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Soapstone was used as the outer layer of the

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Soapstone was used as the outer layer of the

  • Layer - The Bear Quartet
    "between the telephone and the remote control there's a void that suits you, suits you fine you go to sleep 'cause there's no place else to go but you're wrong no touch that light it's all over"
  • Layer - Fireside
    "The saddest smile can fill my heart with lies To laugh or cry that's what it's all about I just can't figure out I said goodnight and hung up the phone Stayed up all night 'cause I knew you weren't"
  • Thin Layer - The Honorary Title
    "Through a thin layer of rubber and a thick rusted armour of drunken lust I think when our clothes were on We had a different image of what this was supposed to be Here's what I intended Here is the truth So"
  • Marine Layer - Elisa Peimer
    "It's blocking out the sun The cold wind off the sea And I'm gasping for air But you won't talk to me I'm struggling for words To shout above this din But the , the marine layer Is rolling in, rolling"
  • The Used - The Used
    "Is it worth it can you even hear meStanding with your spotlight on meNot enough to feed the hungryI'm tired and I felt it for awhile nowIn this sea of lonelyThe taste of ink is getting oldIt's four o'"
  • Outer Space - Rusty
    "Outer Space Outer Space Outer Space Outer Space Outer Space- Outer Space Outer Space Outer Space Outer Space Outer Space Outer Space Outer Space Outer Space Outer Space Verse 1: I think you"
  • Another Layer - Most do Terabithii
    "I heard it on the radio Let it be, so I let go See if it made a difference I tried to walk a different pace Show the world, the other face I hide away because of day Oh, oh oh, oh, oh oh, I am not the"
  • Another Layer - Jon McLaughlin
    "I heard it on the radio Let it be so I let go To see if it... Made a difference I try to walk a different pace Show the world the other face I hide away Because today... Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh I am not the"
  • Outer Space - Mob Rules
    "I see a new day's dawning And I hear the keeper's call I take it as a warning And awake them all Listen to the church bells See the clouds are getting dark There's lightning up in heaven When hell"
  • Outer Realm - Jacob's Dream
    "I was staring out the window My thoughts dancing on the wind Thinking of the future And the things that could have been Twenty-four and all alone In a world of pain and fear The hands of time move slowly-quick And"
  • Outer Space - Until June
    "(Verse 1) After evening fell we both had left this place Me and her beneath the stars in outer space Listen softly as the rain touched our face Dripping water as the lights lit up this place (prechorus) And"
  • Outer Space - Julia Marcell
    "You came here from outer space and there's nothing we have in common is this why we feel so trapped by the bounds which we have grown but you knew I think about stars yes you knew I think about what's"
  • Down 'N' Outer - Nanci Griffith
    "I once was a lot like you We share a dream I couldn't make come true I was a child who wrote my name across a frosted window pane And there are jobs that I might hold if they'd just let me through the"
  • The Outer Voids - Dakrua
    "come with me through infinity wearing a charm made of bones come here to stare beyond all the human veils where the nightfall waits in a jaded trance nothing more than silence? nothing less than soul"
  • Used - Pain Of Salvation
    ""I am the unclean The black drop at the bottom of your cup You'd better drink or throw me up 'Cause I am on your lip and tongue God I'm not yours as much as you are mine So let me in to be your lung Just"
  • The Queen Of Outer Space - Sloppy Seconds
    "Crawling from the wreckage walking through the wasteland searching for a sign of life another lonely spaceman Jet pack of my back helmet on my head laser in my shoulder holster then somebody said Do"
  • Used - Ashley Monroe
    "Used Like an old panio played for generations slowly fading out of tune, (Used like the soul's on the bottom of my favorite pair of dancing shoes I know I'm not some bright and shinny polished up car that's"
  • Used - Lorrie Morgan
    "Show me a picture of a perfect life I wanna see it, wanna know what it looks like Anybody got a grip on life I wanna know, call me up, tell me what it feels like I can't remember what it was to dream I"
  • Telly's Outer Space Friend - Sesame Street
    "Sometimes I look up at the stars and pretend There's someone way out there who could be my friend If only I somehow could make my way there I'm sure there'd be lots of great things we could share And"
  • Invocations Beyond The Outer-World Night - Bal-Sagoth
    "'''The Testament Of The Winds:''' Many thousands of years ago, they ruled the globe. But the pressing fist of great power carried a heavy price, and now their dominion has fallen beyond time and shadow."

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