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Sing my uuu

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Sing my uuu

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Sing my uuu
  • Tommy James Sing, Sing, Sing
    "Mornin' comes, I see the sun, I feel the wind a-blowin' Through my hair and everywhere it takes me where I'm goin'. You can have your money, 'cause it don't mean a thing, Just take along a happy song and"
  • Sing-Sing Come Sing Me A Song
    "Come, sing me a song And I will do anything you ask me to, Oh yeah, oh yeah Come give us a smile, a million eyes shining down won't see you frown Oh yeah, oh yeah Break my bones just to talk to you Just"
  • Annie Lennox Sing
    "Sing, my sister, sing Let your voice be heard What won't kill you will make you strong Sing, my sister, sing You don't need to disrespect yourself again Don't hide your light behind your fear Now women"
  • Buddy Lackey Sing
    "I don't want to sing 'bout the revolution don't want to sing about the acid rain that falls down on me I would never sing about a girl who threw me away I just want to sing fill my soul with this music sing"
  • Bright Eyes Sing, sing, sing
    "We must talk in every telephoneget eaten off the webwe must rip out all the epiloguesfrom the books that we have readand to the face of every criminal strapped firmly to a chairwe must stare, we must stare,"
  • MercyMe Sing
    "My heart's beating out of my chest I've lost the words to say Trying to stay calm at best Cause you've looked my way Give me peace Lord Jesus I need to sleep tonight Like a newborn waiting To hear"
  • Chorus line Sing
    "See I really couldn't sing I could never really sing ...Sing! ..Note. ..Throat. ...Thing. What I couldn't do was... I have trouble with a... It goes all around my... It's a terrifying... See, I reall"
  • Mickey Thomas Sing
    "There's a wind comin' off the river Blowin' out the lights The city's being swallowed by the night As I walk the streets and shiver I've got a choice I could be swallowed too And lose my way as millions"
  • Jars Of Clay Sing
    "I love the way, I love the way you carry on You make me wanna say, you make me wanna sing another love song Sing another love song, sing another love song Sing another love song to you Bury my head"
  • Abra Moore Sing
    "I wanna sing Sing to your eyes where they once held windows When you're lookin' at me I wanna hear Hear all the sounds and the cracks in your voice When you speak to me. Look at my eyes and my nose"
  • Original Cast Sing
    "conceived, choreographed and directed by MICHAEL BENNET book by JAMES KIRKWOOD and NICHOLAS DANTE music by MARVIN HAMLISCH lyrics by EDWARD KLEBAN FOLLOWS "At the Ballet" (AL finishes KRISTINE's"
  • The Classic Crime Sing
    "We sing the same song you and I With lead feet in deep water we cry out to live or die Instead we tread in waves to stay alive Our heads above the grave but there's no one to save us this time So I will"
  • Slowdive Sing
    "(sing where the other boys can't watch you dance) hear you call my name, see you in my mind watch you fall away, i know whats in your mind, calling from behind see you fall away, i know he's here to stay who"
  • Ed Sheeran Sing
    "It’s late in the evening Glass on the side now I’ve been sat with you For most of the night Ignoring everybody here We wish they would disappear So, maybe we could get down now? I don’t wanna know If"
  • Flow Sing
    "I realize the screaming pain Hearing loud in my brain But I'm going straight ahead with the scar Can You Hear Me Can You Hear Me Can You Hear Me (So am I) Wasurete shimaeba ii yo kanji nakunacchaeba"
  • Ultra Orange Sing Sing
    "Someone talkin' to my soul Someone shakin' my knee bone Someone ringing at my door And I'm crawling on the floor I got shivers on my own I got quivers to the bone It's contagious Don't know why Someone"
  • Marianas Trench Sing Sing
    "Can I have your attention? I just open my mouth Is it clear? Is it loud for you? You just need me to be stable But I won't be able To keep it together again Now don't pretty please me Do not make it that"
  • Hank Williams (I'm Gonna) Sing, Sing, Sing
    "Recorded by Hank Williams, Sr. Words and music by Hank Williams, Sr. CHORUS When (G) I get to Glory, I'm gonna sing, sing, sing I'm gonna let the (A7) hallelujahs (D7) ring (G) I'm gonna praise my"
  • Scott Walker Sing Boy Sing
    "Whenever I get lonely, sing boy sing. When life goes kinda sadly, sing boy sing. When I start to open my mouth and sing this song makes everything right that once was wrong. Even the cuckoo in the clock"
  • Bob Sinclar Sing My Song
    "Don't you wanna go with me And sing my song Hey hey yeah come and sing my song (x3) so sexy go crazy my baby no maybe if you want me so sexy come and sing your song You're so sexy Oh my baby If you want"

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