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  • Innocence - Avril Lavigne
    "Waking up I see that everything is ok The first time in my life and now it's so great Slowing down I look around and I am so amazed I think about the little things that make life great I wouldn't change"
  • Innocence - The Airborne Toxic Event
    "Well, I lost my innocence today. I could feel her in my bones, My bones, my bones, my bones, My blood, my blood, my blood, my blood. And I woke up tired, scared, and sad, Soaked, drained, I felt so bad, Today,"
  • Sweet Innocence - Life Long Tragedy
    "I walk through the darkest rooms Full of gloom and minds like mazes And rejoice 'cause I'll be the voice Of your failure fucking generation Still don't belong to anyone This is a life of hesitation And"
  • Innocence - Harlequin
    "One dime is all it cost me, and I found out for sure, you know That you double-crossed me Just how much can I endure Last night I was walking and I I saw you with my friend again I'm not one for talking Least"
  • Innocence - Clones Of Sam
    "Innocence You notice I can't look away Hey you, what's in the rain That makes it right? No longer have I anything So bright, why can't you see? It takes you more than time It makes you more than mine Everyday"
  • Innocence - Hootie And The Blowfish
    "What else can I do when the tears have all been wasted? And the only voice you choose to hear sings the songs of our hearts breaking. Say your dreams, they all have changed. Well, my smiles, they all"
  • Innocence - Hootie & The Blowfish
    "What else can I do when the tears have all been wasted? And the only voice you choose to hear sings the songs of our hearts breaking. Say your dreams, they all have changed. Well, my smiles, they all"
  • Innocence - Rx Bandits
    "Innocence is so far away..... let's rock! when i said that you walked away from you that one day i couldn't understand no more now and i know that you will never be the same girl that i met so long ago all"
  • Innocence - Shaaman
    "I woke today Inside the train of dreams the rain poured down in black and white I stood and stared the rest of what remains My own world crumbling around (a wild world crumbling around) I held my tears One"
  • Innocence - New Model Army
    "Ch: We scream, you run - fall outYou scream and we're gone - falling out There must have been times in the smoke and the beat on the dance-floorWhen all of the doors, they were opening for youThere must"
  • Innocence - Dream Theater
    "I remember a time My frail, virgin mind watched the crimson sunrise Imagined what it might find Life was filled with wonder I felt the warm wind blow I must explore the boundaries Transcend the depth of"
  • Innocence - Blando Deborah
    "O cu esconde o que eu queria ver Estrelas so olhos na escurido Noite inundada pela imensido invade as portas da solido No Universo nada separado nada excomungado só unio. O resto iluso entre o caos"
  • Innocence - Seether
    "I broke a promise now So I'm less of a man I'll try to remember how So try, forget if you can Now wash the sheets and tear my face right down of all the walls (x4) Come on and call on me I want to let"
  • Innocence - Union 13
    "You can't win all the time. No one owns the perfect mind. You can build and hope to find the tangible worth while kind. (Chorus) Bury me I make true all the things I conceive. Innocent, there's no blood"
  • No More Innocence - Mad At The World
    "In your little mind you see the crime The script is written line by line You're so aware of everything That's going on in there Written down by your consent You have control of each event But this is"
  • Beautiful - Jennifer Paige
    "I'm looking for a way to feel you hold me To feel your heart beat just one more time I'm reaching back, trying to touch the moment Each precious minute that you were mine How do you prepare, when you love"
  • Beautiful - Amy Grant
    "I'm lookin for a way to feel you hold me Feel your heartbeat just one more time Reaching back, trying to touch the moment Each precious moment that you were mine How do you prepare when you love someone"
  • Beautiful - Jessica Riddle
    "So maybe they mocked your pain. Made you search for a shell and pushed you right in. Maybe you're shocked they went straight for the vein. But you can't let them break you just by scratching the skin. Don't"
  • Beautiful - Sarah Connor
    "It's bigger than the universe Be thankful for the miracles It seems so unconceivable That life gives birth We came in the exact same way That's why we're standing here today This one is dedicated for the"
  • Beautiful - Drown
    "Like an animal Senses fear Chills up my spine I know you're here It's been so long So what did you expect? I know where you've been And I disrespect I feel sickened I choke and spit up words They all mean"

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