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So silence

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So silence

  • Silence - Bonnie Pink
    "Silence You smoke in silence Tipling and glazing, high and dry Silence Yes, she's gone Without so much as looking back Silence I knew your end Doesn't matter to me where you go But I want you to know That"
  • Silence - Sick Of It All
    "So I take that you thought Some things are better left unsaid You chose your inhibitions Over what I should comprehend What could have been done To keep me from going astray Begging for direction But not"
  • Silence - Lara Fabian
    "Silence I've learned so much After these years of despair And nothing intouched With the deepest side of my pain Although I cant say There's nothing there Not even a dream to share Are you familiar? Or"
  • Silence - Gomez
    "I've been caught in a trap I set for myself I don't want to be here when you could be somewhere else So why'd I sit on my hands like a book on a shelf Where only dust is falling? Everyone 'round here lives"
  • Silence - Atomic Opera
    "There's more silence than words Space and emptiness It's at the base of all of us It's the answer to our questions It will remind you of nothing Like life, love and death But silence was before all It"
  • Silence - Sevendust
    "(Step down) on the hand that keeps me down again Will I drown again (will it ever end right now) I feel so overwhelmed (somebody took it away) Deafening silence breaks the walls I built around me The guilt"
  • Silence - Chimaira
    "I am the one breaks all This misery you call your life I am the one who will carry you To an altar of joy Follow me Flee from this Except nothing but the best I will hide all your pain Resort to the unknown"
  • Silence - Abydos
    "One word in the cold Can bid you a part of their closet We call it the unseen room Discovered with a breath I can say we are not alone They imitate our noises Of cracking deals and screaming floors To"
  • Silence - Level 42
    "Lonely girl lies awake at night silence ringing in her ears there's a boy who is on her mind so much promise unfulfilled she had waited so patiently he had nothing more to say not a sound as she slowly"
  • Silence - Primal Fear
    "So cold is the night It's silent without light Since days they promised us To be home again The Death comes closer The Fear's coming nearer to us There will be no tomorrow, Do we go insane? I have a"
  • Silence - Dry Cell
    "I belive that im hangin by a stringand im feeling so small in a world full of big thingsundone and im ready to explode on the thing i dont knowand i just wanna let gounderstand that the way that i am is"
  • Silence - Demether
    "Cold...winter, ice and snow Sound...weeping wind that blows Me...standing on the sacred ground Night...at the ancient graveyard Soul...looking for a saviour Eyes...searching for a girl from a distant time I"
  • Silence - Krayzie Bone
    "(Intro Repeated-Sin of Graveyard Shift) Silence is necessary, don't tell them who you are (Verse 1-Sin of Graveyard Shift) Formulate a different tactic, let's sing anthems No sterotypical categorizing,"
  • Silence - Blindside
    "They won't see The fire you have lit inside of me They look up to the stars And wonder where you might be They look up without realizing That they're standing right there in the palm of your hand I can't"
  • Silence - Claire Voyant
    "How worn we were on such a day You can almost feel the date And I can't deny the pain So I wait for the right time To wish the world away To walk in And I can't help wanting every word To escape this"
  • Silence - Freak Kitchen
    "How are you doing? Are you ok? Lovely day to get blown away While God and cancer sing a duet Hey, your neighbour's a paedophile Crackheads and Nazis, Amen - Sieg Hail Are we having a good time yet? Rip"
  • Silence - Fool's Garden
    "Silence - You're beautiful.It would be more than a crimeto end your missionand to restrain you once again.Feel what you have to feel,leave to arrivein the land of freedomand of non-violencetonight.Now"
  • Silence - Emo Side Project
    "silence calls out now left memories in the dust to rot a flower bloomed today but it was still useless and thrown away you've been here all along it's the reason that i wrote this song i guess the"
  • Silence - Pulp
    "At first / I could say / I could say or do / just whatever I liked You would / you would not / You would not answer / that's alright Oh / I can't believe in the morning of your silence You will never"
  • Silence - Gigi D'Agostino
    "Stay with me forever Sharing love together Keep my dream alive Touch with me the sky Is got to be the reason Share with you my freedom Steal a ray of sun While I'm here with you You must come"

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