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So cloce my heart

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So cloce my heart

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So cloce my heart
  • Erasure My heart so blue
    "I've got her pictureIt's there on the wallI can't remember whyI keep it at allThe doors are cold andAll the windows seem greyI write the bookThere's so much more I should sayWave goodbyeSee my"
  • Hi Standard My Heart Feels So Free
    "Gonna lose my worries now. Lots of free time,time on my hands. To walk around in the sun. Sitting on the grass,watching life go past. Just like when I was a child. What were my dreams when I was young? Have"
  • Lucero Heart So True
    "Well my heart's grown This pair of wings Despite all the pain that they bring To a heart, a heart so true Llike the one in you Now my hearts got this pair of wings They're devilish, fool hearted things But"
  • Promise Of Redemption Heart So Close
    "well i hold my heart so close on my sleeve and i'll give it away if they take it away from me some say that's a flaw others say that's just me so here is my heart, just take as you please i only got this"
  • So Def Irresistible (So So Def Remix)
    "Uh-huh, ha, ha Sing for me (JD) You know I don't know what it is (It's the remix) But everything about you is so irresistible Fa' sure (So So Def) It's the 2k top dawg Don't nobody want it I got 10K"
  • Heart Evangelista Please Becareful With My Heart
    "If you love me like you tell me Please be careful with my heart You can take it just don't break it Or my world will fall apart You are my first romance And i'm willing to take a chance That till life"
  • My Favorite Highway In My Heart
    "This life is so crazy so could you please remind me It's simple It's easy with you right here beside me Cause I don't even wanna try to get by without you that's the rason why i'm writing this song"
  • Me And My Take My Heart
    "How can people say That I have everything How can people think That my life is complete Without you I have nothing at all I wish I could go on without you But this road is so long They can take my house They"
  • Tony Oller My heart
    "Now take my hand. And let me show you the way. Take my heart, I'm ready this day. You are the one, that many dream to find. Now take my heart, I'm ready this time. Now take my heart take my soul. Let love"
  • Paramore My Heart
    "I am finding out that maybe I was wrong That I've fallen down and I can't do this alone Stay with me, this is what I need, please? Sing us a song and we'll sing it back to you We could sing our own but"
  • Saint deamon My heart
    "Im falling down Im losing ground tonight The time is running out I have to stop this endless fight I've got myself to blame But you should take the shame Just like so many times before Too many sleepless"
  • Shola Ama My heart
    "INTRO (Yeah, uh... Don't break my heart No, no, no, no No, no, no, no - no Ummm) VERSE 1 Never thought I would loose control Never wanted to love somebody But now I know, there was no escape from loving"
  • Jennifer Hudson My Heart
    "Whoa Whoa 1234 What's up girl? let me holler at you for a second. I just want you to know all of those other girls they never meant anything to me, your the only one for me You turned me on, sounds"
  • K's Choice My Heart
    "Not so long ago we both felt love became a word. No more than that with sex that felt like wings without a bird. The only thing that we both love is in the cradle that we rock. Six hands, six feeth, but"
  • John Denver My Heart
    "This song was first released on the rhymes and reasons album. it is the only album it has been released on. I told you that I loved you You said that is so good I called you my darlin' I thought I always"
  • Tank My Heart
    "I Still Announce I'm Home When I Get In From Work The Thought Of You Being There Erases All The Hurt I Check The Fridge Cuz Dinner Aint Sittin On The Table I Wanna Try To Eat But Gurl I Just Aint Able "
  • My Ruin Horrible Pain (Within My Heart)
    "I invoke Him, and He comes to me, in my dreams Dressed in black He speaks in a language only I can understand His hands are warm, His breath is hot He is the horrible pain, within my heart My religion,"
  • My Ruin Horrible Pain (In My Heart)
    "I invoke him... And he comes to me in my dreams dressed in black. He speak in a language only I can understand. His hands are warm, his breath is hot He is the horrible pain within my heart My religion,"
  • Erasure My Heart... So Blue (Orchestral Arrangement)
    "I've got her picture It's there on the wall I can't remember why I keep it at all The doors are cold and All the windows seem grey I write the book There's so much more I should say Wave goodbye See my"
  • Moby Why does my heart feel so bad
    "Why does my heart feel so bad Why does my soul feel so bad Why does my heart feel so bad Why does my soul feel so bad Why does my heart feel so bad Why does my soul feel so bad These Open Doors These Open"

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