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Sire C.R.U answer my letters

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Sire C.R.U answer my letters

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Sire C.R.U answer my letters
  • Conrado Yanez & Outline Letters
    "It's rainning outside Now I have time to write Few words on the paper it's quite hard to write a letter The wind is comming, sounds like chords Played on my soul I open the window put down last words"
  • Stroke 9 Letters
    "You're leaving me here, dear Alone with all your letters You're letting it go, no Like innocence and feathers You're putting it down Sounds slipping into songs You're leaving me here, dear Alone with all"
  • Useless ID Letters
    "The Punks were pissed tonight They just came here to fight Did you notice I don't call anymore I just might Write stupid letters and say I'm alright If you know me by now You will probably start"
  • Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo Letters
    ""What are you going to do?" (2X) "Nigga!" "The K the double-O the L the G-R-A-P letters" "My mic sound nice, check one" "The K the double-O the L the G-R-A-P letters" "Sound nice" (cut and scratched) "
  • Kool G Rap & DJ Polo Letters
    ""What are you going to do?" (2X) "Nigga!" "The K the double-O the L the G-R-A-P letters" "My mic sound nice, check one" "The K the double-O the L the G-R-A-P letters" "Sound nice" (cut and scratched) (Kool"
  • Stellar Kart Letters
    "Far from home you find me Amidst the lost and dying Nothing's fair in love and war Worlds apart in desperation Please erase this separation Only you are worth fighting for There's love in every letter"
  • Jay-Z Cru Love
    "(feat. Memphis Bleek & Beanie Sigel) Yeah, check it Yo yeah I smoke weed now I don't give a fuck And I also tote guns in case my dram pop up It's crew love I spit two at every few thugs Fo doves blow"
  • Joni Mitchell The sire os sorrow
    "Let me speak, let me spit out my bitterness-- Born of grief and nights without sleep and festering flesh Do you have eyes? Can you see like mankind sees? Why have you soured and curdled me? Oh you tireless"
  • Jennifer Knapp Answer
    "all the things i want to say all at once they wash away As You walk by, out of mind My thoughts fly away all the things I long to hear Suddenly they reappear You say in that hour Your holy Power Will"
  • Xandria Answer
    "We fought the truth As long as we lived our love Fearing all the solutions we found We drowned ourselves In the lake of tears that we cried 'Til we found out that love is its ground Call me a fool, but"
  • Mick Karn Answer
    "(Children) In danger, never shall I fear In Armour angels will appear (Women) More More More we need Need to find the answer (Men) More and more I believe the answer (Women) You see as I saw My will"
  • Angela Aki ANSWER
    "?Tama niwa boku no tame nimo uta o tsukutte kurenai ka? to anata wa Joudan poku hazukashige ni watashi ni iidashita ?Ii yo? to sunao ni ienai kara ?kangaete miru yo? to itte mita Itsumo kou da iji o hatte"
  • Sarah McLachlan Answer
    "I will be the answer At the end of the line I will be there for you While you take the time In the burning of uncertainty I will be your solid ground I will hold the balance If you can't look down If"
  • Blue October Answer
    "If I can't crawl inside of you, I'm laughing with a broken face I stumble across my self esteem. But to picture the pleasure is making me want my space. Understand... that God wrapped you like a bow. But"
  • Incubus Answer
    "(mmmmmmmmmmmm........ hemp? !) Step outside the bounds and take a Big look at the times we live in. Who appointed you? You're just an avid image on my screen. So take your bias point of view away from My"
  • Glay Answer
    "kanjite hoshii michibiku mama ai no hou e ochite oide motomete ii kokoro no mama koko kara wa jiyuu da kara Set me free yurushite koshii sari yuku mama saigo da to shirinagara hitori de ii ai suru mama"
  • Atrox Letters To Earth
    "Some time ago And for a period of time I lived on another planet And in another galaxy Where time Didn't exist There were no seasons No nights or days There were no calendars No hourglasses Sometimes"
  • Arashi My Answer
    "Yeah Yeah Hahaha Yes Yes Arashi in the building That's right uh come on Whacha wanna say? 1 2 1 2 This is my answer Uh yeah Come on, listen up! tsutaeyou Just My Answer hotobashiru ase chuu wo mau kitaeyou"
  • Takahashi Hitomi My Answer
    "Mainichi ga toori sugiteku Utsumuku mune ni kaze ga fukinukeru Ano goro to nanimo kawara nai Hitori aruku machi ni nareta dake Kakae kire nai kurai no ooki na yume wo Katari akashita yo ne Ima mo onaji"
  • Akinyele Messin' With My Cru
    "Messing with my cru Messing with my cru We will kill you We will kill you You don't have a fucking clue (Clue) What we came to do What we came to do You don't have a fucking clue What we came to do What"

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