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Snapcase Blemish

  • Blemish - Snapcase
    "think twice, take time and realign be careful of how youve misused your design ten times, ten times youve risked it all this time theres no one left to suffer your fall we are nothing, this is you alone"
  • Blemish - David Sylvian
    "I fall outside of her She doesn't notice I fall outside of her She doesn't notice at all And mine is an empty bed I think she's forgotten And mine is an empty bed She's forgotten I know Put the brakes"
  • A Synthesis Of Classic Forms - Snapcase
    "I see white Bright flashes of souls of those I know They are so bright THey are so controlled They won't let go And this vision It returns when the sky is exposed Yeah, can you see them? Fearless lights"
  • Believe/Revolt (Relocation Blueprint) - Snapcase
    "We've got the plan. We've got the escape plan blueprint. It's not for those who don't believe. It's not for the self-indulgent. It's not for the ordinary. It's not for complacency. Theres's hope for a"
  • Blacktop - Snapcase
    "Your self control might be a muscle spasm New direction isn't everlasting though Grope for straws you've got to plan This week Then the crutch dissolves When she walks too sweet Ration of blacktop on"
  • Depth Of Field - Snapcase
    "Well the field is wide open with endless new lands and infinite landscapes for us to create now. Yeah, I want to live in another light. Yeah, I want to live. Here the walls keep closing as we suffocate,"
  • Dress Rehearsal - Snapcase
    "Five - Four... System countdown will begin. Will you honor your thoughts? With ignition switches flipped, are you true to your word? But we'll tell you once again. Four - Three... Don't be a deceiver"
  • Exile Etiquette (Only British People Can Fly) - Snapcase
    "At midnight we make our move, and moonlight will guide our steps. The armed eyes have been removed. The spotlights, we'll time the sweep. Surveillance; we blacked it out. Pariahs are thousands strong. Reclaim"
  • Freedom Of Choice - Snapcase
    "victim of collision on the open sea nobody ever said that life was free sink swim go down with the ship but use your freedom of choice i say it again in the land of the free use your freedom of choice in"
  • Gates Of Steel - Snapcase
    "twist away the gates of steel unlock the secret voice give in to ancient noise take a chance a brand new dance twist away the gates of steel twist away now twist and shout the earth it moves too slow but"
  • Makeshift Tourniquet - Snapcase
    "Makeshift tourniquet will serve as your answer. Clutch paramedic will be your constant call. Keep alive all of your people. They all need someone to bleed on. You possess the breath of life; Keeping alive. Air"
  • Mountain Song - Snapcase
    "comin' down the mountain one of many children everybody has their own poinion everybody has their own opinion holding it back hurts so bad jumping out of my flesh and i said - cash in! cash in now honey cash"
  • New Academy - Snapcase
    "Today's the first day for the new academy. A life to pioneer. We worked. We won. We're moving on. No time to take a breath now. A celebration for our crew on mission one; A mission one won't forget. We"
  • Skeptic - Snapcase
    "Fall back in into the line and realize a time of no return, don't look back! Fear evokes anxiety and overwhelms the emotions that we bleed. Embrace your freedom! Something that you need to know, of"
  • Ten A.M. (Good Morning, Mr. Coelacanth) - Snapcase
    "The opposition, carcinogenic sweat that hides. The persecution, these hidden walls keep us aligned. Yeah, they keep us in line. Fourteen hours more. Covert tonight. The operation, a covert plan to get"
  • Zombie Prescription - Snapcase
    "no representation of my voice your prescription set to destory our persistence to boycott silent partners you know we are not we are the signs of the changing... perserverence, we've come of age collective"
  • Cognition - Snapcase
    "This is the way i get when im unhappy with myself, i feel my mistakes pounding into my lead, lying to my conscience believing i was misled theres things ive learned since timess passed on still i hurt"
  • She - Snapcase
    "she walks out with empty arms, machine gun in her hand she id good and she is bad no one understands she walked in and silenece never spoke a word, shes got a rich daddy shes her daddys girl, he love naked"
  • Steps - Snapcase
    "i want to live my life, live it my own way over throw the shame, the shame you dealt brought me to my knees always trying to please you instead of living for me, you say you say you know whats best for"
  • Windows - Snapcase
    "cause i cant feel what you feel im afraid to see whats real cause one cant go on, go on being beat upon and i cant even see how lucky it is to be me and i feel ashamed because your life is my worst dream"

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