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Slayer kill again tłumaczenie

  • Face The Slayer - Slayer
    "A misty night, a perfect night Beneath the cold of the frozen star You feel the fright, you know I'm near You never should have come this far I am alive, you can't kill me I will survive eternity Go through"
  • Metal Storm / Face The Slayer - Slayer
    "(Lyrics - King; Music - Hanneman, King) A misty night, a perfect night Beneath the cold of the frozen star You feel the fright, you know I'm near You never should have come this far I am alive, you can't"
  • Kill Again - Slayer
    "(Lyrics King; Music Hanneman/King) Lurking in the dismal fog Hungry for your blood Seeking harmless victims Satisfy my needs Schizophrenic lunatic Uncontrolled desire Rape and ravage lady fair Pledged"
  • The Righteous Slayer - Cryptic Wintermoon
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Velvet Chain
    "Verse 1: With forces of darkness abound The demons and vamps Always come around To satisfy lust for the kill To feed on the living and love evil But when they rise up into the night The Slayer will come The"
  • The Slayer - Refused
    "Turn Off Hail to the deafening End Life For ego reasoning Consumer of selfishness, feel it bleed Death traditions feeds the suffering Acquire by-products, breed the industry Modern death camps, feel their"
  • Seal Slayer - Deadlock
    "comrades come on, enter the boat. we are about to start the hunt of our lifes. comrades come on, the hunt is on. lets get us some dead corpses. hunt down the weak, predators of the sea. oh it's my life"
  • Viking Slayer - Cruachan
    "I watch the sky turning black And know the time is fast approaching My clan they all look to me I turn away, I face the ocean In the dark I see a fleet of long-ships on the horizon Again the Vikings come,"
  • Face The Slayer - Attak
    "Face the slayer she'll cut you down Try to fight she'll destroy your town She's got the strength but not the right To make you kill or make you fight Her colours blue but her eyes are red For the blood"
  • To Kill And Kill Again - Madder Mortem
    "On the eleventh day, he reached out his hand and made the sign of parting, spoke the words of taking leave and of never going back To breathe the air of dreams To walk upon a path of bodies To know what"
  • Kill, Kill,kill. - Marilyn Manson
    "I don't know what is wrong with me, the person I use to know and love is no Longer me. maybe it is my gun every time I look at it, it says-shoot me, shoot Me, shoot me. I beleive it has me under a spell"
  • Slayer - Giant Drag
    "Haven't felt me feel real in a long time why won't you touch me? everything is yours, nothing's mine you don't owe me anything make mistakes like we know how we're learning slowly still the same? i beg"
  • Slayer - Gloomy Grim
    "I believe in Death I believe in Diseases I believe in Inhumanity I believe in Injustice I believe in Sorrow I believe in Pain I believe in Murder I believe in Chaos I believe in Slime, Stink and every"
  • Kill Me Again - Oomph!
    "You set the world on fire You're such an awesome liar You set my soul on ice I'm gonna pay the price So what you see is what you get So what you see is dead If you don't think you can save me Kill"
  • Kill Me Again - Jibe
    "I've found the road to my soul So long twisted and torn I've been running around in this world for so long now I've been feeling down and low Hold on. Just give it some time I've been running away from"
  • To Kill... Again - December Wolves
    "My purpose is to bring you sorrow. I always meant to cause you pain. A servant of violence, I walk with fire in my goddamned veins! For I am to whom you bow...The Commander of killing - Effective now! TO"
  • Kill me again - Oomph
    "You set the world on fireYou're such an awesome liarYou set my soul on iceI'm gonna pay the priceSo what you see is what you getSo what you see is deadIf you don't think you can save meKill me - kill me"
  • Kill Greedy - Lollipop Lust Kill
    "I've got this evil feeling It's overwhelming me To build these devices That cause your agony I've this dirty needle To pierce your skin so deep I've got this rusty scalpel To feel it just say please I"
  • I Will Kill Again - Wolf
    "Nothing but time is what I kill these days In a concrete cell just big enough for a bed The walls have scratch marks, that's how I sharpen my nails And I don't need a view I have memories instead Oh no,"
  • Don't Kill Me Again - Highlord
    "[ Music:Highlord - Words:Stefano Droetto ] Back from my last War I head to the rest of my life No one could tell me If they wait for me to appear I've lost my time trying to understand If their"

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