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Sleep Well

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Sleep Well

  • Sleep Well - Kotipelto
    "Yesterday is like a dream Nothing's what it seems to be another hit, just another score No emotions will I show My Blood is frozen to the bone Feeling so dead inside my soul So many things I'll never know Stalking"
  • Sleep Well - Brittany Kusserow
    "Write the words first random thoughts that I want to set to music. My random thoughts have become too blunt to wax poetic. I'm not frantic, for once. Once I told you, well, I told you everything. I opened"
  • Sleep Well - Lydia
    "Liar, You never called. But I'll be just fine, yeah I'm fine, Sleep well. This never made much sense to me So I sleep alone. Cause you are the same as I always remembered, I'll always remember. Where was"
  • Sleep Well Tonight - Fightstar
    "Sleep well tonight, I'll wake you t the first sign of light, If you make sure you sleep well tonight. Take care, stay with us, All you've seen has gone, If you dream the truth will all come clear. Put"
  • Sleep Well Tonight - Spoken
    "Im sending this letter to you in hopes that it finds you well I wanted to say I love and I miss you I pray that you sleep well tonight I hope you dream of me Ill write again tomorrow Ill be home soon Im"
  • Sleep Well Tonight - Gene
    "It's the end of the year I have just settled here It may not be much, but it's enough yet trouble has sprung from the pubs and the clubs We'll see blood soon, when the night's through. Stillyou can have"
  • Sleep well tonight - Inspirial Carpets
    "Annie sleep well tonight Though the brightest light Shines on her house of white One day your dream will come true Tommy never told a lie Send him home give him time Seen the problems you get When the"
  • Sleep Well, Jeff - Ringside
    "Hello- how's your face And how are the kids You never cease to amaze How you keep doing it And the lady's fine She's still counting on you While you sip from the vines With your prosthetic view And though"
  • Well well well - Love Spit Love
    "This little piggy's got more than anybody's gotHe's been stuffed, dumb struckWhat about me?Mirror man, mirror meDumb dummy can't seeHe's walking in my sleepWhat about me?Well wellGood night valentinesI"
  • I Don't Sleep Well - Hello Saferide
    "And suddenly, I don't feel fat anymore I don't count my blackheads as a hobby I don't count the marks on the wall And I don't sleep well at all There is someone else right beside me He kept every secret"
  • Sleep Well, Little Children - The Carpenters
    "Sleep well, little children Wherever you are Tomorrow is christmas Beneath every star Soon the snowflakes will fall And tomorrow you'll see Every wish, one and all Waiting under the tree Sleep well, little"
  • Sleep Well My Angel - We Are The Fallen
    "Watching you sleep for so long, Knowing I can't turn the rain into sun any more I've given you all that I have, Now I stand here, too scared to hold your hand. Afraid you might wake to see The monster"
  • Sleep well my brother - Saga
    "Over the sea it calls to me, yesterda is gone, I'm all allone. Long boat it sails into the sunset, you finally found your place to rest Chorus: Sleep well my brother, do not be afraid, I can see the valcury"
  • Sleep - Koffin Kats
    "well you make your bed at night yeah your bustin out all those pills well how many nights has it been oh you know im waiting still well sleep isnt far away well the clock is a laughing face well realities"
  • Sleep - Modwheelmood
    "Take some wine to open your eyes Take the time What's up with you my friend? I think it's all the same I wish that I could help you I wish that I could help you with your mind Well, come on It's been"
  • Sleep - Taking Back Sunday
    "(Yeah) Well, we assure you the procedure is safe and routine Dramamine sends haunting dreams (Dramamine sends haunting dreams) With an incessant drip, signs pockets like a palsy 'cause you have to work"
  • Sleep - Texas
    "(feat. Paul Buchanan) Shar - I think that youre the one When everytime you call me lady I dont know what it is That makes me feel like this just lately yeah Bridge (both) Those heavenly calls You knew"
  • Sleep - Plumb
    "Oh I feel so tired I cannot hardly keep open my eyes My thoughts are scattered and I cannot say a word And I can?t seem to remember anything I've learned Well do you have some of those days When you cant"
  • Sleep - UnSuNg ZeRoS
    "And my eyes shut tight as the eyes of dark slip away And I'll drift through dreams till the dawn of the day When the sun comes up and I'll be here alone Time plays the same joke again Where it drags out"
  • Sleep - Adrenalin O.d.
    "Lethargy and me are the best of friends Before my day begins I wanna make it end Shut off the alarm and pull up the sheet And pretty soon I'll be back asleep Wanna sleep for a year wake up and take a nap To"

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