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Sinner like me

  • Sinner - Neil Finn
    "See it anyone got my eyes got my face Sing it everyone got my nose got my blood Conscience plays upon me now Safe until my luck runs out Cukoos call, pendulum swings I thought you knew everything Lift"
  • Sadistic Sinner - Incubus
    "Alone in my house Full of hate and fear Your death is near My passion for killing will take you to death I slay a victim I torture his wife They die by my knife I'm coming for you So take your last breath The"
  • Loving Sinner - Annihilator
    "Annihilator Miscellaneous Loving Sinner abuse me, confuse me I'm beggin for a kind of release adultery and the misery they're not the kind of things you can police sinking to an all-time"
  • The Sinner - Memphis May Fire
    "Digging a hole that I can't get out of Deeper and deeper below the surface To find that there's nothing there Where do I go from here? Give me something that I can feel! Back and forth here we go again What"
  • Sinner - Drowning Pool
    "Bend me shape me misdirect me It's all the same to me Look at all this useless talk Look at all this useless talk Look at all this useless talk The party crawls You look at me, but you don't see Understand"
  • Sinner - Nylon Beat
    "I'm looking for a lazy way to get trough my working day yeah I know it's true it's a sin for sure whenever I cross the street the trafficlight's never green yeah but it's not for you it's a sin to do I"
  • Sinner - Gary Hughes
    "Born of a nightmare nad your heart never breaks One of the black lair's fateful mistakes, No one sensed the storm was comin' No one sensed the mountains start to crumble The laws tore Dawn and the light"
  • Sinner - Stereoside
    "I'm a sinner so you cast me out Changed the locks and don't come around, no Thats ok honey, I can do better, yeah.... Oh, how many ways have I thought of you what you've done and what you mean to me"
  • Sinner - Theocracy
    "Shame covers me what was light has turned to dark pain torments me where there once was something holy now beats my blackened heart sin has tangled me my life is broken and i bleed eternally grief's controlling"
  • Well Known Sinner - Archive
    "First you like to talk Then you like to come around Then you like to walk Then you wanna get down There's free as a bird There's something I heard Then you light a cigarette Then you tell me no regrets You"
  • Just A Sinner - Carly Simon
    "(Mark Klingman) Today I was gonna conquer the world, Go on ahead and make a stand. Today I saw an old friend a dyin' And as he lay there no one lent a hand, I'm gonna call you up, You'll forsake the one"
  • Sinner Times Ten - Gregg Alexander
    "Mama always told me--"Find yourself non-sinner friends, the kind you know dont mess around" I guess that makes me a sinner times ten I brought the whole gang and their families to town What do we have"
  • Loving The Sinner - Annihilator
    "Abuse me, confuse me I'm beggin' for a kind of release Adultery and the misery They're not the kind of things you can police Sinking to an all-time low I'm drowning with a smack in the face A torture with"
  • If you feel like a sinner - Embrace
    "Somebody had better Leave before I get better Well enough to see you're not the one Well enough to measure That it couldn't last forever Words I keep repeating Are more real now they're wrong Cause I've"
  • Requiem For A Sinner - Sinner
    "Screaming from the sky Gotta call for me to die Somebody's calling my name Silent wings will touch my faith Crucified lies that hurts my deepest inner Death knocking at my door It's a requiem for a sinner Something"
  • Sinner In A Sin - Bo Bice
    "Sometimes it's hard to know If you're going or if you're gone So you dodge from right to left Never knowing which way is wrong, no Holding strong to all you know But slippin' faster to your fall It's"
  • Saint To A Sinner - Loretta Lynn
    "(Betty Sue Perry) You put a halo and wings around me now you say that I have gone bad But while you were busy with business and booze I lost the wings and the halo I had You say I went from a saint to"
  • Diary Of A Sinner - Petey Pablo
    "I feel you Pablo This Petey Pablo April the 9th, 19-2000 Diary of a sinner, huh, 1st entry Dear diary, this the 1st time I had a chance to sit and just think with a clear mind has a homeboy stressed"
  • Natural Sinner - Elton John
    "Sometimes I feel too old to work, too young to die I'll drink my whisky, I'll keep smoking 'till I die I wear a suit of sadness made by experience I believe that in the end time will head what's nagging"
  • Eternal Sinner - Dragonhammer
    "I am the great sinner Unforgiven from the death Not alive and not death In the oblivion of pain I cannot interfere Interdiction from the hell I can feel your spirit Show me your image Can you tell me? Can"

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