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Skylar Grey - Coming Home, Pt. II

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Skylar Grey - Coming Home, Pt. II

  • Coming Home pt.2 - Skylar Grey
    "And the blood will dry underneath my nails and the wind will rise up to fill my sails so you can doubt and you can hate but I know, no matter what it takes I’m coming home I’m coming home tell the world"
  • Beneath With Me (feat. Skylar Grey) - Kaskade x Deadmau5
    "Can't escape All the fire burning bright Water still is rising Throughout the long nights Come on, take my hand And focus on the light down at the end Say words to comfort me We still have time for home, That's"
  • Bed Of Lies (ft. Skylar Grey) - Nicki Minaj
    "Do you ever think of me when you lie? Lie down in your bed, your bed of lies And I knew better than to look in your eyes They only pretend you will be mine And you know how you made me believe You had"
  • Coming Home - Diddy - Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey
    "I'm coming home I'm coming home Tell the world I'm coming home Let the rain wash away All the pain of yesterday I know my kingdom awaits And they've forgiven my mistakes I'm coming home, I'm coming home Tell"
    "MACKLEMORE You know I’m back like never left Another spirit Another step Another day Another breath Been chasing dreams But I never slept I got a new attitude and a lease on life And some peace of mind Seek"
  • Coming Home (Sacred Land II) - Power Quest
    "Another time and space A place where magic can die Killing the dreamers, hate in their eyes I only hope I live til tomorrow A thousand days and nights And all that time on my own Knowing that I must"
  • Periscope (feat. Skylar Grey) - Papa Roach
    "I want to feel your wreckage It’s a firestorm I’m falling like a loaded weapon In your arms Paranoid it might be reckless No matter what I say It’s only going to steal your breath And slip away I don’t"
  • Tragic Endings ft. Skylar Grey - Eminem
    "I'm stumbling, I can’t see straight And it's my fault I got this way I got my hands on something great And found a way to mess it up I did my best, I tried to change But it's just in my DNA I got my hands"
  • Shook Ones Pt. II - Mobb Deep
    "Word up son, word yeah, to all the killers and a hundred dollar billas (yo I got the phone thing, knowmsayin', keep your eyes open) for real niggas who ain't got no feelings (keep your eyes open) (no doubt,"
  • Shot Me Down (ft. Skylar Grey) - David Guetta
    "I was five and he was six We rode on horses made of sticks He wore black and I wore white He would always win the fight Bang bang, he shot me down Bang bang, I hit the ground Bang bang, that awful sound Bang"
  • Room for Happiness (feat. Skylar Grey) - Kaskade
    "Sometimes I wish I never felt, The influence of you Cuz now I feel the disconnect, Like an open wound Where you once were, there is a space, That runs as deep as hell But every morning when I wake I tell"
  • Grey - Ani DiFranco
    "The sky is grey, the sand is grey, and the ocean is grey. I feel right at home in this stunning monochrome, alone in my way. I smoke and I drink and every time I blink I have a tiny dream. But as bad"
  • Nocą pt. II - fukaJ
    "Utwór 'Nocą pt. II' z albumu 'Preludium' fukaJ (premiera w 2022r.). Raz wciskam opon pisk i wciska bas Dwa oślepia niemy świt i świateł blask Nas nie dogoni nikt a jestem sam Nas już od dawna nie ma nas"
  • Sunshine Pt. II - Lil' Flip
    "Uhhhhhhh Yeeah Ohh, ohh, ohh, oh baby Lil' Flipper (Lil' Flipper) Ooh baby My girl Lea (my girl Lea) hit it Sunshine I can call you my baby boy You can call me your baby girl Maybe we can"
  • Bloodsucker, Pt. Ii - As Cities Burn
    "well, it's yours you can have it if it means that much to you don't let me stop you don't let me stop you now and stretch me out across the table and turn my insides out turn me into someone else someone"
  • Flamboyant Pt. II - Big L
    "(feat. Royal Flush) Yo we gon explain something right now It's Royal Flush and Big L we gon let y'all know bout my niggaz comin out Queens most my doggs ... right Yo check it A Yo the way I feel for"
  • Shroomz pt. II - Everlast
    "Oh this tastes like shitOh, that's awful Whitey Ford takes the flows, y'allSee I'm about to have the time of my life, Bacardi on iceLive from Los Angeles, it's Saturday nightWhile others staty tight we're"
  • Temptation pt. II - Fat Joe
    "[27 second skit opens song telling Pablo his sister is dead] Joe Crack's that niggaI'll crack that nigga, hold THAT lil' niggaI'm from the, BX borough, you ain't gon' miss tomorrowIf you know like I know"
  • California (Pt. II) - Mason Jennings
    "I tell you what i'm gonna doI'm gonna lighten upI'm gonna throw a box of books and my beloved guitarInto the back of my truck and try my luck inCaliforniaI'm gonna stay away from LAI'm staying far away"
  • Alone, Pt. II - Alan Walker & Ava Max
    "we were young posters on the wall praying we’re the ones that the teacher wouldn’t call we would stare at each other coz we were always in trouble and all the cool kids did their own thing I was on the"

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