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Six-ninths golden girl

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Six-ninths golden girl

  • Girl With Golden Eyes - Sixx:A.M.
    "She speaks to me in Persian Tells me that she loves me The girl with golden eyes And though I hardly know her I let her in my veins And trust her with my life I wish I had never kissed her 'Cause I just"
  • Golden - A Girl Called Eddy
    "Last night I dreamed While I was walking that I died looking up At fancy buildings and skyscrapers Are real heart breakers When your time has come and gone It could've been all yours for a song Of all"
  • Golden girl - Chris Brown
    "Your place mid-nightWhen I come through I ring ya doorbell twiceWhen I come through I do the things you like likeLike I'm room serviceAnd don't you take me but every chick tryna take all your shitCause"
  • Golden - New Found Glory
    "This could be the song everyone relates to another melody, something we go through these could be the words to use in good fortune to keep in the back of my foiled back up plan It's the beat that keeps"
  • Golden - Aslyn
    "Number one, we had fun, but it wasn't really serious cuz we were much too young. number two felt more true with each line. number three. chemistry. but inevitably wrong for me. number four. he was too"
  • Golden Earth Girl - Paul McCartney
    "Golden Earth Girl, Female Animal Sings To The Wind, Resting At Sunset In A Mossy Nest Sensing Moonlight In The Air (Moonlight In The Air) Good Clear Water Friend Of Wilderness Sees In The Pool Her Own"
  • Girl with the golden braids - Perry Como
    "( I'm in love with the girl with the golden, can't live without the girl with the golden . . . braids! ) I saw a gal with golden hair dancin' as I played never saw a gal so fair as the girl with the golden"
  • Golden I - Mindless Self Indulgence
    "yo - i be that golden i you watch me burning deep inside of you i be that golden i now i rock steady but it don't mean nothing cause i ain't shit - yo and that's ok cause I wrote the note so you can watch"
  • Golden Rainbow - Seals and Crofts
    "(lyrics by James Seals; music by James Seals, Dash Crofts, Bobby Lichtig, Jim Varley and Roger Johnson, 1975) From the albums I'LL PLAY FOR YOU (1975) and TODAY (1998, 2000). In the evening when I wake"
  • Golden Lights - The Smiths
    "Golden lights displaying your name Golden lights - it's a terrible shame But oh, my darling WHY DID YOU CHANGE? Boy in a million, idol, a big star I didn't tell you how great you were I didn't grovel"
  • Golden Gal - Animal Collective
    "Golden Gal on her screen Some kind of tube she never seen A gift to the girl ready to dream Hoping new phones the …. Spirit is burning to hear it for the girls again So complex and brave A power allure"
  • Golden Idol - Kris Kristofferson
    "Well they've made a golden idol of a girl you used to be Hangin' bangles on your branches like a lonely Christmas tree Yeah they've dressed you fit for killin' in your thrillin' new disguise Nailin' artificial"
  • Golden Rules - The Saturdays
    "my parents always told me go be good in school please listen to the teachers follow all those rules don't you break those rules don't hang around with bad girls they'll only lead you astray stay away from"
  • Golden Clothes - Pure Reason Revolution
    "Leave her golden clothes I fall through & she's amazing though the calm fire rose. A Glimpse her body's gold. We crash through & she's afraid unknown. The calm fire flows. (Chorus) /: And did she seem"
  • Golden Touch - Razorlight
    "I know a girl with the golden touch She's got enough, she's got too much But I know, you wouldn't mind You could have it all if you wanted You could have it all if it mattered so much But then all they"
  • Golden Boy - Sin With Sebastian
    "Goldenboy Goldenboy, born to love and live for joy I'm a Goldenboy Goldenboy, born to love and live for joy I'm a Golden, Golden, Goldenboy Prove one - I hate to work prove two - I never do prove"
  • Golden Touch - Suburban Legends
    "Shine, shine Through the night With shimmering beautiful design Burning through the night As the passion's rising deep with our eyes Everything she touch turns to gold Powers out of my control A night"
  • Golden Blunders - Ringo Starr
  • Golden Guitar - Bill Anderson
    "(Curtis Leach - Betty Gary) I happened to walk into a honky tonk One night down in New Orleans Up above the bar hung a big guitar Like none I'd ever seen. The neck was set with diamonds And though the"
  • Golden Belt - T. Rex
    "Well baby, baby don't ya know Your hair's a lair and one to spare I need you girl Oh yeah. Be good you know your trips You're so rare, there's no one there Hold my head between your knees. Hey baby jump"

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