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Skunk Anansie - Without You

  • Skunk - Choclair
    "Do what chu want, when you be under the skunk Floatin' like a mile high Yeah, smoking trees Do what chu want, when you be under the skunk See, while you niggas flop ya gums I hop on the the Doogotty, pull"
  • Skunk - Oxymoron
    "Join the ranks and gang up rather That's the only way it works Cos there's no need for struggle We've got to overcome discords Just spare some time to think about What their politics have done They've"
  • Skunk song - Skunk Anansie
    "I'm living in a funny neighbourhood The blackies and the whities try to get along But here comes Johnny with divide and rule He's always fucking up But what do we do we go and vote them in We give them"
  • Skunk One - Kottonmouth Kings
    "D-Loc: We gettin smoke out fo real! Daddy X (Chorus): OOooh Skunk One's in the chamber It's the mind re-arranger Its the make a friend a stranger Spin me changer Me record changer Daddy X: Ooh, Ah, Achika Pakelika's"
  • Skunk Hour - Ebony Tears
    "We all try to catch the beauty, in a world that's mouldering And we dream of tomorrow, anything to ease this pain Can you deal with the truth, can you deal with life itself Or will you hide behind, retouch"
  • Skunk (Sonicly Speaking) - Mc5
    "A punch to get it , tryin' to get it To do what I wanted to do I cried and scream when I saw my dream It was dancin' all around the room Hold me, save my soul I just couldn't wait for you Energy,"
  • I Hope You Get To Meet Your Hero - Skunk Anansie
    "I should have run, before the tears than stand alone, dead in front of you, eyes without a view I should have known and faced my fears this bitter juice, churns inside of me, secret enemy I hope you"
  • Your fight - Skunk Anansie
    "You say your problem vow thee, you can always have the right A swine of me, the ogrety, such a wither or your life But laughing at my life like you`re sent to be with me We can watch the test get harder,"
  • Trashed - Skunk Anansie
    "I'm like a soldier with no course to fight playing with bad boys to test you just right I watch your features I check for a sign I'm some kind of failure then I feel sublime Now I know I have to live"
  • Meat - Skunk Anansie
    "You taste what you want from me You taste all of the gristle From the bones I need To stand up to you to live up to fools It's too troubling Can't take what you like from me Can't take all of the vision"
  • Killers war - Skunk Anansie
    "I'm watching you insense me With your effervescent hate You can kill without obsession With your morals from the state Incredible, conceivable You justify yourself But the demons in your partisan Creep"
  • Feed - Skunk Anansie
    "You see these eyes, they`re darn to hurt I want to crush you, what you gave birth I want the power without the grace I want to have you for your sweet taste I`m big brother, I`m watching you X2 I have"
  • Doe Doe And A Skunk - Suga Free
    "Chorus: Smokin' on that doe doe and a skunk As I bump with the humps in the trunk I'm sippin' on that Hennesey because it's all good As I bounce to a party in the hood (x2) Verse 1: (Suga Free) Slide,"
  • You want it all - Skunk Anansie
    "Subscribe, to love, of your, big gut Fill it up, with food, you love it all Watch out, I'm here, I crowd, your sneer Reflects your face, you love it all You want it all (you want it all) You want it all"
  • I Will Break You - Skunk Anansie
    "I can be anything, be anything for you no need to whistle cos I carry all the tools I can be anyone, be anyone for you I've all the weapons and i follow no one's rules I let it go let it go let it go Don't"
  • I Believed In You - Skunk Anansie
    "I’d like to invite you To this pretty little thing Where the fruits of your labors Are eaten by the queen Yeah I’d like to bequest you A seat with greedy boys But I’m sorry, I’ma stop you, at the door I"
  • We don't need who you think you are - Skunk Anansie
    "Succulent white, secrete revenge, god gives right for you & your laws, you kill & dine, in cold sublime God licks your face cos we don't need, who you are, we dont need, who you are, cos we don't need,"
  • Good things don't always come to you - Skunk Anansie
    "Though you're lost in me You have to see When things ain't right Funny memories won't fill this need When things ain't right Safe mistakes I have made Get burnt up inside my head Fatal sees but never believes"
  • Punk by numbers - Skunk Anansie
    "I tried to fix thecooker in the kitchenGas was coming out of every holeEverything was leaking, reeking alwaysSo I went down to the office of the doleAway...they saidYou've got to get yourselfAway...they"
  • Song recovery - Skunk Anansie
    "I`d see what you want to, I`d see where you`ve been, It`s where I wanna be Cold shoulder, black sweat now, No fear in these deeds It`s what I wanna give But my heart loves me still, I succumb to it`s will"

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