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Skogen The Forrest

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Skogen The Forrest

  • A Forrest - The Cure
    "Come closer and see see into the trees find the girl while you can Come closer and see see into the dark just follow your eyes just follow your eyes I hear her voice calling my name the sound is deep in"
  • Skull Forrest - Danzig
    "Death-type dreaming hoping not fade away And i'm sinking ever deeper In the gleaming And i'm weaving down thru alleys of bone Dermal dripping Trees of people still it lingers And it's endless winding long"
  • The Battle Of Epping Forrest - Genesis
    "There is lambswool under my naked feet. The wool is soft and warm, Gives off some kind of heat. A salamander scurries into flame to be destroyed. Imaginary creatures are trapped in birth on celluloid. The"
  • Eyes Of The Forrest Gloom - Crystal Eyes
    "And so the story began with me falling into a dream where the forest were calling Closer and closer the twilight was dragging me down to the unknown so here I am all alone in the tree land feeling the"
  • Forrest Gump (ft. Tomson) - Bezczel
    "Wierz mi, nie brakuje na życie patentów Jeśli się chce zrobić, wszystko się da Ważne by na morzu życia nie wypaść z okrętu Łap za stery – sukces rodzi się tak Nieraz, żeby zmądrzeć I ODBIĆ OD ZŁA TU Niestety"
  • Russian Forrest - Origa
    ", , , , , ==Romanized Russian== Solnca luch pervym kosnulsya ust I ya ego snova daryu neby Zapax poz veter v okno prinyos Utrennie sny"
  • Gubben I Skogen - Salaligan
    "Ingen trodde p Lena, nr hon bertta vad hon sett Hon sg honom i skogen, hans ansikte var svart Lena r ensam i huset, hennes mamma har rest bort Lena ser genom fnstret, bland trden vntar han Gubben i skogen,"
  • Naar Skogen Lokker - M2M
    "Se inn i den dype skogen Hvorfra stemmer kaller Kaller paa deg med sugende kraft Du vet hva om jeg taler Naar Skogen Lokker Griper etter deg Fler du med ett Hvor du hrer hjemme Det er ditt navn"
  • Manet sorgfull igjennom skogen - Old Man's Child
    "Tarer faller som tungt hostregn, i et kaldt desemberlandskap. Tarer for min stolthet og min verdighet. Pa min ferd inn i ensomheten, inn i skogens morke. Til mine sorgers opphav jeg gar, i skam. Jeg fylles"
  • Manet Sorgfull Igjennom Skogen - Old Mans Child
    "Trer faller som tungt hstregn, i et kaldt desemberlandskap. Trer for min stolthet og min verdighet. P min ferd inn i ensomheten, inn i skogens mrke. Til mine sorgers opphav jeg gr, i skam. Jeg fylles av"
  • Once In A Blue Moon - Sydney Forrest
    "The room is empty the lights are dim and my heart wonders if I'll ever see you again My tears are hungry for an open door and your arms held me I've never felt that way before CHORUS: And I'll be waiting and"
  • Nr En Vild Rd Ros Slr Ut Doftar Hela Skogen - Eva Dahlgren
    "Nr en vild rd ros slr ut doftar hela skogen nr en vild rd ros slr ut doftar hela skogen under ekarnas blad vilar vindarnas barn till en sng om en ros i en skog hrs en sng om en ros om en vild en vild rd vild"
  • The Hockey Song - Arrogant Worms, The
    "Arrogant Worms, The Miscellaneous The Hockey Song Me work hard five days a week Sweeping garbage from the street Come home not want book to read Not 'nuff pictures for me see Sit right down in favourite"
  • The Old School Off The Bright - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "Bring in the skins with the pins and the patches on their flights The rovers with the clovers who've spent far too many nights Out with us till closing time we hope we're not imposing on you Get the crew"
  • Until The Colours Run - Lanterns On The Lake
    "The great crime of our lives could be silence or closing eyes this could be our revolution or our downfall in a seedy part of town where vermeer tracked me down he said 'it's yours for the taking or yours"
  • The People - Insane Clown Posse
    "This one is for my people all the very people This one is for my people We got trees growin out the dirt for us to climb on beats attackin your ears for us to ryme on Our time with a bag of purp 3 5 dimes"
  • The Bold And The Beautiful - Drugstore
    "Each afternoon there's nothing else to do but Tea and bickies with the Bold and the Beautiful And while outside is sending me crazy I'll be your Faun if you be my Macy Go, go, go Go, go, go Go, go, go Go,"
  • She with whom compar'd the Alpes are Vallies - Of The Wand & The Moon
    "I wish to fire the trees af all these forrest I give the Sunne a last farewell each evening I curse the fidling finders out of Musicke With envie i doo hate the loftie mountains And with despite despise"
  • The Dark Tower - Bliss N Eso
    "{{Song||Bliss N Eso|star=Green}} (some strange fuckin intro) (in a wierd voice) hook: i would like to talk to you tonight, you see i am a guide from another galaxy in time, and if you sprinkle what i"
  • The big dipper - Heaven 17
    "The national nightmare has begun Empire of fantasy with a dark gloved fist aloft While the challenger explodes Banks are failing coming down hard The way things are going I'm moving to the sun belt Stars"

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