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So love I don't want your love

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So love I don't want your love

  • I Don't Want Your Love - Duran Duran
    "I don't mind if you're keeping someone else behind I don't care 'cause you've got something I can share Hey, take a chance, even if it's only Only while we're dancing in the Light of your second sight"
  • I Don't Want Your Love - Dealership
    "I don't want your love It's not that I think you're insincere. It's just post-ironic sentiment I'm afraid of. You won't say goodbye. And I haven't I made it crystal clear. You sit facing me sip your tea and"
  • I want your love - Corona
    "I want your loveI want your loveI want your loveI want your loveI want your loveI want your love Something's happening all aroundYes I've never felt so strong beforeFeeling's growing in my soulYou are"
  • I Want Your Love - Kelis
    "I'm at work and you're on my mind And I'm hoping to find some time To get your loving Lately we've needed to take a break So anxious that I can't wait To get your loving [1] - I want your love I need"
  • I Want Your Love - Maliah
    "Verse 1-I love you And you say you love me I really need you And I want your body But I will not rush you I will give you time You're all I want And you're all mine Chorus-I want your body I want your"
  • Don't Want Your Love - Balaam And The Angel
    "Balaam And The Angel Days Of Madness Don't Want Your Love Cos I know Something And I've been told That's what you've got You'll give to me hey Coming On With style Long nights And the promise of love Just"
  • Don't want your love - Bad Boys Blue
    "Dont want your love.No no no moreIf you think Im a fool girl, and this is just a game.Then you should run and think again.Oh baby, why did you let me go? Youre not the only one.I wonder if you know what"
  • I Don't Need Your Love - Angelina
    "Ah, Ah No! No! No! Ah, Ah No! No! No! Ah, Ah No! No! No! No! No! No! Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah I dont need your - No! No! No! I dont need your - No! No! No! I dont need your love no more I dont"
  • I Want Your Love - Chic
    "I want your love, I want your love I want your love, I want your love Do you feel like you ever want To try my love and see how well it fits Baby can't you see when you look at me I can't kick this feelin'"
  • I Want Your Love - Chris Isaak
    "Put out your hand, open up your heart. How can I love you when we're so far apart? And all I want is your love. All I want is your love. Put out your hand, open up your mind. How can you love me then"
  • I Want Your Love - Atomic Kitten
    "Boom... I want your love, Boom... I want your love. Boom... Move it right up to me, Like you know you should, And make me know you're doin', All of the right things... Coz makin' lots of money, And livin'"
  • Don't Want To Live Without Your Love - Trademark
    "Here we're again Two lovers crossed with so much unspoken I can't pretend I'm not afraid Of what we have broken Baby, after all this time Do we still say goodnight Or does it mean goodbye Don't want to"
  • Don't You Want My Love - Linda Davis
    "(Skip Ewing/Don Sampson) I told you that my love was true All along thought yours was too Now it just don't feel the same tell me honey what's your game I can't take another lonely nightWondering if we're"
  • Don't You Want My Love - CoCo Lee
    "You You make me hot Make my body feel delirious Please Don't ever stop Listen when I feel serious Cause you and I Were made for each other Heaven that is hard to break CHORUS: Don't you want my love Don't"
  • You Don't Want My Love - Andy Williams
    "Words and Music by Roger Miller -as sung on Andy Williams-I Like Your Kind Of Love -The Best Of the Cadence Years": Varese Sarabande VSD 5644 -peak Billboard Pop chart position # 64 in 1960-61 as " You"
  • I Want A Love I Can See - Jennifer Love Hewitt
    "I want a love I can see That's the only kind that means a thing to me Don't want a love you have to tell me about (oh no) That kind of lovin' I can sho' do without (yea yea) I want a love I can feel That's"
  • I Want Your Love Tonight - Dusty Springfield
    "Oh, love is like a flame, now Upon a candle Get it burnin' brightly And it's a-too hot to handle Oh, baby (I want your love tonight) Come on and satisfy me Baby, don't deny me (I want your love tonight) Excuses,"
  • I Don't Want To Die Anymore - So What
    "In a world which is cold like ice, which is hot like fire, love ain't easy. I never knew, how to be for you, what I can do, to make you happy. You make me always wonder. One is a lonely number. You"
  • Need Your Love So Bad - Tangible Fruit Squad
    "Sorry guys, I've never heard of 'Tangible Fruit Squad' 'Need Your Love So Bad' is a song from 'TSQ' (Tiger Squad) The rest of the information is correct. Greetz from one of the tiger-boys, Adam from TSQ -------------------------------------------- Guys"
  • Need Your Love So Bad - Whitesnake
    "I need someone's hand to lead me through the night Need someone's arms to hold and squeeze me tight When the night begins, I'm at an end Because I need your love so bad Need some lips to feel next to"

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