let it stop. My sun will rise, your sun will set. I will try my hardest not to forget that when you come back, it's back to work for me. You"
  • Cop That Shit (Mousse T Main Mix) - Timbaland & Magoo
    "(Missy) (Timbaland) (Oh, huh) We are the V-A players Love to the Neptunes and the Clipse (huh, huh) To ya bootleggers we breakin' off both of ya legs, whoo The underrated Maganoo comin' with the unexpected,"
  • Into Your Light (Accoustic Remix) - Leaves' Eyes
    "I've heard your song and I've seen the light in your eyes, And it took me so long to see Straight through the night And through you, ah... You're the depths of my own mind And you're the heights of my"
  • Simply Deep - Kelly Rowland
    "Is anybody home in there? I unexpectedly dropped by your heart I simply wanted you to hear The cry of my love's never ending start Impossible escaping you And circumstances never stand a chance So intrigued"
  • Simply Beautiful - Nouveaux
    "Cling to your feeble understanding Searching the confines of your mind You find no reason for believing Sinking in the ocean of your pride So you stand on a mountain and close your eyes Blind to all of"
  • Simply Wonderful - Mai Kuraki
    "Utagaeba utagau hodo ni fukami ni hamatteku Kotoba sae mo sudoori shiteiku na mo nai hi ga tsuduku Konna koto ja kokoro naku shite yuku Ame ga hageshiku mau yami sou ni mo nai tsurakute kimi ga mie nai Tatoe"
  • Simply Deep - Solange
  • Your Eyes - Simply Red
    "I wanna look into your eyes again I wanna look into the windows of your soul...again, again Who's to know where time will lead us now? I can't believe this is happening now I'm not scared, I'm just wondering"
  • Strawberry Mousse - Anjali
    "If you wanna know me, know me Gotta show what you know and then show me Ooh, it's a feeling And I know, do you know that I'm dealing If you wanna throw me, throw me Gotta show that it's love that withholds"
  • Lady In Red - Simply Red
    "I've never seen you looking so lovely as you do tonight I've never seen you shine so bright mmm-mmm-mmm I've never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance looking for a little romance given half"
  • Red Planet (Feat. T-Boz) - Little Mix
    "Ref.: In your heart I found mine Fill me with your life Oh u make it hot on your red planet Turn it up on your red planet 1)I-I-I-I-I felt my love was bittersweet Broken into pieces but now back on"
  • Red Eyes - Maria Niklińska
    "Red Eyes Red Eyes You seem no flicker Feel me, feel me With your simple liquor … I’m break down Once I’ve almost drown … Master of mind … There’s nothing more than us Sun is shining on us Found"
  • Simply Passing Time - Koufax
    "Get yourself undressed We're due for a night not to forget As a cure for this unrest, Think of it as simply passing time The midwest is outside Any morals that you hold Have come from prudish, dated lies The"
  • Simply The Best - Tina Turner
    "I call you when I need you, my heart's on fire You come to me, come to me wild and wired When you come to me Give me everything I need Give me a lifetime of promises and a world of dreams Speak the"
  • Red Eyes - The War on Drugs
    "Come and see Where are we, this everything On my knees Beat it down to get to my soul Against my way Anyone can tell it's you coming Baby, you're on my mind Leave it on a lie, leave it your way Come and"
  • Never A Day Goes By (Accoustic) - Jennifer Love Hewitt
    "never a day even though we're heart to heart i know you wonder when we part do i start to lose my desire for you? will tomorrow be like tonight? will i always treat you right? will love go on forever? WELL never"
  • Don´t close your eyes - Max Jason Mai
    "God save me ... Hey, where is the way to heaven's hell That's what I ask When I feel broken… Look around what's happening abounds And listen to the frequency of a sound Of the beat, of a heartbeat, of"
  • Dead Red Eyes - Archers Of Loaf
    "Dead red eyes flickering half bright went on for ride (?) In slick silk. They were on to my circumstantial slide, Blow by blow chipped off shell and bone. Tripped and talked around It could not fall through"

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