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Skip - gasne

  • Gasnę - SKIP
    "NIe wiem czemu ciągle bombie Chyba chciałbym móc zapomnieć wybacz ile to się ciągnie spływam kiedy mamy problem gdybam o tym jak ej wyglądałby świat, ej tak bez żadnych zmartwień mam ich pod dostatkiem i"
  • Skip softly - Procol Harum
    "(My Moonbeams)Skip Softly, My Moonbeams, Avoid Being SeenPretend That Perhaps You Are Part of a DreamWhich (Seen By Some Other Such Person As Me)Would Only Glow Smiling and Nod and AgreeSkip Softly, My"
  • Skip Divided - Thom Yorke
    "I'm in a skip divided malfunction I flap around and dive bomb Frantically around your light Enveloped in a sad distraction I got your voice repeating endlessly Could you guide me in? Could you smother"
  • Skip Tracer - Sonic Youth
    "This she did in public for us to see She came in here too drunk to do the show Between the trains and cars Broken glass and lost hub-caps, images of a gun Row house row house pass through Let the city"
  • Introduction -- Skip - Fort Minor
    "What up, Mike? Um, we almost ready now my nigger It's El Presidente, young hov, Jay Z You know how the f**k we do it Fort Minor, We Major Man, what else can I tell you people? Let's do it And now for our"
  • Skip Town - Aesop Rock
    "On the train Watchin' the rainbows (thank you windows) I mean, it's all the same to some But that cityscape makes me numb Walkin' the wire between firewater and water - I'll take the tap Still managed"
  • Skip A Rope - Jimmy Dean
    "Skip a rope skip a rope listen to the children while they play Ain't it kinda funny what kids all say skip a rope Daddy hates mama mama hates dad Last night you should've heard the fight they had Gave"
  • Skip Turn Step? - Kanon Wakeshima
    "== Romaji == shoutai sareta hare no hi no ame atashi ni mimiuchi shita shizuka ni shizuka ni ame no puuru fun de step o hirou shite iru kangen no staccato o manete awasete karakau kasa o sute kimi"
  • Skip A Rope - George Jones
    "SKIP A ROPE WRITERS JACK MORAN, GLENN TUBB Oh, listen to the children while they play, Now ain't it kinda funny what the children say, Skip a rope. Daddy hates mommy, mommy hates dad, Last night you"
  • Skip Under Lide - Lumsk
    "Hokken vil de mine brdar tvo anten vakte mitt skip under y hella de vil inn i bergid gange og taka ut vene my? Hokken vil de mine brdar tvo anten vakte mit skip under lide, hell de vil in i berget gange og"
  • Hop, Skip & Jump - Squeeze
    "I wan't nervous when I got this date I went along to investigate She turned out to look like me *(see note) I stood up and gave her the seat I'm so infatuated Seemed like it's complicated I was helpless"
  • Skip The Drama - Hale
    "I can never be with you forever I don't want to pick you up when you fall I don't want to hold you hand To make you feel good about me You've been OK all of this time Lets all skip the drama Believe on"
  • Skip This Page - De/Vision
    "You lead me through the harshest pain Though I injure you And you forgive me that I'm so mean It's not hard for you To be gentle with your heart and soul That is what I try Expell me if you don't believe But"
  • Skip This Page - De Vision
    "You lead me though the harshest pain Though I injure you And you forgive me that I'm so mean It's not hard for you To be gentle with your heart and soul That is why i try Expell me if you don't believe But"
  • Skip the Details - Knapsack
    "You're blowing your chance You're slow at the start Show your hand, you're falling apart And this argument is getting confused We'll call in the guards Call them quick You never work, phoning in sick You're"
  • Skip The Foreplay - Oh No! Oh My!
    "You skipped the foreplay And now the baby's on its way You swear you don't know As her belly grows and grows Oh you thought it was a gift When she asked you for a lift La la la la la la la You skipped"
  • Skip the Seventh - River City High
    "(chorus) isn't it funny how time slips away? You started to forget about me one year ago today. I still held on, I hoped it could be there. I had the chance to see but i couldn't believe you didn't care I"
  • Skip Turn Skep - Kanon Wakeshima
    "Sou dai sareta hare no hino Ame, atashi ni mimi ushi shite. Shizuka ni... shizuka ni. Ame no puru unde STEPPU wo hiroshiteru. Kange no STOKKA to wo mamete awasete karakao. Kasa osuto kimi wa kira kira"
  • CHMURY (feat. SKIP) - Tymek
    "wyciągam łapy – prawie sięgam chmur ale nie mogę nic poradzić, wtedy wjeżdża dół jestem ukryty sekretami których nie znał Bóg za zamkniętymi powiekami, zawsze jest nas dwóch oczy ku niebu, nie wbite w"
  • Kim (feat. Skip) - Vixen
    "premiera utworu w czwartek, 31 stycznia 2019 roku."

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