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Slon keep lt sick

  • Sick - Green Day
    "Why can't you just admit that you've had it, you're sick of me you're fed up with it whole, might i add that you're sick of me tell you lies, you've become so desensitized, sick of me lots of threats,"
  • Sick - Fetal Attraction
    "I'm sick of everything I hear Everybody sacrificing their lives for a glass of beer I won't stand for all of that Because I don't need poisons to make me feel better I will take the straight edge"
  • Sick - Lagwagon
    "I've been living for years in question, some obsession Was I less to live with no answers, as a life cried wolf I'm ashamed to mention my anguish, but silence lies empty If I say it again can I kill it,"
  • Sick - Sneaker Pimps
    "I'm playing games with your sex, with your 'lectric shocks Learn to let myself loose and be the dummy in your snapshots I'm playing games learn to get on with your backward fans Stick my body in the sun"
  • Sick - Kardinal Offishall
    "(Intro: Bounty Killer) Huh!!! From J.A. to T Dot, huh!!! respect big you should see that Ay Yo!!! Yallo!!! Huh!!! It's Bounty Killer and Kardinal Ay yo!!! Yallo!!! Look at dat lord mi gal K: Huh! And"
  • Your Secrets Keep You Sick - The Fold
    "And we'd talk for hours in the corridor Things you said they took my breath away If all that you can offer me is seven years of unsettled memories, We've got a lot to talk about tonight And I know now"
  • Lt Det Sna - Ulf Lundell
    "Fr ett ensamt hjrta r vnliga ord som ett vrregn s sger turkarna Leendet du snder ut vnder ter till dig s sger man i Indien Lt det sna Lt det bli jul igen Lt det bli sntyngda granar vid en stockstuga"
  • Get Sick - Exilia
    "You, Mr. you, fight the fight My tribes invade your radio Choose your side, choose your crowd And everybody's gonna get it loud Turn up the radio Turn up the radio Turn up the radio Cut the leash, get"
  • Sick Love - Pedestrian
    "I'm not your father, forget that psychology His way of loving's got nothing on me Poison me quickly and leave me to be Insult this injury and keep me from peace FOR ALL THE BLOOD WE SHARED, SICK LOVE"
  • Sick & Tired - Everclear
    "I break every day Stressed out in every kind of way I am sick and tired of being sick and tired All I need and crave Is a loud life with the power to fade I am living Because I keep it all inside Love"
  • Love Sick - Loveable Rogues
    "I'm love sick and I'm sick of this love game, And I'm tired of hearing, I'm the one to blame Woah-oooh-oooh-ohhh yeah I'm lovesick and I'm Sick of this love game, I'm tired of hearing I'm the one to blame, I'm"
  • Love Sick - The White Stripes
    "I'm walkin' through streets that are dead walkin' with you in my head my feet are so tired and my brain is so wired and the clouds are weepin' did I hear someone tell a lie did I hear some long distant"
  • Sick Tight - 311
    "Head rush, C'mon we take the stage And what's up it's on This is a blowup so just listen up Just take your mouth off interrupt We came to throwdown, it's a showdown And you know why we never lie Get the"
  • Sick & Tired - Default
    "I feel this, this tension inside of me Pressure is presently pushing down on me The first time it starts with just you and I Repeating myself but you don't hear me I can see what you see But is it worth"
  • Sick Society - Skrewdriver
    "You risked your life for this country when you were young Never questioned orders that they gave Because the love of the Red White and Blue was in your heart And I never thought I'd ever see the day,"
  • 1990 - Sick - Spice 1
    "Chorus: Kill 'em all (x4) 'cause everybody dyin' on this muthaf**kin' album Kill 'em all (x4) Don't kick up in the dirt when I'm puttin' in work Kill 'em all (x4) 'cause everybody dyin' on this muthaf**kin'"
  • I'm Sick - Fly To The Sky
    "gae uh nal soo do ub neun geu gi peun ggeum deul ee na reul duh euk duh heem deul gae hae man jil soo jo cha ub neun nuh eh hyung sang ee duh gi puh ji neun uh deum sok ae nal ee gae hae i'm sick and tired"
  • Sick Pro - Ńemy
    "Sick Pro with his big flow gimmicks, oh! Makin' you change your zip code in the minute - go! I've heard yo' song, you keep a strange pose in it, dog! My punchlines will leave holes in your home You need"
  • Lt tour theme - Le Tigre
    "Yeah, its wierd when the club is really crowdedAnd there's no way that we can do every song thats shoutedBut we'll still try to push you towards abandonYeah, every night is something we can't plan on (oh)For"
  • Sick Of Goodbyes - Sparklehorse
    "if I could just keep my stupid mind together then my thoughts would cross the land for you to see no one sees you on a vampire planet no one sees you like I do seconds click in which I'm changed to dust whithered"

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