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Slm dri Jawa Timur

  • Jawa - Ryszard Rynkowski
    "Ci, co odchodzą, Wciąż z nami są. I żyją sobie Obok nas. Patrzą z miłością Na nasze dni I Czasem się śmieją Przez łzy. Co tu jest jawą, co snem, Kto tu istnieje, kto nie7 A może nas, tu nie ma nas,A oni"
  • Pół Jawa (donGURALesko) - DGE
    "Noc zimna jak lód i ryby nie biorą W sercu masz chłód a w oddechu masz gorąc Czy słucha cię bóg, czy to tylko monolog Sam nosisz swój ból i masz wciąż tego sporo Po co cały ten znój, tak ciężko to pojąć Wokół"
  • Jawa i Sen - Beniamin Sobaniec
    "Płonie niebo tysiącem spadających gwiazd W środku nocy gdy kładziesz się spać To nie czas na sen, gdy ogień właśnie płonie w nas Otul mnie gorącym płaszczem z chwil Między jawą, a snem błąkasz się"
  • Lion's Jaws - Neko Case
    "You're gone, the trees are so quiet When your hand was in my pocket How they swayed from side to side Now the meddling sky and my snowy eye Sees a different night The night I fell into the lion's jaws To"
  • Jaws of Life - Wintersleep
    "Hold me like a child In your warm, warm arms Whisper parables Keep me safe from harm Oh, my sagging skin Oh, my burning sky I will close my eyes I will close my eyes There was laughter once There were"
  • Jaws Of Life - Before Braille
    "I'm caught up in the jaws of life What can heal can also tear you up inside Writing down your own anthem You don't like the older one I would stand at attention for less than minimum Wage your own forgotten"
  • Gumby Jaws Lament - Barnes And Barnes
    "Barnes And Barnes Voobaha Gumby Jaws Lament ("Weird" Al Yankovic - accordion) I've never really understood Why my family hated me But I know they did All of them. Right from the start. I never had"
  • Jaws Theme Swimming - Brand New
    "In a car outside We stalk the idle kind If you're leaving just let me know Tobacco and peppermint Dusting for fingerprints A film in her eyes from the glow Some rules are made with all intentions to break And"
  • Jaws Of Life - Buck 65
    "I used to march around the playground with my friends Yelling we hate girls and now all's well that ends well And there's so much to be said for fresh starts and second chances In a world of scary monsters"
  • Jaws Of The Furnace - Arghoslent
    "Attempts of intimidation Insults digested If killing cannot surmise Let him be tormented Gods of war gaze on as he dies Spawning flames while receiving his cries Painfully accepting defeat Self preservation"
  • Thrashard - Dri
    "There's a gig At 5th and Main Gonna catch the bus Or take the train We'll steal or find Or borrow cash And we'll be there Ready to thrash The band kickes in They begin to rage No-man's land In front of"
  • I Came Back From The Jaws Of The Dragon - Jefferson Starship
    "I came back from the jaws of the dragon I came back to your heart again I came back from the jaws of the dragon I came back to your dream again Maybe for the first time it won't be the last time"
  • Erusalim - Timur Mutsurayev
    "! . . , . , , ! - , , . , : () , ! , ! , . , . , -! , . , ! () , , , ! , , , ! , ! , ! , , . "
  • Broke - Dri
    "Give all my money to chicks And the dude at the corner store After I pay the landlord I ain't got no more Money comes and money goes It's already spent But it's no mystery Where it all went That's why"
  • Problem Addict - Dri
    "You're so problematic And I know it's symptomatic Of you own masochistic ills A psychoanalyzer would say "Better tranquilize her. Numb her with some of these pills." A triple case of nerves Is more than"
  • I'm The Liar - Dri
    "I love life but I don't think life loves me I'll recreate my own reality The teachers and the preachers, they all lied to me There's no end to what a kid will believe You don't know what's going on You"
  • Under The Overpass - Dri
    "Hungry vets carrying signs to our shame Starving homeless soldiers And who's to blame? Once protected our freedom and our lives Now society has cut all ties Once trained to defend our rights At the risk"
  • They Don' Care - Dri
    "I got a letter in the mail just the other day Opened it up, this is what it had to say: "Wouldn't you please give us the pleasure Of having you at our table tonite? From, the donner family" We've been"
  • Drawn And Quartered - Dri
    "Come apart under stress Opened up, I won't confess Pulled apart, they're four of me Opened up, an oddity Changing with the times Like rolling with the punches Basing my decisions On theories and hunches All"
  • No End - Dri
    "Seasons change and they change you Round you go life, and then there you are Life is hard, you know the truth Old age creeps up, robs you of your youth Through sheer luck we survive I'm surprised that"

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