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Skeleton tree

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Skeleton tree

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Skeleton tree
  • Running Wild Skeleton Dance
    "In the year of global changes, harvest's fast Ringing in the final landslide, hardest test Overnight a sudden stormwind, blowing red Steely titans on a mission, flinging lead Here comes the storm to"
  • Bitch Alert Skeleton
    "I wanna see wanna see see your skeleton I wanna see wanna see see your skeleton I wanna see wanna see see your skeleton I wanna see wanna see what is inside I'm gonna tell gonna tell gonna tell it all"
  • Sparks The Rescue Skeleton
    "The things that you gave me, the bracelets I wore Left a scar on my wrist, and my arms are still sore From ripping your insides and tearing apart Every little piece of your heart And when I get done, there"
  • Psychotic Waltz Skeleton
    "digging in through the crypt inside my mind echoes of a hollow prayer of the unknown diggin' up the bones diggin up the bones we're gonna dig up the bones ghetto of my soul is a skeleton chaining down"
  • Bloc Party Skeleton
    "All my thoughts are of ice All my thoughts are of ice All my bones are so tired All my bones are so tired So young and so handsome So easily led They told me to wait I said It makes a man out of me You"
  • Helium Skeleton
    "Did I tell you I've got tiny little fingers I've got bones where the ring goes They go like a plant grows They go slowly They go over your new clothes They go over your money They go over your head, man The"
  • The Pillows Skeleton Liar
    "Kienai kizu o misebira kaseba sukoshi dake yasashiku sareru no kai samenai yume o madobe ni kazareba konya dake dare ga soba ni ite kureru kai Skeleton liar kanashimi no player kaze wa nani wo iwazu karada"
  • Tidfall Exo-Skeleton
    "Through the grey fields of sensation, hammering. Neon shock through spinal cords, hammering. Rust shell, the armoured hell. Exploding towards the inner still-life Lifeblood changes it's streaming paths,"
  • Arch Enemy Skeleton Dance
    "On a journey ill My mind floats astray Over withered fields I cross the river This shortness of breath Between birth and grave Fading in the distance I am nothing Watch the skeleton dance Dancing on"
  • Frank Black Skeleton Man
    "i'm a skeleton i'm a skeleton man hold my skeleton hold my skeleton hand i met a child in the hills from the people of the corn it's been 800 years since this child was born and in his ribs i found a pearl an"
  • Buffalo Tom Skeleton Key
    "I am so seasick of being out to sea It's got to be the worst thing That's ever happened to me But I've got my free pass My skeleton key I can open every door that Stands in front of me You are so crazy Should"
  • Webb Wilder Skeleton Crew
    "'''Skeleton Crew''' This is one of those Joints that never close The waitress looks tired The bartender does too It's down to me and you And the skeleton crew It's close to winter's edge The city's playing"
  • Sevendust Skeleton Song
    "I'll stay right here with all these familiar faces And shut-out everyone else from the world we created Instead of becoming the sick and twisted I'll lose myself in a song again And There's nothing"
  • Lard Bozo Skeleton
    "(Lyrics: Jeff Ward & Biafra) Here today, gone tomorrow Don't need my self remembered But what I help create and leave behind Is important to me To dent the comfortably numb With constructive satire Make"
  • The Coral Skeleton Key
    "Sail lightly on winds Disappear on the breeze Lie firmly on pins Pull them out with ease Solid boned skeleton key Opens the most intricate locks Brother roll another for me I am shipwrecked on the rocks Fumble"
  • Kate Nash Skeleton Song
    "Skeleton you are my friend But you are made of bone And you have got no flesh and blood Running through you to help protect the bone Skeleton we have been friends for years And you have seen me through"
  • Babylon Whores Skeleton Farm
    "Kissed by a snake You will give birth to a worm That eats into the small black hearts Pumping poison as it turns Eyed by a basilisk You will get stoned My love has serpents in her hair She combs with a"
  • Youth Group Skeleton Jar
    "I feel like hell, you feel like dancing, You know this bar curtains a world, Those empty bottles, like sentinels, stand guard in the morning sun. Then the lights go down and all the people gather"
  • Slayer Skeleton Christ
    "(King) Unbound God's creation Has grown into the sinner Abandoned innocence Impenitent transgressor Escape mortality They say your life can change If you take God's hand Embrace rebirth Your cleansing's"
  • Friendly Fires Skeleton Boy
    "I close my eyes on the dancefloor Forget about you I lose myself in flashing colors I've gotta see it through You're too much, I take it that we're over should we even care at all? Your too much, too much She"

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