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  • Sinking - Econoline Crush
    "Slash and burn Insensitive It comes all the way around and back again Stunning move to make amends Could have been a little more than faking it You got what you want You got what you need You've got everything"
  • Sinking - Black Flag
    "Sinking Wanting Thinking Sinking all the while It hurts to be alone When it hurts to be alone When it's cold outside When it's cold inside When it hurts to be alone It hurts to be alone It hurts to"
  • Sinking - Rearview Mirror
    "You're sinking under my control?Cheated on everything such a display, it burns and falls, 22 more enemies. This truth destroyed by trust we placed in one another. As time grows short we dance around the"
  • Sinking - Tye Tribbett & GA
    "When I think of the goodness of Jesus And all He has done for me My soul cries out Hallelujah Thank God for saving me (Hook) I was (sinking so deep in sin) And so (very deeply stained within) But"
  • Sinking - Godhead
    "Standing in the back of the line I feel the others try to push me Down and keep it away from me Grabbing at the one thing that I know is mine Can't you see me with my head to the floor Feel the recklessness"
  • Sinking - No Doubt
    "You're on a wide open ocean No one around you for miles You're thinkin' of drinkin' on water While you're sailing the Nile No one to stop you on your way Flyin' by goes a stork You decide to bring your"
  • Sinking - The Appleseed Cast
    "I get the feeling that I'm sinking in you. Your hands go through me as I'm trying to think back on a better time. Like watching water in a rising tide. You'd not know me right now, you'd think that I was"
  • Sinking - Appleseed Cast
    "i get the feeling that i'm sinking in you your hands go through me as i'm trying to think back on a better time like watching water in a rising tide you might not know me right now you think that"
  • Sinking - Oblivion Dust
    "The X-ray is on They see through my mind And I can hear you say stop (Why?... Why?...) Their T.V. is wrong My feelings are backwards And I can hear you say stop (Why?... Why?...) Why do I think"
  • Sinking - Angkor Wat
    "Angkor Wat Corpus Christi Sinking Sinking in a sea of emptiness, alone A solitude, an isolation, to living men unknown Shadows of memories dance across my mind Just beyond reach with the passing of time Searching"
  • Sinking - Jars Of Clay
    "It's not my problem anymore You see it never really was So you can stop 'caring' as you call it and I'll be fine right here You see that I can play a pretty convincing role So I don't need you, I don't"
  • Sinking - Alexi Murdoch
    "Sitting quietly watching the ticking on the wallShe sits patiently, she thinks maybe the world will fallShe says, I feel at times like I had it and lost it allBut there are walls are in her eyesWaiting,"
  • Sinking - JJ72
    "These feelings don't have any windows But these feelings are feelings only God knows As the figures fade into the distance You're at home now, no need for resistnce Like marble your exterior is so cold But"
  • Sinking - Gwen Stefani
    "You're on a wide open oceanNo one around you for milesYour thinkin' of drinkin' on waterWhile you're sailing the NileNo one to stop you on your wayFlyin' by goes a storkYou decide to bring your oars in"
  • Citys Sinking - Somehow Hollow
    "breaking up with friends only brings pain and suffering. last night brought me to my knees, will you still call me tomorrow? and isn't it funny how the time makes you so sick of everything, i had to leave"
  • Sinking Ship - Neutral Milk Hotel
    "Sinking ship- How long can you hold still? Your illness spills against my face Sinking ship- How long can you hold still? Oh, can't you feel the coming waves? A perfect Sunday portrait of my mother painting"
  • Sinking In - Lucie Silvas
    "It's like a playground Sinking in, we're a couple of kids Exchanging grins, your attention seems to be on me Or at least that's what I'm imagining You got me chasing a tail, got me singing your tune And"
  • Sinking Feeling - Roisin Murphy
    "Deep in Quick sand You dive in At the shallow end You break your Neck and Youre never ever gonna get up again The glass house that you lived in Is deep in the quickening Angels might call by But"
  • Sinking Sand - Enchant
    "(Music - D. Ott, E. Platt / Lyrics - T. Leonard) I guess I knew this day would come When you would finally drop the bomb Conclusion long forgone But that you'd say it with a yawn Thought you'd stop"
  • Sinking Game - Marit Larsen
    "Dive in with me I got dust on my feet I got guilt on my hands I need to give myself a second chance Dive in with me I got mud to my knees My partner in crime Tell me have you got the time? (Pre-Chorus) I'm"

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