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Smokin craiy

  • Smokin' - Boston
    "(Scholz, Delp) We're gonna play you a song, a little bit of rock-n-roll You gotta let yourself go, the band's gonna take control. We're gettin' down today We'll pick you up and take you away Get down"
  • Smokin - Nas
    "Bis-Mi-Allah A-Rahman A-Rahim (To the Gods.. to the Gods.. to the Earths) Pass that shit homey Now tell me what y'all smokin What kinda heat y'll holdin Well is your creep move potent I got a bunch of"
  • Smokin' - Super Furry Animals
    "I've got pennies in my pocket And I'm feeling okay Gonna find all my answers With minimum delay Gonna manage my time Just like Johann Cruyff If we do it together We've got meaning of life But I just"
  • Smokin Drink - Wiz Khalifa
    "That's all the fuck I do, man Work my motherfuckin' ass off Hahahahahaha Smokin', drinkin', smokin', drinkin', smokin', drinkin', smokin', drinkin' Smokin', drinkin', smokin', drinkin', smokin', drinkin',"
  • Smokin' 45 - Bad Company
    "Yeah, hey, I've seen the Bad Lands I've held a whirlwind in my hand Slept in the center Whiskey has washed away the sand, yeah Gamblers who cheated and sheriffs who lied The last thing they saw from the"
  • Smokin 45 - Bad Company
    "Yeah, hey, i've seen the bad lands, i've held awhirlwind in my handSlept in the centre, whiskey has washed away the sand, yeahGamblers who cheated, andSheriffs who lied, the last thingThey saw, from the"
  • Smokin Good - Wiz Khalifa
    "I'm a cigarillo fiend smokin' weed like it's oxygen Roll a lot skunk, need some blunts, get two boxes in Goin' to pull my stash, out rollin' out this half ounce Puff pass, nigga I puff grass till I pass"
  • Smokin' section - Lil Wayne
    "Damn I cant believe she left me like this I mean I brought her to the airport but I cant believe she jumped on the plane and left me like this And I would leave but I had to take a minute in the smokin"
  • Smokin Trees - Ray J
    "(feat. Snoop Dogg) smokin smokin smokin Smokin Smokin Weed Havin a party (Bring the weed) I'ma invite her I got my lighter (Got a blunt) I'm gettin higher Smokin smokin weed Jumped out"
  • Grievin' Smokin' - Gourds
    "Bottle night 3 am Drying out in the den Good fellowship, we gonna get it together We gonna build and bitch Oh fella's I want you t' know I feel alright 'bout the new way Of grievin' and smokin' A coward"
  • Smokin Weed - Afroman
    "I fucked this girl in Talahassee, Doggie style so i named her Lassie. Came on her, florida state clothes, filled up all her semen holes. fucked this girl from purdue, came in her hair, fucked up her doo. She"
  • Still smokin - Mystikal
    "Still Smokin Bud, Still Smokin Weed King Edward, Philly Blunt, Swisha, keep groovin, Tampa Sweet, good ol Optimo, easy water, joker My lips get black and my fingertips burn and my eyes half way open Cough"
  • Drinkin' Smokin' - Kid Rock
    "VERSE 1 I'm a pimp, you can check my stats An' rollin' a Fleetwood, that's how I Mac I rock all the tracks so the World knows I love all the girls, smack all the Ho's Show love to those who come real with"
  • Smokin' Session - Fiji
  • Smokin gun - Pro-Pain
    "I foresee the way it's gotta be my intentions are to serve you wrong I tried to find strength and piece of mind when you put me to the test, but not for long Pressure. It's always on SOmetimes you gotta"
  • Smokin' Budda - Bone Krayzie
    "And it makes me see every puff that I breath Blowin herbs and leaves would ease the World (2x) Bud smokaz only reefer really makes ya happy don't it? (8x) Verse 1: We smokin budda...come again we smokin"
  • Smokin Budda - Krayzie Bone
    "And it makes me see, every puff that I breath Blowin herbs and leaves would ease the World (2x) Bud smokaz only reefer, really makes ya happy don't it? (8x) Verse 1: We smokin budda...come again we smokin"
  • Smokin' Green - Master P
    "(Master P)My nigga Big Boss gonna hit this sweet Kane and Abel (what's up) gonna hit the muthaf**kin sweet (what's up Mo B?)Skull Dugrey (KL) gonna pass that muthaf**ka righthere (Craig B)I'm a smoke some"
  • Smokin' Budda - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "What, y'all thought I wasn't going to do a weed song? Shit, nigga, you know me (you know me, you know me). And it makes me sing, every puff that I breathe, potent herbs and leaves could ease the world"
  • Still smokin' - Basic Element
    "1, 2, 3, ready?, sing I love weed, you love weed, its the best without the seedsHome grown fine, but the chronic ain't jokin', the PxMxWx is still fuckin' smokin' Yo D, I think we need to drop somethin'"

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