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So Cool Me MAYBE

  • Maybe - Toni Braxton
    "Is tonight's the night that you take Control of me Tell me boy, what's it really gonna be Spending time for a while Oh daddy come close, I'm straight I'm feeling your style I love the way you make me feel When"
  • I'm So Cool - The Adicts
    "You think yours snow white You think your alright To make a fool outta me Am I a soft touch But maybe not such As I appear to be I'm so high, I'm so high If I fall I'm gonna die I'm so cool, I'm"
  • So Cool - Rah Digga
    "(feat. Carl Thomas) (That cool shit) Call me conductor, I lead the way for ya Underground vibe, status self-employed R-A-H aka Harriet Thugman Carry out the legacy with seed and husband Now off with the"
  • Maybe - Up Dharma Down
    "Maybe I should sleep it off Maybe I should let loose When I see for myself that I can't take it anymore I just runaway Maybe, maybe, maybe Maybe, maybe, maybe And when I've come so far From where I used"
  • Maybe - The Flying Tigers
    "Well I drop my head again I try not to sink in This world I made from you For you And I dream you're standing here And everything's so clear Yeah we're all the same Then I wake up screaming You wore"
  • Maybe - Arsenium
    "Now I'm in love with you, Now you love me too. If you go my love may leave you And your love may leave me too. Now you're beautiful And your beauty seems so real, Maybe when i met you one day You won't"
  • Maybe - Jay Sean
    "BEEP BEEP oh look now there goes my phone and once again am just hoping its a text from you (mmmm) It aint right read your messages twice thrice four times a night its true (Everyday i patiently wait)"
  • Maybe - Harry Connick Jr.
    "Maybe far away, or maybe real near by. He may be pouring her coffee, She may be Straightning his tie. Maybe in a house all hidden by a hill, She's sittin' playin' Piano, He's sittin' payin' a bill. Betcha"
  • Maybe - Wendy Matthews
    "Maybe it's time to swallow my pride Maybe it's time to turn the tide Maybe I'm a slow learner A slow burner Maybe I'm an only child Maybe you're sublime Maybe you'd be mine Maybe your the fortunate son Maybe"
  • Maybe - Annie Soundtrack
    "Annie Soundtrack Miscellaneous Maybe Maybe far away Or maybe real nearby He may be pouring her coffee She may be straighting this tie! Maybe in a house All hidden by a hill She's sitting playing piano, He's"
  • Maybe - No Angels
    "Maybe its the way you used to love me Maybe its the way I feel you now Im feeling like the sky is fallin on me And my life is tumbeling down Maybe Im lost in the moment I dont wanna be found Feel like"
  • Maybe - Annie
    "Maybe Far Away, or Maybe real near by, he maybe be pouring her coffee she maybe straighting his tie maybe in a house, all hidden by a hill she is sitting playing piano he is sitting playing a fill Bet"
  • Cool - Black
    "It's just a trick of the night How you set me alight On the edge of the shadows curve I've been learning to be Like the people you see Who get all the love I deserve No, you won't be sorry I want you to"
  • Maybe - Stereophonics
    "Maybe one thing, Maybe something, Maybe nothing, All I know is friend, it's nothing new. Maybe it's me, What is to be, Maybe lucky, All, I ask is where we're supposed to be. I give a lot, I take a lot, It's"
  • Maybe - Opshop
    "So what's this big secret you can't tell me I don't wanna piece of this Haven't we all had enough Enough for one day I don't wanna argue with you You've got me shiverin' in my spine (Chorus) If everything"
  • Maybe - Jasmine Guy
    "People say i'm a true personWhat does that mean ?I wish i had someoneWho could take me from this dark spaceAnd make it that everything was okayI've had enough of angerI've had enough of painI've had enough"
  • Maybe - Will Smith
    "(Tra-Knox) Alright fellas let's do it (Will) Yo ma we got this thing right It's like makin' me think like It's like fillin' my heart up Not makin' me hazy Just fillin' my mind up with all of these"
  • Maybe - Mpress
    "It's always been the same old thing Ever time I meet a man Seasons change and I move on again It always seems what lies ahead Is someone leaves and someone cares So, why not me, I wanna believe but How"
  • Maybe - Pushmonkey
    "Maybe you could stay Maybe I could wander Maybe you could stray and Maybe I could pull you under Maybe you could sting Maybe I could play Maybe you could mitre and Maybe I could break your thunder Come"
  • Maybe - Barbra Streisand
    "Maybe Maybe you wouldn't believe it If only I change You say I'm acting just like a kid Well, maybe I'm doing What I'm doing 'Cause I'd done what I did When I was a kid Maybe, maybe... Maybe I'm fooling"

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