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Slon asp and 1

  • Słoń - Basia Hetmańska
    "don’t guess don’t ask don’t care about what other people say to me damn right solo suits me perfectly so get out and let just be over here and miss you and it’s fine and then I think about baby don’t"
  • ASP - Siles
    "raz, dwa, trzy! Premiera 15 stycznia 2020 roku."
  • 1% - Jane's Addiction
    "All the people I know wanna be left alone Some people! I don't know? They wont leave you alone You gotta be just - be just like them Biggest gang I know they call the government Gang is a weapon That"
  • #1 - Big Tymers
    "All the niggas was, buck, buckin' in the crowd And all the ladies was, scream, screamin' out loud Go number 1 Brian, Baby, Bizzy, Bubba Go number 1 Old ig-nant motherfucker (Come on, you ridin' this"
  • #1 - Gerald Levert
    " la da..... la da da........."Catchin Feelin" I'm catchin feelins' (yeah yeah yeah) I'm catchin feelins' (yeah yeah yeah) I don't think I can deal with hollering at you and you not holler"
  • #1 - Joe Budden
    "Joey! Let's go back in the days before your present Back when it was a little more pleasent Before I knew this rap shit would ever lure me in Let's go back like Mike Fox in the Delorean Back in the day"
  • 1 - Taproot
    "I'm seeing tunnel vision in a world that's dark and cold I can't believe how much I've changed since the days of old I know it's temporary but I need to focus straight I can't believe I lost control of"
  • 1 - Mudvayne
    "Losses, losers and more, gain of life's pleasures cohorts listen behindthe doors to a life meaningless less than 0 in me all my walls fallingdown pains aloft miseryI'm sure that the lessons were learned"
  • 1 - 800 - Spice 1
    "The number you have reached 4x [ verse 1 ] We used to piss on the floors in the bathroom In elementary I never thought you'd end up in the penitentiary Readin these letters you've sendin me Sippin hennesey"
  • Każdy Ćpa (feat. Słoń WSRH) - Jongmen
    "Od trawki do drgawki, 1:0 Zaczynali od trawki a odlecieli z herą Jednostka testosteron Co trzeci dzień wal w bark Dorzuć do tego ox’ę i patrz jak rośnie bark Insulinówka hormon, dwie rano, dwie wieczorem Krew"
  • 1 - 800 - Spice - Spice 1
    "[ ant banks ] ( *burp* ) Aw shit One of them fake-ass answer machines again 1-800-fake-ass-answer-machine ( *dial tone* ) [ verse 1: spice 1 ] Mi-ni-mi pickin up da phone to hear da ring-a-ding-ling-a Mi"
  • 1 - 900 - Spice - Spice 1
    "[ ant banks ] Urrghhhh urrghhh... aw shit whats this new 900 number shit Let me call that shit and see what the f**k this is all about 1-900-s-p-i-c-e This better not be no bullshit either What the f**k"
  • Verwandlungen 1-3 - Asp
    "I.) Das Duell Erwischt! Ertappt! Setz dich zur Wehr! Nun zeig, was hab ich dich gelehrt? Geflster sei ein Spinnenetz und fang die Turteltubchen fr mich ein! ''Klein soll ich werden, eine Maus, und ich"
  • 1 And 3 - MxPx
    "One and three what happened to the two? What about the lies there telling you? The first is filled with opulence and luxury The third is full of starvation and poverty Think about the values of the new"
  • 1+1+1 Is 3 - Prince
    "If u ain't got no place 2 stay Come on baby 'round this way Stay with me baby But let me tell u how it's gonna b There's a theocratic order. There's a theocratic order now This is how it's gonna b If"
  • 1 On 1 - Rupee
    "Every week the club ah see you But i never have enough courage to Come over there and ask a question And it's driving me crazy I wanna dance with you So tonight i'm gonna take my chances Gonna win or"
  • 1+1=2 - Lou Bega
    "Back on stage baby here I am I don't give a damn 'cause I entertain 'em I gotta mic in my left and a honey on my right and that is enough to make the vibes feel tight I feel feel feel feel feel so good to"
  • John 1:1 - ApologetiX
    "Well, it's not a very hard thing to prove so I can't understand now. Seems they forgot all about when Christ very nicely told them "I AM", now. But here's a way we know that the Lord Jesus wasn't just"
  • 1+1=2 - Bega Lou
    "Bega Lou A Little Bit Of Mambo 1+1=2 back on stage baby here i am I dont give a damn 'cause i enterin 'em I gotta mic in my left and a honey in my right and that is enough to make the vibes feel tight I"
  • Requiem 1 Introitus Interruptus - Asp
    "Alles, oh, alles ist vergangen Bis auf das Weh, das in mir wohnt Bin ganz und gar von dir gefangen Herrscher im samtnen Dunkel thront Seit du in meinen Geist gedrungen Reit du mein Herz so sanft entzwei Wie"

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