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So what bts

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So what bts

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So what bts
  • Lauv Who (feat. BTS)
    "outlines of your eyes and visions of you girl, I think I need a minute to figure out what is what isn’t these choices and voices they’re all in my head sometimes you make me feel crazy sometimes I swear"
  • LeeSoRa Song request (Feat. SUGA of BTS)
    "it’s raining again outside the window these moments make me think of you I can’t sleep this silence and melancholic sound of my heart on the room so I turn up my radio somewhere, I hear someone’s voice and"
  • Steve Aoki Waste It On Me (feat. BTS)
    "you said love is messed up you said that it don’t work you don’t wanna try no no baby I am not stranger to heartbreak and the pain of always being let go and I know there’s no making this right this"
  • Anti Nowhere League So What
    "Ive been to Hastings, Ive been to Brighton , Ive been to Eastbourne too So What, So What Ive been here, Ive been there, Ive been every fucking where So What, So What So What, So What, you boring little"
  • Tesla So What!
    "There's things that I've bought And there's things I need It's more than a thought, You know you better believe I feel it's not what you got, But what your giving back means So much Lifes beautiful, And"
  • Metallica So What
    "(Exall / Culmer) So fucking what! Well, I've been to Hastings and I've been to Brighton, I've been to Eastbourne too. So what, so what. And I've been here, I've been there, I've been every fucking"
  • Anti-Nowhere League So What
    "So fucking what? Well, I've been to Hastings And I've been to Brighton I've been to Eastbourne too So what, so what And I've been here And I've been there And I've been every fucking where So what, so"
  • Bratz So What
    "A hundred eyes are looking at me cause I dont fit the box they know Im cool just being all I can be when they try to stop me I just go go go CHORUS So what if I wanna have fun so what if I walk and they"
  • Bratz Rock Angelz So what
    "A hundred eyes are looking at me cause I dont fit the box they know Im cool just being all I can be when they try to stop me I just go go go CHORUS So what if I wanna have fun so what if I walk and they"
  • Three Days Grace So what
    "So what if I'm crazier than crazy? So what if I'm sicker than sick? So what if I'm out of control? Maybe that's what I like about it You can say that I'm going insane And I'm not quite right And that"
  • Eves Plum So What
    "In a web full of trouble and strife Trying hard to make sense of my life Why tell you why tell you what I know? I can sit all day long longing for someone new Or I can knock one back, then hit the sack,"
  • Ministry So What
    "die! die! die! die! scum sucking depravity debauched! anal fuck-fest, thrill olympics savage scourge supply and sanctify so what? so what? die! die! die! die! die! die! die! die! you said it! sedatives"
  • Savannah Outen So what ?
    "You, You don't like it when i show off And You, Always tell me that I have to stop You act like you don't know who I am Well I don't get the props out on demand Cuz You are all the drama, you are all the"
  • Tammy Cochran So What
    "Should've been easy, but it wasn't. Should be painless, but it's not. Should've seen the truth in you, but I didn't. Should've done a lot of things so what; so what? If it hadn't been for losing you,"
  • Crass So What
    "They ask me why I'm hateful, why I'm bad. They tell me I got things they never had. They tell me go to church and see the light. Cos the good lord's always right. So what, so what. So what if Jesus died"
  • Spark So What
    "Never letting go of all the things I made To have and to hold so everthings o.k. I cherish what I bought, yet I cherish what I sold Think someday it would great to have a mansion when I'm old (chorus) So"
  • No Angels So What
    "Tell me baby what you wanna say Your back again for old times sake Tell me baby what you trying to do Listen up cause I'm telling you You ain't ever coming back again Make the most of the time we"
  • Danity Kane So What
    "(Intro) So what you think you got a hold on me, You think you got my heart on lock and key, But I, Changed the locks (told'ja), Kicked rocks, And now I don't know if I'm empty, I will and then i work so"
  • Flexa Lyndo So What?
    "Every time I'm coming to this abstract place inside of you I'm so worried, will I be proud ? Will I be strong like a man? You and I in a deep gloom, metaphysical rendez-vous I'm so sorry, I can't go on,"
  • D-A-D -So What?
    "I was jealous of the photographs Taken before you met me.. In the sun and with someone Happy on a strange beach Don't think I wanna pull you down Or hold you so you can't move You know all that keeps me"

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