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Sleep like a baby

  • Sleep Like A Baby - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
    "the sun would shine upon my face if I could only slow this pace but I will not see the light today things to do and bills to pay in my dreams I will sleep like a baby brother is that your rifle there? and"
  • Sleep Like A Baby Tonight - U2
    "Morning, your toast, your tea and sugar Read about the politician's lover Go through the day like knife through butter Why don't you? You dress in the colours of forgiveness Your eyes as red as Christmas Purple"
  • Sleep My Baby Sleep - Judy Garland
    "There's an old love refrain that has known the world over, It's sweetness both princes and peasants may calim, Like a bird on the wing or a bee in the clover, No matter the language the song is the same. Go"
  • Sleep - Three 6 Mafia
    "(Lord Infamous) Please stay sleep, please stay sleep, please stay sleep, you niggas stay sleep Sippin On six murder minutes the sauce i give blood from the cup to the coffin lid grill silence for singin"
  • Sleep Baby Sleep - Nicolette Larson
    "Over in Cararne Many years ago My mother sang a song to me In a tone so sweet and low. Just a simple little ditty In her good old Irish ways And I'd give the world If she could sing that song to me this"
  • Like A Baby - Bebe Rexha
    "Heard you got a new chick New chick you’re fucking with Is she layin’ her head on the bed where you said I was the realest? Is she riding in my old whip? Sleeping in my old crib? Yeah, she can have my"
  • Sleep baby - Marquess
    "Sleep Baby my mind is all over you now I will turn good to evil I'm there to take care of you Sleep Baby my spirit ia all over you now don't be afraid I will ward aff the bad things from you and I will"
  • Sleep Tight Little Baby - King Diamond
    "'s time for bed now, and you need your rest So lie down in your coffin dear, and sleep tight I'll wake you when Daddy's here, alright ? No No don't...d-d-don't cry little girl Little girl from"
  • Sing A Little Baby To Sleep - Tom T. Hall
    "Too doo dup too doo doo doo doo doo You're just a little baby boy six months old lying in your mama's lap I'm sittin' here thinkin' of a song I could sing to get you to take a nap You were born on the"
  • Sing a little baby to sleep - Hall Tom T
    "Too doo dup too doo doo doo doo dooYou're just a little baby boy six months old lying in your mama's lapI'm sittin' here thinkin' of a song I could sing to get you to take a napYou were born on the part"
  • Cry Like A Baby - George Jones
    "By now I bet she's wonderin' how I'm doin If it broke my heart when she told me goodbye Well every night I sleep just like a baby I wake up every hour and cry I'll bet she even thinks I'm gonna miss her She"
  • Cries Like A Baby - When September
    "She don't mind how I dress Or how much I work, how much I rest She don't mind how much I sleep Never asks why I spend the night awaken She don't ask for reasons why I sometimes tell her lies She makes"
  • Scream Like A Baby - David Bowie
    "Well I wouldn't buy no merchandise And I wouldn't go to war And I mixed with other colours But the nurse doesn't care And I hide under blankets Or did I run away I really can't remember Last time I saw"
  • Sleep - Koffin Kats
    "well you make your bed at night yeah your bustin out all those pills well how many nights has it been oh you know im waiting still well sleep isnt far away well the clock is a laughing face well realities"
  • Sleep - Ceschi
    "(Ceschi) Sleep all your problems away Sleep 'til the blood rushes out from your face Sleep so you always behave Sleep and forget that you're breathing in meaningless space Sleep as the art world dreams"
  • Sleep - Taking Back Sunday
    "(Yeah) Well, we assure you the procedure is safe and routine Dramamine sends haunting dreams (Dramamine sends haunting dreams) With an incessant drip, signs pockets like a palsy 'cause you have to work"
  • Sleep - Texas
    "(feat. Paul Buchanan) Shar - I think that youre the one When everytime you call me lady I dont know what it is That makes me feel like this just lately yeah Bridge (both) Those heavenly calls You knew"
  • Sleep - Anja Garbarek
    "And it is so strange With these eyes out into darkness And it is so strange All they want to do is sleep And it is so strange They want to sleep through silence And it is so strange 'Cause I am wide awake And"
  • Sleep - Shelby Lynne
    "(Shelby Lynne) Sleep. Come on in. I would like for you to spend the night with me. Sleep. Where you been. I have surely missed you since you've been gone. I have walked the dirt and seen the clouds in"
  • Sleep - Bananarama
    "My lover, my angel Each time you layed with me Falling from your lips With each kiss You're betraying me Don't tell me you made me You played me for a fool Lies come tumbling down now Like a waterfall"

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