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So take aim and fire away

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So take aim and fire away

  • AIM - Tyga
    "She don't know my name She just know me by my aim (aim aim) Aim tyga man again Got a little message for my instant friends Be back in a mintue on vacation Away from them haters hating on him Introducing"
  • Take aim & fire - G.G. Allin
    "Don't be told what to doDon't compromise for useless foolsConfront the enemy, never runJust cock that loaded gunIf your a young gun waiting to go offTake aim and fireIf your locked up inside, ready to"
  • Take Aim - Against Me!
    "There is no anger, just growing exhaustion and disgust. No longer difference between. A cynicism has been writing itself into my skin, and I am sick to death of it. So let it burn in the front yard,along"
  • Ready Aim Fire - Imagine Dragons
    "With our backs to the wall, the darkness will fall We never quite thought we could lose it all Ready, aim, fire! Ready, aim, fire! An empire's falling just one day You close your eyes and the glory fades Ready,"
  • Aim To Please - Terra Naomi
    "How much fuel to feed this fire? How much water drowns my flame? I dont know how youre hanging on still Or how much longer youll remain You make it hard You make it hard You make it hard To doubt What"
  • Aim High - Agent 51
    "I heard she's thinking bout taking my life She's got the guy killer eyes in her sights It wouldn't take long for this one to tire A desperate man sought to a ? Oh I know you played straight How long I"
  • Fire (Aim Your Arrows High) - Versaemerge
    "Take a look around Our time's almost running out Give back what you get Uproot questions in your head The looking glass is clear What you want is near Shoot out all the lights Hold your ground, we'll"
  • Load Aim Fire - Sons Of Thunder
    "Load! Aim! Fire! We're the Sons of Thunder and we praise the Lord and hell we plunder with His mighty sword We are happy, happy, happy Happy, happy, happy Load! Aim! Fire! Yeah, Load, Aim, Fire Set"
  • Fire, Ready, Aim - Green Day
    "kick the dog when the whistle blows you’re a liar feed the creeps whit a stick and bone you’re a liar baby got the hyperbole baby got the hyperbole kick the dog when the whistle blows you’re a liar rip"
  • Scream aim fire - Bullet For My Valentine
    "Kill your enemiesMy brothers dead around meWounds are hurtingDeath is creeping for meSmoke is blindingHearts are proundingChaos soon ignitesThe call is made it's one for allWill I meet my maker?Over the"
  • Aim For Me - Sugar Ray
    "Aim For Me Aim For Me Aim For Me Aim For Me hit it! It's a great big world And you don't believe in nothin Don't believe in nothin anyway ahhhhhhh So we got a lot to learn But we started out with nothin With"
  • Aim To Please - Audio Karate
    "pretty boy you might be safe 'cause i like the way you try to sing but do your expect anyone to listen pretty boy you might be safe 'cause i like the way you aim to please so do expect anyone to listen"
  • Cock Aim Shoot - Turk
    "Nigga this that gangsta shit If you a gangsta you gon feel this,you understand this for my niggas who be totin that motherf**kin metal you understand, in any kind of weather, ya heard me its going"
  • Take Me Away - 7 Days Away
    "(Verse 1) There must be something, sworn to tear me down (Oh Yeah) My pain is building, tearing me inside out (Oh Yeah) Will i finish last again, here i wait for this to end, i forced the pain i struggle"
  • Fire Away - Gyroscope
    "so fire away.. just fire away .. so anyway, so fire away. how deep can i just cut away? until i hit something of importance?.. would you feel it anyway? what doesn't kill me leaves me cold enough to"
  • Fire Away - The Swellers
    "Load up the flares and fire away. Search without rescue. Of all the times you looked out to sea, you never stepped in. Why wait for me? Abandon ship. Fend for yourself. You’ve got that sinking feeling"
  • Fire - Daniel Lanois
    "My angel I promised her we'd be dressed in a cloud Standing on pillars on fire singing out loud Shot from truth and love, not darkness With the moon under your feet Where birth goes on and rides terror"
  • Fire - Mac Dre
    "(Where am I? I smell fire) Who got that fire Fire? I don't smoke that brown I want the bomb Don't like that shit I don't like that shit I need fire, who got fire? Yo nucca It's yo nucca Roll somethin up (Smoke"
  • Aim For The Heart - Marvelous 3
    "(b. walker, j. harte, d. warren, d. child) On my own I never felt so alone. And the streets are the only place I can call home. Where's my dream? What's it mean to me now? What's it mean when you're"
  • Take Me Away - Seether
    "As beautiful as fire against the evening sky you fuel the lost desire- I no longer wanna die Take me by the hand and see beyond the lies Strip away the fences - leave me needing, leave me high I know you're"

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