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Skyi -What it

  • Johnny don't do it - 10CC
    "Johnny don't do itJohnny don't do itJohnny don't do itJohnny don't do itJohnny was an angelAn angel dressed in blackHe used to hang around the guysDown at the local trackHe tried so hard to join themBut"
  • Light It Up - Make It Pop
    "Let's light it up Let's see it all around us We're one and all The fire's gonna guide us Look at the sky We gonna make it shine so bright ooo Get ready now, It's time to put your cellies high I wanna"
  • Jump To It - Make It Pop
    "Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump Jump to it Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump Just put your heart into (x2) Sun Hi You gotta have a heart of steel, If you’re gonna make it real Nothing ever comes for free Work"
  • Sort It Out - Set It Straight
    "I can't find myself in this f**king mess, and it seems like they have found it all. Can i hand my life into your grasp to see if you can sort it out? The jewls, the fools, the music, it all means nothing"
  • Make It Pop - Make It Pop
    "Bright lights late nights ow out on tour Screaming fans hanging at the stage door Everyone who's anyone Is wearing my line Front seats fashion week for my designs Woo hoo one day woo hoo someday We'll"
  • Give It Up - Sing It Loud
    "Somebody told me that I'm the one I'm the one Who'll follow you, I'll pull your through We're in the third time around time around But that's okay, 'cause I'm here to stay Give it up, give it all you've"
  • Bring It On - Bring It On
    "I'm sexy, I'm cute, I'm popular to boot , I'm bitchen , great hair The boys all love to stare I'm wanted, I'm hot I'm everything your not I'm pretty I'm cool I dominate the school Who am I? Just guess! Guys"
  • I lope it rains today - Hank Williams
    "I had that dream again the same one I've had beforeI heard you call my name saw you standing at the doorI reached out to hold you but you faded awayAnd the mood I'm in I hope it rains todayYour lips were"
  • It - Genesis
    "When it's cold, it comes slow. it is warm, just watch it grow. -all around me. it is here. it is now. Just a little bit of it can bring you up or down. Like the supper it is cooking in your hometown. it"
  • It - Michael Kiske
    "When you say your love is outrageous I'm not trying matching with you Fear eats through the ages Swallows all good that we do When IT comes close tonight I grab as much of IT as I can get my hands on The"
  • It - Natalie Imbruglia
    "If I could stick my pen in my heart, I would spill it all over the stage. Would it satisfy ya, would it slide on by ya, would you think the boy is strange? Ain't he strange? If I could win ya, if I could"
  • It - Extreme
    "Everbody was born in it Shure as hell gonna die in it Some people don't give a shit Whether or not they're full of it It's on my mind most of the time That's when you find we all go blind Then it will"
  • It - Rheostatics
    "Martin Tielli A train moving out of the station, somewhere south of it. A satellite making connections somewhere over it. One makes a long lonely howl, one is silent. A new design waits to be launched"
  • It - Stanfour
    "When you were all there I was loving being nowhere My inside, outside Kept on looking for a new high But now that storm has gone I know its never coming back You know me Cuz it feels like Youve gotta"
  • It - Britney Spears
    "They say I'm crazy, the way you got me open, baby They say I'm buggin', the way I'm tight sweatin' your lovin' They all sit and wonder why the reason this I cannot hide It ain't a question of pride They"
  • It - The Cure
    "Its Over I get up And its over Its always over Its raining and Im burned And its late and youre gone And I can barely remember Anything I did or said Or how I lost another week There must be something"
  • It - Shakin' Stevens
    "Its raining so hard Looks like its gonna rain all night Amd this is the time Id love to holding you tight But I guess Ill have to accept The fact that youre not here I wish the night would hurry up and"
  • It - John Denver
    "This song appears on two albums, and was first released on the It's About Time album, and has also been released on the Country Classics album. There's a full moon over India and Gandhi lives again Who's"
  • It - Major Deluxe
    "First remember every day you moved in the house At the other end of the garden While all this was going on I was just scared (be)cause It just hadn't happened until then We really started to feel the stormy"
  • It - Starnawski & Urban Noiz
    "I dont care that you say love is just a game, a game that you simply on occasion like to play this time it is not a game you can put up a show here for me for me for me but I know, that you are acting, yes"

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