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Small change girl asaf avidian

  • Small Town Girl - Andy Bull
    "Small town girl, small town girl Passed by empty parks on corners in a small town world To the streets of New York City, holds some triumph in your mind And where liberty, our lady found in you, a soul"
  • Small Change - Tom Waits
    "Small Change got rained on with his own thirty-eight, And nobody flinched down by the arcade And the marquees weren't weeping, they went stark-raving mad, And the cabbies were the only ones that really"
  • Small Change - Tweet
    "Well, I, thought about it Ooh, Ooh Yeah Well, I didn't think twice No room left in my life for you What did your world come to? But thank ya 'cause I made it through Right into the light And this here's"
  • Change - Musiq
    "Lately you've been questioning If I still see you the same way Cause through these trying years We gonna both physically change Now don't you know you you'll always be The most beautiful woman I know So"
  • Small Time - Scarface
    "(feat. Ghetto Twiinz) I started small time, dope game, cocaine Pushin' rocks on the block, I'm never broke main Sportin' jewelry and the shit they came wit rollin' hard You try to serve me you'll get"
  • Change Your World - Heather Small
    "Performed by Heather Small Written by Heather Small and Ollie Marland Produced by Ollie Marland for Ollywood Entertainment Ltd. Published by BMG Music / Copyright Control Mixed by Andy Bradfield for Townhouse"
  • One Small Voice - Myra
    "MYRA (FEATURING TAYLOR MOMSEN AND CAMILLE WINBUSH) One small voice can change the world One small voice can still be heard In the darkest place on earth He hears every word One small voice, a way to"
  • Small Town Girl - Kellie Pickler
    "I grew up where I could see the stars Drinking sweet tea from a mason jar Dogwood trees like leaves through the pines People on the porch watchin' fireflies And drivin' round the Wal-Mart on a Friday night I'm"
  • Small Town Girl - Claudia Church
    "(James Dean Hicks/Claudia Church) Her mama hangs up the clothes on the line Wearin' a smile while she's doing it Her daddy makes a living one day at a time For 23 years he's come through with it But she's"
  • Small Town Girl - Dusty Springfield
    "(Arnold Goland / Aaron. H. Schroeder) Am I just a small town girl With big town dreams That won't come true? Thinking everything that means anything to me Means something to you, too? Am I just a small"
  • Small Town Girl - Steve Wariner
    "Cold city like the eyes in the subway station It's ten stories to my desk in the smoggy sky But after five, I'm headed home to heaven to an easy world There ain't nothin like the love of a small town girl. Hot"
  • Small Town Girl - Shannon Brown
    "I live on a hill overlooking the skyline With a breathtaking view of the big city bright lights A hand full of stars and a heart full of dreams Brought me down this road that's never what it seems Here"
  • Change - Carlene Carter
    "(Carlene Carter) Well I stayed up all night I've been doing it for years Sleep is not my friend 'cause dreams just feed my tears So I laughed my way around I've been everybody's girl I drank for forgiveness"
  • Change - Daniel Merriweather
    "i saw a dried up withered old rich man turning on a garden hose, i see a young man picking up a gun i guess thats where the money goes (yeah), am i just as good as a bad man sleeping when the rest are"
  • Change - One True Thing
    "An old farmhouse stands alone, garage tacked to its side. Old man inside keeps telling me he wants to die. Says, 'I don't got much these days... just some photos and a clock, reminding me how fast the"
  • Change - Francisco
    "it was like a dream i will talk about it all the time we spend i just knew i had it all u wantet what for me to give it all u took from me well i got just lost at all i tell u how i feel it wouldnt mean"
  • Change - Off By One
    "Things I saw things I see Thing that you wanted me to be But I can not change Same routine over again You call me up just to be my friend Things are still the same Been so long since we started Even"
  • Change - Akwid
    "~ChOrUs~ Even though you don't want me, I will wait for you And I know this is your world, you're gonna do what you wanna do Just becuase the things I did I'm always put to shame So if you let me in your"
  • It's Such A Small World - Rodney Crowell
    "Fancy meeting you here, tonight It's such a small world, New York ain't my town I don't come around, but once in a while This is such a surprise to see you Girl, your looking so good; it's been a long"
  • Small talk - Dave Clark Five
    "Don't you give me a-none of your small talk, Whoa-oh! Don't you give me a-none of your small talk Well I saw this girl and she looked so fine I said to my friend "Boy, she's gonna be mine" He just laughed"

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