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Smart phone

  • Smart Fucking Phone (ft. Oxon) - Vixen
    "(Vixen) Tani MC jak te telefony – po trzech latach konsumpcji Co drugi zawieszony, działa jak Szajsungi Planowo się starzeją, wracają do pudełka I lądują pod ziemią, bo wychodzi następca... ma styl,"
  • Get Smart - Cinerama
    "I heard exactly what you said but I know that he slept in our bed You should really take more care because all it took was a single hair How would you, how could you not think that I'd realise?! You must"
  • You Ain't Smart - Mase
    "What, what What, what, what (H-World) What, what, what (All Out) What, what, what, what, what (Take it back to the streets, mutha fucka) What, what, what, what, what Yo, this for my niggas in the streets (What"
  • Smart - Bananafishbones
    "I Thought That I Was Smart When I Took Someones Car And I Drove It Off But I Failed To Check The Breaks Smart Being Smart Is Art Being Art Is Watching What'S Coming Round And Then Expect What'S Coming"
  • Smart - Helmet
    "Hey, it's late I can barely see straight You're barely standing out You talk, you feel You wanted something that's real I am pretending now I know that you're smart You mentioned it before You can read"
  • Phone - Buzzcocks
    "At dinner while watching your favourite soapYou'll always return the callYou talk a long time in a certain wayBut you don't really say that much at allYou are so close and yet so far away from meYes I"
  • Smart bomb - Chumbawamba
    "Rain on me o friendly fire Smart bomb! Me 'n' Audrey gonna sing it for ya Smart bomb! A headache pill to die for Smart bomb! From all participating stores Smart bomb! Oooh Smart bomb! Shine on me o benign"
  • Get Smart - Squeeze
    "Get lucky, Get jumping, but get smart Get walking, get loving, but get smart Get ready, get cooking, get everybody looking But get smart Get evil, get nasty, but get smart *Get violent, get bitchin, but"
  • Smart Girls - Brian Wilson
    "Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee My name is Brian and I'm the man I write hit songs with a wave of my hand Songs of surf and sun and sand I make great music with my band Songs you dance to and songs"
  • Smart Woman - Jimmy Buffett
    "Smart woman (in a real short skirt) By: jimmy buffett, marshall chapman 1988 This song is about being in my 40's in the 80's. it seems I'm learing more than I'm forgetting. -- spoken: "so I told her,"
  • Man Smart - M People
    "Woman. Woman, so smart. Woman. Woman, so smart. Things are never what they seems, you go through life dreaming to drive you on. Love and tears, laughter, fears, all those years to find out what's right"
  • Smart Alex - The Adicts
    "I'm Jack, Jack the lad I'm a nasty habit I'm the joker in the pack I'm the prize exhibit Alex they call him Alex Smart boy Alex They call him Alex I'm a dreamer, I'm a dream I'm a fantasy addict I'm"
  • Smart Aleck - Entombed
    "I'm so smart aleck the world spins around my head got lots to learn although everyone's so full of lead silent almost rigid cut off as by a switch I won't comprehend until they all lay down dead in a ditch things"
  • Smart Dogs - Kula Shaker
    "Dancing in you're shadow I was riding through a different state of mind No-one can perceive the state I'm in it's like the living world is blind It's a feeling like no other Spending easter with you're"
  • Get Smart - War Rocket Ajax
    "You call me every year or so. 'Cause you're the only one I know. Once again it's all the same. I'm sick of playing this old game. So I just thought I'd call you up. You know I'm going to call your bluff. But"
  • Be Smart - Make Up Your Mind
    "Be smart don't say, you're life is great, 'cause you're on the wrong side of the way, this way is wide where will it end Without lord Jesus on your side. What do you see, what will you do, will you pass"
  • Whip smart - LIZ PHAIR
    "I'm gonna tell my son to grow up pretty as the grass is green and Whip-smart as the English Channel's wide. And I'm gonna tell my son to keep his money in his mattress And his watch on any hand between"
  • Get Smart - Fabolous
    "I like'em brown, yellow, Peurto Rican or Asian Who have the weekend occaison Sneak in the Days Inn I'm never tweakin' of haze an frequently blazin' Now if they ain't on ya face it ain't the cheeks that"
  • Smart Choice - fan_3
    "Verse1: Wit her ponytail real tight she might could just be in my mind for a boy named like 5 first girl I know to get A's in the classes and she threw away there goofy glasses she's the kind of girl"
  • Smart Bomb - BT
    "Check it out. Back, back on the set and coverin' all bets. Back, back on the set and coverin' all bets. Back, back on the set and coverin' all bets. Back, back, back on the set and coverin' all bets. Back"

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