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Sinisstar Drug Related

  • Drug Related - Sinisstar
    "Don't you know The way it goes Don you see The way it shows Don you think everybody knows It's your life and you know it blows Run away with the myth and baby i got so much to see Another take on what"
  • Drug Related Homicide - Earth Crisis
    "The drug related homicide of a nation as society is plagued by mass addiction. The numbers culled eliminates competition. Pulling others in as the caskets lower down. Caustic chemicals open early graves."
  • Related' - Buckcherry
    "Moving out i found some pictures of places in past timesRemember how we got through those moments of being foolsTo pass the days with the passion playsI loved to dance the stageAnd through our fights we"
  • Super-Related - Seven Mary Three
    "Super-Related and I think it's bigger than books when reality steps in She's a gun with a gun Super-Related and I can feel you pull through me Reality surely leaves the choice in our hands I could be"
  • Stress Related - Righteous Pigs
    "Filled with pressure Filled with stress Strung with burden You are plagued Endless tension Endless strain Destroys yourself To concentrate Much in life is - stress related Running into problems - irritated Overloading"
  • Related Skin - Red Cell
    "Hold my eyes just for a moment see the world in the way I do Burn away the fears you keep inside and try to open up all the gates Hold your breath just for a moment swear you'll never hesitate I wish"
  • It's All Related - Hot Water Music
    "It's already so hard to obtain... But I'm sure you will Make it all so complicated That a certain fall Is bound to send you To the cold floor. You know it's all related. The view of descent's reminiscent"
  • Work Related Injury - Cable
    "Workin the night shift again Got one more hour in me Shouldn't be near these machines, I'm askin' for trouble. Didn't learn my lesson the first time. Body crushin' machine Body crushin' machine Baby i'm"
  • Drug - Killing Joke
    "Heaven sold to hungry spirits Rituals for birth right down (?) God ???? fear is wielded The credulous will never see us Programmed child in pre-?? courses Numb the mind and gag our voices Everyone"
  • Drug - Berlin
    "I was fine, I was alone, and I was strong. Now you're here, and I'm so weird it must be love. Now I don't have any protection incase you go. Oh I need a suit of armour for my soul. Strung out, only you"

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